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  1. Another rainy WNY day 9.27.2022 had promise when about noontime clouds parted revealing blue between the white and dark to north and south that held long enough to be on my way to my regular course. Arrived at Caz GC just in time for a light shower and the high school coach told the Starter I would be well ahead of their tournament before they got going so I got the go ahead to head out! The umbrella actually dried off but wasn't stowed until the 9th fairway because cloud after cloud was daring to drop something but didn't. Had only one golfer a few holes in front of me and the girls teams were just as far behind me. Windy and in the 50's with a good collection of good and not so good shots ended up 5 doubles, 3 singles, and a par but what really made me smile (besides the round of 49) was the beauty and solitude of the course. That and knowing I was able to enjoy my favorite local course today because those who know me and see me as I often play there made sure I was out there as a positive presence respectful of everything and everyone whether playing golf or enjoying the municipal parklands.
  2. The news conference (started at 8pm EST) is illuminating to the mission and what is expected to come from it. Huge success and the impact was everything hoped for, everything happened at exactly the time expected. Awesome images until last frame before impact, that was incomplete as download was interrupted by the collision.
  3. WATCH NASA SMASH INTO AN ASTEROID: Sixty-five million years ago, an asteroid struck Earth. Today, NASA strikes back. The Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) spacecraft is about to intentionally collide with asteroid Dimorphos in a test to see if human tech can change an asteroid's trajectory. The collision will be live streamed starting at 5:30 pm EDT. Follow the links @ Spaceweather.com Guessing it's going to be more exciting than one of my well hit golf balls into the nearest tree.
  4. Wet Sunday for golf but a delayed opportunity to get with old friends for first post-COVID restrictions round that combines overnight "preparation" of food and drink with best conversations in a mountain cabin. Saturday would have been drier under sunny skies as Sunday started with heavy rain before sunrise and continued more on than off in all manifestations from deluge and driving rain to light drizzle with everything in between. A good social round of best ball so didn't keep individual score. Good day for reconnecting and recharging the spirit. Elkdale Golf Club 4th fairway and approach with water hazard in front of tee box, narrow tree lined fairway that opened to this broader approach, green just to the left side of the photo. Talk of coming back here in a few weeks when the colors are peak and balls will disappear wherever they land hahaha.
  5. Foiled again by the avarice of fate doling out punishments for those who dare transgress the well known first rule of Frisbee (never precede anything with "Watch this!") Thinking the Langert Foiler Driver back in my bag for a few rounds will provide sufficient warning for next time to... ...do exactly the same thing!!! Congrats to the winners!!!
  6. oh my! Where to begin. So many rescue shots learned from necessity. The 29* Ginty is the rescue shot from tall rough where grass has the ball down where irons are difficult to reach and control. Long shaft like fairway hybrid gets good lofted shot but fairway for next shot is the goal lacking the FH distance. The high lofted 56 and 59 wedges for rescue shot in bunkers, or close to green when the ground is soft enough to not have a rocket that passes the green in low orbit headed for the next fairway. 9 iron for all manner of chipping and bump-and-run in the short game. 7 iron if more forward momentum is needed. 3 iron under the trees played back in the stance for an intended low orbit stinger. When it comes to trees I've come to realize there is about 70% empty space up there so we must be very lucky to hit wood. Hard pack sand could be any club in the bag. Imagination is the key to rescue shots depending on the peril of the golf ball. It's actually what I watch professional golf for, to see how they deal with the difficult shots, everything else is pure entertainment.
  7. I don't know! Sounds like your golf is very similar to mine and I think we would have a great time out there together. I don't know about most on the forum but I did play with several forum writers at Queenstown Harbor GC beginning of August many are excellent golfers and to a person they treated me no different than they treated each other. Whatever your game is like, play it and share it! Golf = Happiness for me so score by hole and round is only a number, it's everything else that has me obsessed,
  8. I feel for you, had my own game today when there were times when I was trying to put into practice the lessons learned yesterday at the PGA clinic at Oak Hill CC and for one reason or another it was like I was confusing myself. Some things worked as well as they did yesterday and then they didn't. Did the same dust myself off of sorts throughout the round but then as you said the wheels came off and I actually sat on a bench behind the 8th tee box and watched the others hit their drives. That was after I had teed off first and nearly drilled the first ball through a car driving on the adjacent street - I pulled it left in a low stinger that went over the perimeter fence alongside the tee box. Then the second ball was a sky high slice straight curved into the right side tree line. First ball was unrecoverable and second ball was never found. The 9th tee shot was just as bad with a booming slice that I was sure was lost, but the Spirits of the Cottonwoods were generous and the ball shot right back out into the fairway. (Thank you ). The very next shot on the 9th hole was a beautiful long 178yd flighted layup that set up the 3rd shot that crossed Cazenovia Creek to an easy chip onto the green. Proof it did get better and guaranteed I am looking forward to golf next time.
  9. The 8pm EST time came and nobody was on or at least nobody was available to let me into the room. So why not set a forward date at least a week in advance to gather the interest, put it on calendars and rally the MGS Spies who have an interest in meeting online for conversation and fellowship? A watch party is a great idea, perhaps we can do more of these for different interest groups, thinking like the old days of CompuServe or Yahoo Messenger when chatrooms were online 24/7 for people to connect with like minded people. It's sure to start off somewhat slow but that's just part of people discovering the opportunity and then finding what option is right for them. Hopefully if we do venture down this kind of path we don't run into similar problems that ended up in those servers being taken down because of individuals making unfortunate choices that we can most likely circumvent with the nature of MGS having less anonymity and people ready to hold each other accountable for reasonable and respectful behavior.
  10. All the tech is well and good but from everything that's been written what you are looking for is my low end option. It would fit your need and is just the SwingU app you can download to your phone from App Store or Play Store, Premium subscription to unlock all features is not expensive paid annually. Scopes are good but not essential as the distances in my experience are accurate enough with the app to leave the scope in its case. New this year is greens reading to help see the slopes and undulations. How much tracking of clubs is up to the user and best of all it can all be worked into the routine and either entered immediately arriving at the ball or when ready to track the next shot.
  11. Is it just me or does anyone else have the impression that these are too beautiful to risk marring doing something foolish like playing golf with them?
  12. Oh this is classic, which takes priority? Golf Wedding Decisions decisions...
  13. Learned some new things to practice for my iron game and driver courtesy of the PGA Teaching Professionals at Oak Hill Country Club in Rochester, NY today. They hosted a golf clinic for 14 PGA HOPE Graduates, the program they run for Veterans that I was fortunate to be included in. First was chipping and focus was on swing long enough to have the clubhead at a constant speed at ball contact instead of accelerating (speeding up or slowing down). Then was driving range where after a demonstration of a right handed draw I had them coach me on an on-demand draw that not only accomplished that but also corrected my general setup, and that was not just for my selected 5i but also driver. Last was a putting competition for closest to a line, but the L.A.B. Golf DF2.1 attracted great interest and all the Pros had a go at rolling some putts and were quite impressed. My distraction of the social aspect of the event kept me from rolling a well paced putt on an aerated and fast Tour ready green but it's golf so I wasn't phased to be out of contention on first putt. (First photo we are on the putting green. Second photo is a 180* panorama and the building was only slightly angled behind me - I was standing on the brick walk visible on both sides of the photo) The real trick is to apply what was learned today in my next round tomorrow on my home muni course.
  14. Perhaps next time try swinging with your eyes closed. The frustration is real. Anything that works is better than continuing what doesn't. What is working lately for me is "slow down and take the moment before backswing to relax." My own similar but different thing that happened today: took a swing at a ball laying 2 with a result of looking like I was readying soil for planting and immediately dropped a second ball that rocketed off at an unintended angle. The first and second ball were from the same box, experience told me to drop a different third ball for a ball test/proof of ball versus swing kind of experiment. First 2 balls were slightly ragged Nitro Crossfire I swore I would never hit again but did after losing an OnCore Avant into South Park Lake on the previous hole, and the last one (the 3rd ball) was the unmatched (and recently widowed) OnCore Avant that went true to stop just feet from green edge. [Epilog; the remaining Nitro Crossfires went to today's playing partner who gladly took the rest of the box off my hands.]
  15. 9.21.2022 started as a beautiful late summer morning before clouds built in and a wave of storm clouds threatened in the afternoon. True to past history, the weather system was moderated as it approached Western NY and by the time it passed over South Park and the golf course it was little more than a shower that only lasted as long as it took to play the 1st hole. By the 4th hole the sunshine and drying breeze had umbrellas dry, furled and stowed. Good thing too as a driver tee shot faded to right rough, 3iron hit onto fairway closer to green, and Pitching Wedge bounded the ball to an easy 1-putt for par. Again the weather held off other golfers but regular and sometime partner Justin shared the round and made it remarkable, lots of positive energy and his kind words at the end about my attitude and perspective of golf. 46 at +10 today with 4 doubles, 3 bogies and 2 pars and 1.6 Putts per Hole. ️ Frequent sometime partner Justin, a regular on both courses I play who plays about the same time of day, joined me on the 1st tee for another golf adventure. Yes that is how we found the White tee markers placed in front of the tee box landform which is recovering from overuse. The 8th plays 309 and we both had par on a less than ideal green surface with the rain bringing up worms and their little mud mounds.
  16. We could end up with a MGS North&East Tour meeting in various locations spaced out enough to make fitting a schedule together that fits everything else that goes on in life. Like the opposite of the top financed tours without even the seed money of a mini tour lol
  17. And of course just after submitting remembered the date for the Mid-Atlantic MGS meetup is intended for November 12 so reduce the November 13 for the New England poll by one please because if a return to MD is happening mid-Nov then that's the first one I said I would commit to and hey it is Compass Pointe!
  18. EasyPutter

    Western NY Golf Courses

    Cazenovia Golf Course is one of 3 courses in the Olmstead Parks Conservatory in Buffalo, NY. In my humble opinion it is the best of the 3 because of variety of holes from par 3 to par 5 with water and sand hazards, elevated tees and greens, and assorted other challenges. It's also a great value for the cost of playing whether a City of Buffalo resident or not. South Park Golf Course is another one of the 3 Olmstead Parks Conservatory courses. A nice play with a par 3 and eight par 4 holes of varying design that provides variety and a good challenge to hone skills.
  19. Played South Park GC again today after 5 hours of heavy weather went through and found there were only 3 other golfers on the course, one left as I teed off on 1 because of dark clouds approaching no doubt, he wasn't half way done and it was the last opportunity to bail out before going around to the other side of the lake. But rain it did not, some gusty winds at times but very comfortable and I had nobody behind me, only saw the other two from a distance and finished 9 holes in 70 minutes feeling like I took my time the whole way. True bogie golf with 7 bogies, one double and a par for a surprisingly good day. Even the new Tommy Armour 19* 3 hybrid showed a good performance for the first time, it has a place in the bag now!
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