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  1. 10 hours ago, tchat07 said:

    Updated my initial impression with a video of my putting stroke from today. Angle is a little off but you get the general idea of how i putt.  https://forum.mygolfspy.com/tests/24-test-in-progress-odyssey-white-hot-og-putter/?do=findReview&review=83


    Putting like all golf is a uniquely individual thing, and I'm watching your putt thinking "I have to take a video of my putting now to find out if my putter path does anything like what this one looks like in the video."  I strikes me that the putter path appears to go from outside to in and then the ball rolled left of pin, though the slope of the green and as you said the angle of the camera could have played parts in that result.  In my mind my putting swing motion is like the pendulum of a grandfather clock and now I'm wondering if my mental image has any correlation to what a video image would show.  Love the ideas that come from reading and seeing these reviews and testing posts!


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  2.    Congratulations Testers!!!   


    @Cory O

    This will be an interesting read for your testing and reports!  The kind of golf bling that will never find it's place in my camouflage Sun Mountain bag with my experienced clubs. 👍

    What I really want to know is what is going on in your minds handling, swinging, hitting golf balls, and storing these beauties 😍 (the hitting golf balls part is probably going to be the most harrowing...)

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  3. 1 hour ago, sirchunksalot said:

    Yeah...I kind of have a thing for camo. I think it's the Southeast Tennessee in me and the fact I used to deer hunt. Plus, it kind of matches the theme of my bag.20210604_175049-01.jpeg.e41403b8eebc54e742b887e2c849f62f.jpeg

    Camo 😍


    It's in the blood.

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  4.     Congratulations Testers!!!   





    Looking forward to seeing the testing reports and final reviews.  I'm a mallet putter guy myself so that's going to be the key one(s) for me but Odyssey in general is always of interest 👍

    ⛳ I'm starting to think that having a Username with Putter in it probably means there will be no putter testing for me 🤣  just kidding, roll them in guys! ⛳

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  5. Now see what happens when life gets busy? Friday work then straight out for golf, Saturday brake work then family get together before heading to a Tee it Up for the Troops event at Wanakah CC, and all the while blissfully unaware of this latest sign-up opportunity! 

    All the best for everyone in being chosen for this test, should be a good one! ⛳

    Shot Scope V3


    Thanks to MGS for another great opportunity to test a product for independent analysis and review by the "average" golfer with a bias for good equipment. 👍

    Best wishes for everyone considered for selection to test this one 🏌️‍♂️⛳

  6. Playing partner has this on his clubs, can take him some time to get the club selected and ready for his shot.  Interested to find out if it is characteristic of the app and sensors or perhaps just the way he uses it.  I am impressed with the results he gets and his game is improving since using it.  My game has lots or room for improvement lol 😅

    All the best to everyone submitting for selection as tester and looking forward to the International flare of this one!

  7. 16 hours ago, WaffleHouseTour said:

    Question for you - why did you buy a different size?  I'm a 9.5 in every shoe I own, including these.  I really like the fit.  And yes, I'm a walker... I don't find that they are small.  

    That is interesting your actual size is right for you.  I went with the next size larger because that was what we were cautioned in the message to testers when informed how to provide our information to the vendor.  Wearing them as I have not worn anything else this year as I am really giving them an extended test for durability and wear, so thanks for the photo as I will keep an eye out for anything like that. 

    I think the larger size is the right size for these shoes from my experience but I have not been able to try my own size for comparison so thank you also for your input! 👍

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  8. Another great opportunity to grow in the game through applied interest to one part of the game in order to evaluate a product, the hitting net this time, and report back to the forum and industry real experience by people not paid for their time and effort!  No doubt Spornia stands to gain from candid responses but so too does any other hitting net maker or and suppliers who provide associated products that enhances the hitting net practice experience.  

    Thanks again for the opportunity to volunteer and all the best to those chosen as I have no doubt this will be a game and interest improver for anyone receiving this to test 👍

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  9.    Congratulations Testers!!!   


    Should be another great shoe test, looking forward to seeing some amazing photos and reading stories about these really cool looking shoes!  Will be interesting to see how they compare to the ones I tested and still wear to extend the test beyond the period of testing and submitting the comprehensive report, maybe these can meet or exceed the Decathlon Inesis experience I had (am having) 👍

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  10.    Congratulations Testers!!!   


    Looking forward to seeing how well this one works, looks like a move to low cost device that mimics the big ticket devices much like how handheld calculators went from $300 TI and HP to $10 Sharp and National Semiconductor, same features in just years after introduction to the market.  Or does it? That is the question...

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  11. Now my First Strike Deliverance hybrid clubs are working for me and my game is coming together it would be interesting to see if these top line latest design clubs would also respond as well in my hands.  Who knows, dropping 10 more shots on an 18 hole round would get me sub80 👍

    All the best for everyone submitting to be testers for being chosen.  Remember, it is about what you can do to capture and share your experience MORE than just getting the stuff to try out.  Our job as testers is nothing to take lightly.  Read this if you have not already 


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  12. Does the putter become a natural extension of yourself or does it behave like any tool you have to work with to get the job done?

    In particular I'm watching to see comments about how putting style, technique, and/or routine is altered to any degree or changed drastically because of the Evnroll putter being tested.  I know from doing a test and review how my own approach was challenged by what was being tested.

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  13. Water and resistance to walking through it with the Inesis shoes:

    Still walking through puddles and we have lots of them now, yesterday at South Park GC in South Buffalo NY the standing water in some places a couple to few inches deep were too tempting to go through instead of going around.  What I noticed this time while pushing my golf cart from green to tee was the lack of resistance to a regular walking stride through the rather large puddles (temporary water hazards). 

    So low was the resistance to walking I mentioned it to my regular playing partner (who has endured most of the rounds of golf testing these shoes) that besides my ankles getting splashed my feet were dry and cooled by the water cooling the shoe but otherwise felt no different than walking on the grass the rest of the way.  Not the usual experience of feeling like shoes turning into drogues or anchors going through water.  FWIW ⛳

    Playing partner did say after the second puddle heading for the third one "oh now you are just showing off." 😅

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  14. LOL it's always funny how my entries go, slow laptop and not so great scrolling because of lag.  Have an iPod which was my old phone now the sim card is in my Android phone, the "iPod" phone used as my camera when golfing because the photos don't often need digital enhancement when downloaded .  By sending photos to self as email attachments, and videos uploaded to YouTube channel, can access them on any of my devices to include in my MGS reviews (and that's how they get there!)

    All the best for those who are selected for this product test, so far my chance is 1:14 which is pretty good 👍  and for everyone else who sees the invitation to become a tester, ~~ this isn't the testing opportunity you're looking for... ~~

  15. Day 8 was walking the Hill Course, aptly named of the Chautauqua Golf Club courses that was a dewy but otherwise dry 18 hole round but I did find some sprinkler heads that were recessed with water deep enough to submerge the toe box, very refreshingly cool.

    Day 9 was another 9 hole round at my regular Cazenovia GC that had me thinking I would need to wade in Cazenovia Creek to test the waterproofing but not wanting to slow the foursome (and playing a new to me set of clubs) I kept up with the pace of play.  

    Day 10 had a new experience on Doe Course of Deerwood Golf Club in North Tonawanda NY where the normally soggy areas were well dry but, I did find a nicely deep and big low spot where the water was laces deep and secure in the knowledge that nobody was paying any attention to me I slogged straight through knowing I had dry socks if needed.   And no change was needed, the water a refreshing coolness for the feet with no perceived wetness infiltrating my footie socks (not sure if a crew sock would have been soaked enough to wick the water down into the shoe).  I realize a photo would have been good of my laces inches below the surface but as it was an impulsive thing encountering the standing water while moving to catch up to playing partners, the photo wasn't thought of until after holing out on the green some minutes and distance later.

    Keeping on with the testing initiative as long as possible, so far these are the shoes I want to wear as much as the others I wear for comfort, support and traction.

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  16. 4368 on a cast of thousands!  Good example of haste makes waste, saw the popup in my email feed yesterday while attending to daughter's college graduation party that outlasted my energy though the morning report is it went until after midnight and all went well.  The haste part is clicking sign-up before properly understanding the test and clicking steel preference for putter shaft only because I have never used a putter with graphite.  Then I read more and thought how interesting such a test would be, so updated the sign-up for graphite shaft and here we go, see if it works... 

    All the best for everyone signing up to be selected!  It really is a great opportunity (more than getting free stuff and for those who are applying to get free stuff you're not fooling anyone) to evaluate new equipment.  It's about being creative with thinking about how you use the thing you're testing and writing about your experiences from receiving the thing to using it and finally explaining what has been discovered as your final (not really but there has to be an end to the evaluation) comments for publication.  As often seen it is also about discovering improvement of using the thing in your game. ⛳ game on!

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