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  1. Also, about the cut swing we worked on, it wasn't for the shot shape, it was more because he consistently hit every shot before that about 2 inches behind the ball, and that's the only way I know how to tell him to hit the ball first lol
  2. So, I am self taught, I actually bought my first new driver last month. Cobra f8+ driver, not to brag lol. I actually have bought all my current clubs on Ebay, except the driver. I am like a5 or so handicap. I have been playing with Michael Riley for few years. He has developed tremendously since we've started playing together, and if it wasn't for my epic lip it on 18 we would have been golf league champs 2 or 3 years ago. Not that I'm bitter or anything. His dispersion has tightened up tremendously, and his putting had gotten way better. We've had tons of conversations about chipping vs pitching. I think he needs top feel it around the greens more, but that might just be what works for me. As far as the distance, if you watch Michael swing on the course it looks like the ball should go much farther. I'm almost wondering if he needs to play more loft on his driver? I think he might be tentative to use his hands with his driver. Maybe it's too keep the ball from hooking? I think he might be casting his hands before the rest of the swing gets started. I don't really know much about the technicals of the golf swing, I'm more of a feell player and know what works for me. I played college baseball so I am used to using wrist and hands in my swing which probably helps with my distance. I could teach him how to hit the ball hard in baseball but I don't know if that would hurt his overall game. I don't wanna sidetrack the progress he's made so far to get down to a15 from where he started. Any thoughts for me to help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all!
  3. I've been playing golf for 16 years. I usually shoot in the mid tip high 70's I've shot 68 twice. I play golf with Michael Riley in a golf league and he turned me onto my golf spy. I live in the western upper peninsula of Michigan. My home course is gigantic country club. The best thing about our region for golf is that it's easy to get on a course, most courses by mr. Are inexpensive. There is no smell of industry in the air so it's a very natural feel when your out on the course. The worst thing about golf in the U.P. is the shortness of the window for comfortable golf. Spring and fall have very harsh golfing weather. Then when it gets to 80-90s it gets very muggy do too the big lake being so close to us. Or course is always wet so it makes you focus closely on ball swimming which I think helps in the long run, but it's frustrating during tournaments and stuff. I work at a millroom finishing metal castings. It's just me name lol.
  4. I would like to see the greatest golfer of all time. While I was actually alive. I've never seen an athlete go through as many injuries and comebacks as tiger has. I'm not rooting for tiger as a person, but he is the most dominant athlete of his/ her time, maybe besides Michael Phelps. It's fun to watch.
  5. Erik-M


    I got fitted for this driver 2 weeks ago and I am coming off playing the Wilson fg tour f5, which was a solid driver for me but it seemed to balloon up a little which didn't really bother me until I hit this driver. The flight on the f8+is just the most perfect looking thing on the golf course. It is really good in the wind also. I did notice that if I dialed it back that it tends to go a little left but that might also be a result of mt first round of the year. All in all I am now a cobra man. I am contemplating looking at cobra irons!
  6. Erik-M


    Just picked one up, amazing long!! First eagle look!!
  7. Name, Locale, and Rounds per year, Erik Mahler, Wakefield, MI, 75 rounds Social Media Account. Twitter: emahler7 Handicap and Swing Speed: Hdcp. 8, swing speed 115 mph Current Set. Adam's cb3 irons, Wilson f5 driver, Callaway wedges Desired Cobra Set. Conventional length
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