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Test Reviews posted by EasyPutter

  1. Beyond the Official MGS Testing for the Decathlon Inesis Waterproof spikeless golf shoes, I kept wearing them for the rest of the 2021 season and all of the 2022 season, total of 202 9 hole equivalent rounds (18 holes counted as 2) or 101 18 hole rounds.  I like the 9 hole equivalent for this test because 90% of my rounds were 9 holes and that includes a lot more walking on paved surfaces that increased the amount of abrasive conditions the shoes walked on than just the distance from hole 9 to the 10th tee box.

    End of 2021.  This was what the tops and bottoms looked like after the 80 rounds from testing to end of season
    Afterseason3washedlaced800.jpg.703fd3012df5a055720e312f2ee0f881.jpg  Afterseason4washedbottom800.jpg.e1e7095343f7aec1f9025cadec521b2f.jpg

    The next 124 rounds of 2022 saw no discernable or excessive wear on the sole grips.  The shoes stayed completely waterproof.

    What ultimately did these shoes in was the exceptional waterproofingHow?  If a shoe is not properly aired and dried after each wearing, the bacteria on feet and natural sweating from feet leaves wetness behind that the bacteria thrive in and that creates its own unique smell that lingers.  The shoes got to the point where SWMBO insisted I not keep them in house and there was no way I was putting them in my vehicle but it was after the last day of play on November 12, 2022 and the shoes were still waterproof with good tread that worked well that autumn day.  I stashed them underneath the tarp covering the patio furniture and that's where they spent an epic Buffalo NY winter.

    The last round for the shoes was Friday April 28, 2023 was forecast for rain to start at tee time and then increase through the rest of the evening into the following day.  With a golf glove to continue testing and prospect for a full 18 holes, I pulled the shoes out of where I had secreted them away when the patio furniture was uncovered in March, laced them up and put them on at the course.  The thorough cleaning end of 2022 was about how they smelled which while not repulsive had hints of the worst they had been.  But dry warm feet and socks was my primary concern.

    Course conditions were wet.  The rain began as drizzle and went off until walking up the 7th fairway when the real rain arrived.  Wet grass, low spots filled to toe covering puddles, everything I had enjoyed dry feet while testing and again my first pair or Decathlon Inesis shoes were dry and warm.  They contributed to an exceptional round with only a little fatigue soreness leaving the 18th green for the vehicle.

    How the decision was made to part ways.  In the vehicle I had not changed them as it was always easy to drive with these Decathlon Inesis shoes with their grip designed "tread" so to be out of the driving rain quicker once umbrellas were put away, I did not change my shoes.  Yet.  A mile into the drive I was looking for a parking lot and as soon as I could stop those venerable shoes came off and sneakers on.  I tied the laces together and hung them on my vehicle's hitch mounted bike rack and they traveled the rest of the way home outside.  In somewhat ceremoneous form, the trash bin lid was lifted, shoes were dropped in, and instantly the odor was cut off from ability to offend my senses.

    Take away - the trick to keeping any shoe or boot odor free is to ensure it dries thoroughly once worn and I had not been doing that with my first pair of Decathlon Inesis Waterproof shoes.  I have been doing it with my FootJoy cleated golf shoes and every one of wife's and daughter's shoes that go through the laundry, usually left in my workroom.

    Would I buy them again?  I already have and it took searching "Decathlon+Inesis" and then navigating into the site to find the golf shoes.  The color is Asphalt Blue this time and delivery is expected this week. 

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