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  1. I was really surprised to read this. I´m playing them now for more than 6 month and I´m totally happy with my choice (PurePro). I´m not a PGA-Pro but could it be you should have chosen the 3-piece Pearl-ball? I can only talk for myself but my swingspeed isn´t good enough to bring the 4-piece balls that far as my other balls. I´m following PearlGolf for a while now and they seem to do a good job. For example I´ve seen they got the Digest HotList silver medal, also some reviews are out and it´s pretty interesting how they compare to other (more known) brands.
  2. I wouldn´t say that I became already a "fan" but the first impressions are really good. I try to get some words together: That´s what I was looking for. The balls arrived quickly – I´ve ordered a dozen of each (Puresoft, Puresoft X, Pure Pro, Pure Pro X) to see what´s best for me. Yesterday I was golfing with 2 buddies and one of them is a guy … how can I explain … There´s no other things you see in his bag, only Titleist. From the balls to the towel to the clubs and even his cap. Let us call him a fanboy . So I brought my new balls and we´ve started viewing them, feeling in the hand and so on. What you do with every new thing you buy. So far, nothing really special. White, dimples … it´s a golfball. I like the “feel” of the purepro more than the puresoft, but that’s just my opinion. Not important anyway. Our ritual when we start is drinking a shot, no one knows why but without them we are very sad :P. There was the time to say “someone likes a brezel and a beer”? I´ve shown them my new ball markers and at that point we all had a big smile in our face. (and for sure we tried to bite off a piece and take a sip of the beer ) - our fantasy still works :D:D So, now the important thing: The balls. Well, first thing I have to say that I was really impressed. No one has ever heard from them but they do a good job as far as we can say. We are no Pros, just guys having fun. Our Titleist-guy was the first and he decided for the PureProX (he plays the ProV1X) and normally he hits a ball and immediately tells you that´s crap (when it´s not a ProV). Not this time, there was no praise but also nothing negative. I decided to go for the PurePro and wow, driver distance is pretty good. As I mentioned we are not Pros and we don´t care about a yard or two, but after all the ball should fly and it does. Straight away with a nice sound and a relative stable ball flight (was a bit windy this day). The third person in our group tried the PureSoft (he plays everything, really everything, he doesn´t care that much about balls) and in driver shots theres no big difference to talk about. But he likes the PureSoft and also gave the SoftX a try, but for his swing speed I guess a 4-piece ball doesn´t support him that much so he stayed at the Puresoft. During the whole round we´ve really tried every iron and wedges what we brought in our bags and the Pearl balls performed very nice and – for me the most important thing – very constantly. Good control, spin rates where you need and not to forget at very reasonable prices. Even our Titleist-guy said that he is surprised but he will stay at his ProVs (just for info he kept the rest of the PureproX … maybe we´ll see a wonder ) Oh lord so many letters. Sorry, but when I start writing someone has to stop me After all I can recommend this brand to everyone to give them at least a try. I am still wondering that I don´t see much advertising or anything else from them round the US. They should do more advertising to get the attention they may deserve.
  3. I placed an order yesterday, some balls and a ball marker, I couldn´t resist the beer marker
  4. Just getting to the first threads here and stumbled over this thread. I´m always curious when something new comes out. Didn´t know that brand either but the homepage looks good. Have you seen the ball markers? The "beer" is very funny :D. Maybe I shoul give them a try but for me I guess the X will fit my game. Let´s see
  5. Hello together, a sunny hello from CA (Santa Ana). Have always been a passive and now it´s time to get an active forum user Cheers
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