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  1. Would agree with you in that idea of form, I gave up a pull cart for a push cart because of the imbalance on my spine while walking. I even let my push cart run when it is downhill and not going to end up in trouble to walk upright with less strain on the back... sounds like a good investment for those of us with mobility issues even if they are minor.
  2. It's all lies I tell you, no matter how simple it's putt!
  3. Well if there is golf involved of course EVs make total sense, even if it involves windmills and chutes maybe a selling point could be how many clubs or golf bags the vehicle can carry, maybe a club pocket like some vehicles have for umbrellas. Both of those vehicles look really sharp, there is something about the styling of European brands that always makes them look cool.
  4. Europe has always had the advantage of everything being compact having developed when transportation was walking. Small vehicles make total sense because of everything being closer and not a lot of room to park a vehicle when you get where you are going. Traveled to UK since a boy so understand well how what we US folks call tiny is right size there and a normal 1960s-70s US car was usually too big to find a parking spot big enough, about the size of a UK lorry (sorry, truck). With everything in N. America stretched out larger made sense for greater tolerances and lower precision meaning everything worked longer with less maintenance. A European vehicle doing a 1000 miles has traveled a lot of places in a great many days whereas a US/Canadian vehicle might have done it in 2 days and only covered half of the distance between its origin and destination, same as Aussie. Electric vehicles make all kinds of sense in European countries but I agree with the regen concern, if it is not part of a vehicle's design electric is not going to be the first choice in the US without it being forced on the population, the trip I took a couple weeks ago of 600mi each way would have required 4 complete charges and hours more to do. And as Americans, what are people's plans for what to do with all that time waiting for recharge? Rhetorical question of course but something I don't think is on anyone's mind except those who find they have that time now they are traveling sans petrol. My intuition says you are in the right place at the right time with the right opportunity, go for it and let us know how it goes!
  5. My corgis go crazy as the lettuce crosses the threshold of the refrigerator and stay attentive for anything lettuce that drops on the floor. Now they are food crazy hounds but their lettuce response is unreal.
  6. About the only breakfast that does not make a good NCO sandwich... so bacon
  7. Aren't there those old PhotoMat places still around? Little smaller than Waffle House and much more cozy
  8. You got cardboard w/gravy there? Pretty sure what I got was old floormat crusted w/rocksalt
  9. Been working the driver since February on the sims and since April now outdoors golf is a thing around here and 90% of the time it is going straight and long. Fairway hybrids have not been doing the magic like they used to so those have taken a vacation out of the bag. Irons have been working (mine are iron hybrids) as well this year after listening to a Pro who said to imagine cutting a tennis ball in half and standing on the halves like buttons, one under forward foot ball and back foot heel, so that as the club is drawn back in the backswing the heel compresses that tennis ball half and then in the swing switching to pressing the one on the front of the other foot. Canting the iron also has had an amazing effect on considerably fewer chunked and topped hits, most often the ball makes an amazing sound off the club face and goes far. Far enough that I am having to re-map which club to use for what distance I am intending to hit clubbing down two at this point from what I was hitting last year. Reaching greens in one under par instead of at par so big improvement, might actually become a bogey golfer this year!
  10. Totally awesome! I can imagine it being the same age Looking at the Google Maps satellite view, that must be front row viewing from the clubhouse! (Does the clubhouse get hit often with golf balls?) I say with great confidence that the aceless thread will be valid for me for a long time as only an act of God will cause such a thing as past shots have stopped where the cup had recently been by the traces sometimes visible proving I was late getting my ball to that spot.
  11. The guys were on a golf trip. No one wanted to room with Mick, because he snored so badly. They decided it wasn't fair to make one of them stay with him the whole time, so they voted to take turns. The first guy slept with Mick and comes to breakfast the next morning with his hair a mess and his eyes all bloodshot. They said, "Man, what happened to you? He said, "Mick snored so loudly, I just sat up and watched him all night." The next night it was a different guy's turn. In the morning, same thing, hair all standing up, eyes all bloodshot. They said, "Man, what happened to you? You look awful! He said, 'Man, that Mick shakes the roof with his snoring. I watched him all night." The third night was Bill's turn. He was an older fella, a man's man... The next morning he came to breakfast all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. "Good morning!" he said. They couldn't believe it. They said, "Man, what happened?" He said, "Well, we got ready for bed. I went and tucked Mick into bed, patted him on the ass, and kissed him goodnight on the lips. Mick sat up and watched me all night."
  12. The next time someone likes one of my posts I go over 2K! And there it is...
  13. There are those in the USofA who have never been to a Waffle House because there are none. Like not in NY, NJ and New England states and only those who have traveled south and west have had the pleasure! Of course when travel is not on the table, Waffle House is too far to go for breakfast and from their locator map the same is true for Michigan, all the northern states from there to the Pacific including UT, NV and CA
  14. So much to catch up on! I go away for a little vacation trip to play golf and the forums just explode with posts, gonna take me days to catch up! Shameless promotion perhaps but check it out as membership is still free for life, finally had the first ever meeting in person of my golf club you can see in my signature, Stick & Hack, The World's Greatest Golf Club Without The Course that took 3 tries in as many years to happen. Venues changed in that time too so our first meeting of members was this weekend at the French Lick Resort in Indiana. I took Thursday to drive down and Monday to drive home for a no rush trip and golf vacation that had golf on my home Cazenovia Golf Course Thursday morning before leaving, then Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Indiana. Friday played the 9-hole Valley Links Course with someone from Boston we had only conversed before online. Saturday played the Donald Ross Course with one of my regular partners (all my regular partners are Stick&Hack members) that ended up as a DNF due to thunderstorms with cloud to ground lightning, so the club dinner in the evening was moved indoors which probably was better as the ballroom at French Lick Resort was huge and they even brought in some of the outdoor games like Cornhole and Ladder Toss to add to the fun. Sunday played the Pete Dye Course and those fairways are as good as the greens at my muni, was so cool to play where I have seen LPGA playing on TV (and it does look different from the on the grass perspective). The drive home started after finishing on the Dye course complete with a total lunar eclipse between 10pm and 2am, thunderstorms before dawn, and construction season everywhere in full bloom. Can't wait until my next tee time. Oh, and as to how well I played as in "scorecard" it was the most cost effective round I have ever played (on both courses) when considering cost of the round to the number of swings carded who says golf isn't good exercise. I saw a lot of those courses that some people never see.
  15. It's probably the one time I don't mind my tendency to have a farmer's swing. Not that any farmer would actually swing a club this way but it does remove sod exposing soil where planting is possible. Ball may not go far but onto short grass is far enough out of that stuff. Had considered sharpening the bottom leading edge of the club to cut through the vegetation but with how often it goes the other way and balls hit thin it would cause a different kind of slice than usual. (No golf balls were harmed in the making of this comment. Any resemblance to actual golf is purely coincidental.)
  16. Echoing apologies as this will not directly respond as I don't bet because of lessons learned long ago. Just like "ask any 10 people what they saw or think and it is usually 10 different responses" (some completely unrelated to anything), handicapping is another well intentioned construct to meet one need that cannot possibly be everything in every situation. The lesson I learned long ago is if you don't like all possible outcomes of a game then don't play the game. Life is so much better at rewarding with lemons instead of brass rings. Handicap on my SwingU app works just fine for MGS profile and conversation with golfers. Beyond that it is meaningless because I just golf to golf preferably with friends, and if some challenge is in need of a reward custom has always been to buy the next coffee. Did have a guy put in my twosome on Friday who at one point wagered who could pitch onto the green closest to the pin and I must say it just felt wrong and an invasion of my enjoyment of playing the game and soured the round, but I am sure that was only my own reaction. To each their own
  17. A man left for work one Friday morning. Instead of going home after work, he stayed out the entire weekend playing golf with the boys and gambling all his wages. When he finally got home on Sunday night, he was confronted by his very angry wife. After a while she stopped yelling and calmly said, “how would you like it if you didn’t see me for two or three days?” “That would be fine with me”, he replied. Monday went by and he didn’t see his wife. Tuesday and Wednesday came and went with the same result. Thursday, the swelling went down just enough for him to see her a little out of the corner of his left eye.
  18. Back in my Army Reserve days almost 30 years ago now had a Commanders Conference to go to in King of Prussia, PA and my Commander was a high school French teacher so our commander's prerogative dinner as a staff was at a French restaurant where we had a large round table so everyone was present, engaged and included... which led to trying to decipher the menu that was entirely in French. After much learning and hilarity, we each ordered something different to share and try all these different things. I couldn't stop myself pointing out we had every Looney Tunes character on the plates! Rabbit, Frog legs, Duck, and all the others were all tried and everything tasted amazing including a puree vegetable soup that set a very high bar for all soups since then.
  19. I wonder if that kind of tree wrap will keep deer and rabbits from stripping bark and leaves from a young crabapple I planted last year that seems to still be a snack bar for the deer? Solved the rabbit problem with chicken wire last year that protected a sucker that fed the roots enough for it to be throwing buds and leaves from main branches again this spring. On a completely unrelated note, does anyone like deer and rabbit meat?
  20. I know, not much different than how many golf.
  21. Speaking of a close encounter, regular partner and I arrived at the course for our "regular" 3:40 tee time only to find the starters we usually find there who wave us onto the tee box not present and the other crew insisting we check in at the clubhouse. We were also told there were two women (who were already sitting in a cart pointing in the wrong direction to head to the 1st tee) would be joining us for a foursome. I watched them drive past as they made some comment about not wanting to damage my push cart and then watched as even the starter said he wondered where they were going, which was to turn around. I bee-lined for the clubhouse to check-in quickly and my partner being a little slower to the clubhouse caught their rhetoric. What they said was that they weren't going to wait to tee off and they both proceeded to tee off without hesitation. The only thing I had to do was present my season pass card to the desk and return outside and saw them driving onto the first fairway without us. The close encounter part being the ladies foursome ahead of them was still too close for my partner and I to tee off so despite the starter setting up the foursome, they decided they were playing without us and off they went. (The starter directed us to go directly to the Cazenovia Creek crossing par-3 3rd tee quickly to avoid impeding the 2 earlier groups already on the 2nd hole.) It was a hurried start and not the kind of experience we golf for but as we were moving up the par-5 4th fairway we noticed the lack of anyone behind us and stress melted away. Even better the more we played the larger the gap became to the group behind us to the point that we did the wrap around to play holes 1 and 2 and finished about the same time as the second group that had been behind us when we crossed the creek on hole 3. All done we did not have the best day but only dropped the few strokes from the rushed play on the first two holes of the day. Close Encounter of the Worst Kind.
  22. The ball hunt has been motivation for me to get my swing down to knowing I can get the ball going in the general direction I want it to go without a curving flight that usually results in a lost ball, the worst one being a slice into the path of a mower on the parallel fairway that disappeared as the blades went over it. It was years of working each shot trying to get rid of the slice listening to plenty of "good" advice for marginal improvement, but things changed when the kids became more independent. About 4 years ago SWMBO said that if my weekends are for the home then my weekdays can be for golf as much as I want (yes this is a real story). I bought a season pass and have been playing as many as 5 days of 9-hole golf each week from May to October with whatever April and November gives us off the eastern shores of Lake Erie. In the beginning I was using several bags of balls collected while living at Ft Dix across the street from Fountain Green GC 3rd fairway and distributed them liberally to new hiding places first at Trails West GC at Ft Leavenworth (where I started to golf) and across Western NY learning what not-good was like being motivated to play better. An average ball lost rate was easily one a hole back then but I also found other balls that were played by likely equally capable golfers and kept using "experienced" balls. It was that first season pass year I played my first round with the same ball at the end I started with and that set my new standard. In 5 rounds so far for 2022 I have lost 3 balls. I am now more concerned with the condition of the ball jacket for cuts and abrasions than losing a ball. It is a much different feel to retire a ball for that damage than for one that is irretrievable. I still carry a bag of spares originally for crossing over water but now more are given away than used. It is the swing that is responsible for playing the short grass and shortest distance tee to cup combined with the focus on landing place regardless of hazards between that keeps the same ball in play. It has been a journey from my game of ball losing to my game of ball scuffing and an obsession, can't wait for my next tee time!
  23. Had a good Friday afternoon round at my home course Cazenovia Golf Course in South Buffalo. Still getting back to where I was when Golf Mania 2021 ended for play outdoors. Had all manner of carded scores but the one I liked the best was the par-5 5th where my approach 4th shot using 5i landed in the first cut and rolled up the sloped green to stop at what looked like the base of the flagstick. It teased me, laughing at me all 129 yards to the green like it was about to drop. Not until I was online at the side of the green could I see it was less than one revolution away from birdie. Hah! I will take those every day! Did I make the par putt?
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