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  1. I used to ask for things up until I was 19. It was then I was tired of knowing exactly what I wanted, having made sure those who were getting it knew exactly what I wanted, and on the appointed day of receiving I was always disappointed. The whatever it was that had been imagined and thought about for ages never lived up to what was expected. After years of being disappointed I realized it was not the receiving of a thing that made the season so special, it was the times of togetherness and sharing including whatever was on hand for food and drink that makes everything perfect. I sincerely hope you (meaning everyone who reads this post) get your whatever it is you want. And with any luck at some point in the future, our paths will cross, most likely in warm months well away from winter holidays, and then we can lift a favorite drink and have something delightful to eat and share some good times together. It is after all that which makes life worth living. Merry Christmas everyone and I look forward to celebrating with you whatever is your holiday and those special times no matter what they are called.
  2. Great topic and one I must pay attention to as once temps dip below 74*F/23*C I am into extra layers on my legs to prevent cramping and nerve pain from an arthroscopic surgery that must have clipped nerves that never rewired themselves correctly. This was Saturday with tee time of 45*F/7*C and a stiff breeze for colder wind chill, second from left you can('t) see what my triple layers below belt, 4 layers above belt, gloves and fleece hat are like to combat that kind of cold. Walking the 18 holes as temperature dipped to 34*F/1*C by the time we finished in near darkness kept us warm enough to not need more as far as warmers go but that was playing a round with lots of movement. I have not tried to golf with frozen water around but maybe that is something if I can find anywhere around that offers some kind of golf activity outdoors to do this winter. As for now it is moving to indoor activities. Good points in each numbered paragraph and good food for thought!
  3. Last week golf was for the brave souls who love the game and the last few courses were open. This week the courses are closed as frozen greens are a real problem and ground is too soft for power carts, last week was mostly walking only on the courses still open though my Friday morning round was with a cart that provided excellent protection from the heavy rain that persisted for hours, and it probably made a difference there was only one other twosome and me on their family owned/operated golf course on Veterans Day. Resort courses are now changing over to winter activities preparation. Outdoors golf lasted almost 7 months this year so hopefully it will only be a 5 month hiatus until 2023 golf season starts in Western NY. We get these Lake Effect Snow Warnings when the forecast has precipitation expected with persistent wind direction from off Lake Erie. The open and relatively warm lake provides plenty of heat and moisture for clouds to form and moving over the colder and higher elevations the moisture gets wrung out as precipitation as rain or snow and that all depends on the ambient temperature. Lake Erie does freeze and nearly completely that shuts off that process but it takes a couple of months to get to that point and only if enough arctic air comes down from the Great White North to do the deep freeze thing. Downhill Skiing is a big WNY winter sport. Here we go! This is when that BirdieBall PuttUp mat I tested and other trainers take over to help scratch that golf itch. Soon to be in my putting stables is a PuttOut Premium Pressure Putt Trainer and looking forward to that to increase the challenges of indoor putting.
  4. Congratulations to all winners and everyone who posted in the MGS Tour Championship for week 7!!! Again I would like to thank the MGS Tour Championship for the opportunity to compete with my MGS forum friends, the unfailing support of MGS Forum Mods whose unending support and encouragement really does help get through my denseness that it is possible for a total Hack as myself to compete and do well, and for my wife who makes sure I get out to golf to give her some peace in her day.
  5. These are the OEM Logos I have as miniature icons included in my signature, included for convenience. Lovett wedges Worx wedges Cobalt Rangefinders Drizzle Stik bag umbrellas Zero Friction gloves etc Birdieball putting mats Puttout putting trainers (not actually in the signature yet but will be added at holiday time!) L.A.B. Golf @GolfSpy_APH not looking to flood the emojis OEM Logos available but logos do look good in people's signatures.
  6. A tale of two completely different days. Friday was written up on page 1177 that constituted the second best round I have played. Saturday was the pendulum swinging in the opposite direction with a triple digit score not seen in years. First time I have played Sheridan Park Golf Course in Tonawanda, NY and pleasantly surprised by how picturesque and well developed it was. Once the private course of a company in Tonawanda in the Industrial age of the area, It is parkland set in the middle of a Buffalo, NY suburban Town bordered by neighborhoods, an arterial highway, industry, and a superhighway. All of which is on the periphery and doesn't intrude on the play. One road cuts through the course that has multiple cross walks that are well defined. Managed to skip my 3rd shot across the pond by the 1st green but the pond's edge was not sloped to enable doing such a trick shot to roll up onto the green. That's me walking past that pond with little hope of finding the ball. Photos from Friday's tropical storm remnants resulting flooding looked problematic on Friday but Saturday all water levels were back down to normal and only evidence of flooding was the shoreline features where leaf debris and sticks were found at the edge of where water had once been, and high and "dry" on Saturday. This hole is in the 16th and in a corner of the course by a superhighway overpass abutment. I have seen this green there for decades driving past wondering about it, and now I know. Wind was a factor as was heat management with temp falling from the noonish tee time high of 46 as we approached evening. Threat of rain from game start became an umbrella up good idea by the 3rd last hole. There is no reason to allow bag and clubs, especially electronics to get wet though there was not enough rain to warrant the DrizzleStik to protect the top of the golf bag. The lights were originally for my bike and the Buffalo Slow Roll events that go half the year on various routes through the city every Monday night from May through October, COVID happened and PGA HOPE sessions were still on so the lights moved from bike to Clicgear cart because of low light heading back to parking lot to enhance safety. They've never been taken off so were ready for what really was finishing the last hole in darkness. This last group photo was taken in conditions my phone would have taken a black underexposed picture. Some blur is proof of how well we held still for it to render the image. Final numbers came out 53/58 111 - Net 86 +14 Lost 8 balls, found 5 and with a sleeve of 3 gifted, ended with as many as I started with. Unfortunately lost all 3 gifted OnCore VeroX1s Snow in the area today and on the course played yesterday. Come on late autumn warmup!
  7. Thank you kindly! As for going to play more golf... I did head out to play more golf as soon as I sent that last post. It was a foursome that was last together on a hot beginning of September day. Unlike the first time when I was inspired by their exceptional playing, today was cold and wet and play involved many more hits each, mine was the pendular swing from the second lowest score of all times to the kind of score I had years ago when I was learning to play golf. More golf is good but this round will not be part of my MGS Tour reported rounds I'll just say it was the most exercise I have had in a single round and the cheapest round of golf per swing I have played in years! [image of scorecard missing]
  8. I need remedial help, guess adding the score only put in a new line - didn't find the edit apparently.
  9. Date 11/11/2022 Course Name Concord Crest GC Gross Score 90 Course Handicap 25 Gross Over/(Under) 11 Net Score to Par -14 Net Score 65 Net Birdies or better 8 Longest Drive 191 Feels like something is broken or I woke up in a different universe, this is unreal --- I spend all my life on the other end of the scorecard, tournament results and as exciting as this is it just feels like I'm going to wake up at any moment and all the big hitters are where they should be, above my name on the results.
  10. Date 11/11/2022 Course Name Concord Crest GC Gross Score 90 Course Handicap 25 Gross Over/(Under) 19 Net Score to Par -6 Net Score 65 Net Birdies or better 8 Longest Drive 191 This is my first experience to "Post Score" The Gross Over/(Under) is a little disconcerting as it will not go past Zero to show under with the minus in front.
  11. Brain puddle of goo this morning apparently, thanks for the catch! Yes -6 is what was meant Going now to for my first experience to "Post Score"
  12. Changing up the venue for Week 7 tour play, Concord Crest Golf Course in Springville, NY. Rained the whole round from light to heavy downpour and everything in between with a slight letup of the deluge on the 18th. Totally amazed that I had 4 pars in one round! Lots of net birdies, though as result of the last 2 rounds the SwingU handicap dropped by 1.5 strokes. Longest drive for the day was 191 yards. If I'm counting right there's 9 net birdies on the card and applying HCP of 25 that makes the round a Net 65 for +6 on the Par 71 course. Not a bad way to spend Veterans Day. I was the 3rd golfer on the course, saw the others a few holes ahead of me and they only played 9. From the 5th to finish it was my private golf course with only grounds crew about on occasion.
  13. Veterans Day golf has become a tradition at a favorite family owned course south of me, they don't charge Vets for a cart on this day and if I walk it they usually just waive the greens fee. Today Nicole's northern bands arrived on the way to the course. Took this video on the ride to the course, been using this windshield treatment for 40 years, problem is the heavier the rain the easier it is to forget it is raining and have to remember I'm going to get wet if I get out without an umbrella ready. I do enjoy playing golf in rain, don't know what it is but more than any other conditions my game comes together better than other times. 46 and 44 for one more than my best round ever (and handicap went down a point when the round saved). This one is going for my Week 7 Tour entry, too good to pass up. Only 2 others on the course before me and they said I was their last player on the course for the year. Presented with a certificate for golf next year so essentially gave me back my green fee to use again after the no-outdoor-golf months are past. The improvements this year with new footbridges improving access across their many creeks, places where brush used to be now resembling idyllic gardens, better cart paths and terraced tee boxes, indeed I will be back next year and not just to use their gift as more than ever it is a peaceful place I golf to find.
  14. It is an honor to serve the nation's people. My last promotion came through in Tikrit Iraq 2005. As November is also Military Family Month, these are my heroes whose love never waivered, always behind the scenes most people forget the families of Veterans also serve quietly without much support. The two youngest did not choose their service but did so with grace and compassion. This photo is 18 years old and my daughter and son are well on their way to personal success as adults now. Wife is just as beautiful as ever, she hasn't changed. As I do every Veterans Day, heading to the course to play for every Veteran who for whatever reason cannot play golf today. It will be more crowded out there today even if nobody else is on the course because today more than other days those of the brotherhood of arms, men and women, will be in my thoughts.
  15. I happened upon a great closeout deal for Zero Friction gloves and picked up about a half dozen, gave away a couple, another one to my son, the first one lasted all last year and the second one is still going strong this year pressed into service during winter league indoor play. I just finished my 121st round of 2022 and the outer material is a bit worn but there are no holes or tears. Will probably get back to winter league again before I retire this one. Friend of mine buys gloves by the gross just about, at least by the dozen and tears them usually within a round. One of the Zero Friction gloves I gave away this past year was to him during winter league and the next week I saw him with a different glove and sure enough he had shredded the Zero Friction glove already. I guess durability depends on how you wear them just like everything else. Mine is worn from getting ready for the first tee and taken off after the last putt on the last green no matter what the weather condition or temperature. I hang it on the side of my bag and it thoroughly dries or does whatever it does in fresh air until worn again. I keep a spare in the bag but as you can already appreciate it has to wait a long while before it gets its chance to go into play.
  16. Happy Birthday fellow MGS writers!
  17. Total Lunar Eclipse morning of November 8, 2022 That's todays edition of SpaceWeather.com Look to the west before sunrise for a red colored Moon! This is Lunar so reflected light that won't hurt the eyes anymore than looking at stars and planets would in the nighttime/morning sky.
  18. The weather locally is unseasonably warm and conditions are pretty good. I have tee times for Wednesday noontime and Friday morning so getting in 2 more 18 hole rounds. The rain isn't supposed to pick up on Veterans Day Friday until afternoon so with any luck it will be a good day for golf. Sure beats the snow many MGS forum writers are having just west of us here in the balmy region of Buffalo NY
  19. Got out on Saturday at Genesee Valley GC with son Patrick for a 9 hole round on the front 9 of the North Course and hit a 49 in strong gusty winds with leaves blowing around like drifting snow. And this video starts just after all those leaves it seemed were flowing past the ball. Only lost 4 balls but found 3 so never ran out of one to play. The greens were excellent and Putts per Hole was 1.6, not bad with blowing leaves sometimes changing conditions during the putt. Far better conditions for putting than I have been playing for the past couple weeks on my home course. This is what the 4th green looked like at the moment, blowing winds moved the leaves constantly hiding and revealing golf balls haphazardly...
  20. My experience is like yours @BIG STU never even heard of DHL until I was at the Kirkuk airport while deployed and guys were shipping stuff by the only shipper in town, colored trucks and everything. Their planes were Russian cargo planes and everything seemed to go just fine. Rarely do I ever see anything DHL here in NY but when I do it always reminds me of those planes and contractors doing civilian commercial operations while we were tending to our work and getting shot at in the combat zone.
  21. Golf is still on in WNY but getting more tenuous as the daylight gets shorter and worse, the hour just went on so what would have been twilight golf last week will be after dark this week, ergo no golf. Week 6 entry of best rounds: with unchanged handicap because of rounds more like my average at 26.1 makes the 97 total a Net 71 for -1 and longest drive this week was 179 yards with the driver and longest fairway hybrid hit was and insane 209 layup. I honestly don't understand the net birdies thing so will look for where that falls out in the Week 6 results. Really enjoyed my week with the Black Jacket and wish this week's winner all the best for the win!
  22. After a couple weeks of unseasonably wet and cold weather beginning of October we have found early autumn back with temps not seen since September this weekend and through to Veterans Day. Municipal courses are on the fiscal calendar so clubhouses are closed and all except grounds crews are absent, which is fine if you bring your own everything as carts and tee boxes are absent though the ball washers (that have not been stolen) are still there. The cups are still in the greens that got a good cut on Tuesday but with clippings left on top it made putting very slow. No flags and we regulars are getting used to cup locations but it would seem some dog walking park users have taken umbrage with the golf course park users as all but one of the cups yesterday had been pulled out and turned over in the holes that while unsightly return us to COVID times of not having to reach in far to retrieve a ball. Only the leaves are presenting a challenge to good scores as balls can really hide well in them.
  23. This is an unused one but I find lots of orphaned ones mostly near tee boxes that I play. The Evolution tee is a popular ABS material tee that plays for a long time as in many rounds and I notice they don't influence the ball for me as much other tees do. With the 2.75" length pushed in about a quarter of it's length, the tee holds firmly but also flips out with minimal damage that only becomes evident over time usually as a fatigue crack mid-shaft. This length works best for my driver and up or down 1/8th of an inch in height controls the height of the drive so I measure that with my finger pushing it into the ground. The 1.5" length works for my par-3 iron tee shots.
  24. All those reasons you state are why the only golf magazines I get are gifts people give me at giving times. My golf reading is all from online sources from such subscriptions as SwingU Premium, Stick & Hack club features, Instagram/Facebook/YouTube, and such sources. Edit - don't know how I forgot to mention these threads right here
  25. Played a good round today, another week of descending numbers, 50 Monday, 49 Tuesday, 48 today Wednesday... come on Thursday!!! One notable hole started out with what could have been a "bad shot" that hooked left onto the fairway I had just finished playing. Nobody was behind us so being on the other side of the separating tree line played back up that fairway to where the trees have separation between them. At that point had the longest hit ever with my 19* Tommy Armour #3 Fairway Hybrid (I tracked the shot) that was found not in the leaves where we were looking for it at the 180 yard distance I am used to for that club, but playing partner found it 30 yards beyond that as he headed for his ball to set a new club maximum of 209 yards.
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