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  1. Another week of golf, 6 rounds total, some good and some not as good but all of it out there where golf is best enjoyed! Here are the two best rounds So combined is 90 Raw for +18, handicap still 26 so Net 64 at +8. I am working at hitting like this as my normal game with a handicap appropriate for that level of play. Might be on that path with current focus on slowing my backswing but the end of outdoor season is looming so no telling how the gains this year will carry over to next. Longest drive this week was 200yards which is not the highest for the year but it is highest for October. If I count them right number of net birdies is 8 but I am sure
  2. Not me to make fun of anyone with OCD as mine is acquired courtesy of the US Army school of behavior modification. Proof I don't have clinical OCD is my glaring spelling error for Drizzle Stik in the bag arrangement image below. This bag organization is for push cart (it gets adjusted for riding cart) with longest clubs in top row (except for putter in it's well always with cover-on to prevent mallet head damage on big dog shafts). Generally clubs increase in loft in a lazy Z pattern from upper left to lower right in an easy mental flow, irons start in the second row. Bottom row is modified to put shortest shaft clubs in the corners and the 9i is my chipping club so it is an easy grab. The bottom and widest slot has 2 clubs and with Drizzle Stik doing a good job keeping them separated. On a rain-day the only modification to this lineup is the Drizzle Stik put in the left side of the putter well where it shelters the entire bag top. The rain-day consideration is also why the ball retriever is in the top row, with a big club cover it supports my bag rain cover (AKA a hooded raincoat) making all clubs easy access. Drizzle Stik umbrella completing the total rain protection for clubs, raincoat cover keeping the rest of the golf bag dry. What is in the golf bag pockets (and on the golf bag rings and push cart handle attachment points) is sufficient to meet any needs while playing and provides adequate ballast so that wind gusts won't blow the bag and cart over with a 72" vented golf umbrella in the handle mount (so far has withstood strong gusts greater than 20mph).
  3. Like Matt I am no Pro but this is what a PGA Pro had me try and what I try to practice with every time I tee up a ball. It is to slow down the backswing (think deliberate) with the trailing foot (for you is left) back a few cm from the direct line to the intended target, and the swing path is more in to out that when done right will induce a bit of a draw. Once the ball is away, hands end up high and more out than over the shoulder. WHEN I can do it right the ball flies much better than when I don't. Nice how your swing is just low enough to clip the tee out of the ground sending it forward.
  4. I had to choose which response to use for this reply, Last part was and before it was definitely and I don't hawk the balls, more play them forward giving them another good round (or at least a few good hits until the jackets get frayed) or tossing one to a player who forgot to carry a second one in his pocket. I only mark the ones I put into play so they are literally free for the taking. In the Fort Dix days I collected them in those metal cans that Boy Scouts popcorn came in family was too eager to pass the whole thing along and they hold a few dozen. Only half of one of those left as it's slowly refilling the spares bag that goes everywhere in the vehicle during golf season in case there is need for a tournament or something where links play tends to give them good places to hide. I'm still hoping that one day in the not too distant future my travels will pass by the South Carolina maritime parts to have that round and after-golf chinwag we've mentioned before. Time is not only an illusion but the real bandit in life. More golf is the only answer.
  5. It was raining today and only 2 other vehicles were parked at the course when I headed to the 1st tee, and saw the two finishing on 9 when I was putting on 2. After that had the course to myself, literally. Played an awesome round today with the words of yesterday's friend echoing in my head. Tim kept saying, "TEMPO, it's all about tempo" and said it often enough for me to use it as today's focus. I was never a fan of the Ford Tempo so I have chosen to rename it as Timpo... primarily slowing the backswing - and proof he was right was not one hole carded above a single today. But this random is not about that. It is about what happened crossing Cazenovia Creek in the middle of the 9th fairway and how the second shot dipped below the level of the near and far banks somewhere between them. With nobody following, once I holed out there was time to go look for that ball! No sooner had I climbed down the bank to search than it was plainly obvious the IGBRC, the International Golf Ball Rescue Commission was needed to render aid to so many lost, neglected, and abandoned golf balls. Over the next 10 minutes, almost 3 dozen balls were rescued. Tragically though, not one of them was the one I had hit nor was there a single one with my unique ball mark on it's jacket. Okay, it's true, I made up the IGBRC. It was while picking up golf balls from the grass outside my quarters at Fort Dix. Across the street was the 3rd fairway of the Fort's Fountain Green Golf Course and fresh golf balls appeared daily in the lawn. Many residents of Colonel's Row as it was known picked them up because if we didn't the tractor lawn mowers twice each week would chop them up and many maimed golf balls were adorning trees and signs as warriors are well known for their gallows humor. Those were my wonder years as in I wonder why I didn't take the opportunity to start to play golf during the 5 years I lived there. It was at my last assignment at Fort Leavenworth, as a course author for Army higher education, I attended a how-to-golf class by PGA Pro Brian Flax of the Fort's Trails West Golf Course that I finally started my golf obsession in earnest. IGBRC , everyone is encouraged to start your own chapter and commit to the rescue mission.
  6. Golf is life and just as in life I don't judge anyone, and before someone jumps on that consider Richard Carlson's words in his book, Don't Sweat The Small Stuff: And It Is All Small Stuff. It's actually #11: "Imagine that everyone in the world is enlightened, except you. Instead of asking yourself "why are they saying that" or "why are they doing that" ask yourself "what are they trying to teach me" and "what am I supposed to learn from them." It is all about not being judgmental and biased, prejudiced and opinionated, letting others be right and honoring their life experiences as things I too can learn from. I'm watching to see what others do with what they have in their bag, how they handle the clubs, and how they care for their equipment. Again none of it to judge but to learn from what they are doing. And let's not forget that some people's existence is to serve as a warning to others - learning what not to do is just as important as what to do and oftentimes MORE important! Especially on the golf course, DON'T BE THAT GUY!
  7. Caz GC 10.24.2022 and another round of 2 parts, again 1-4 were like the warmup holes and 5-9 was the main event. Triple on 1 could have been much worse as driver just wasn't working, neither was fairway hybrid and irons took over getting onto the green and 2 puts stopped the counter climbing. Double, single, double, single, double, single, single, double - sounds more like lyrics for a dance song than golf I want to be playing at +3 for the day. Decided I am considering it a warmup for the next rounds that will be main event for MGS Forum Tour week 5 entry. 5th fairway approach to the elevated green on the right side of the photo between my playing partners. The tree an excellent sunblock to pan back to the fairway in the opposite direction on the left and the colorful trees bordering this par-5 that I did reach with a chip on in 4 (lag putt just missed the cup...) 73*F at tee time, this is late summer weather and it is supposed to be around here all week until Friday when temps are supposed to dip after a wet Thursday. Hmmm Thursday... sounds like my kind of weather for a below handicap round!
  8. Gratuitous is right, eye candy I would be comfortable with the hi-toe design as it presents a larger face that would likely improve confidence of hitting the ball on the sweet spot.
  9. The end of this wet weather week has been a gorgeous mid-autumn day for the latest 9 hole round at Caz GC. Had a triple on the par-5 4th probably due to wearing one too many layers under my golf shirt. Up to that point it was single, double, double. After the layer was removed the 5th tee shot was one of the longest of the day and finished single, single, par, single, double (thanks to doing a layup to not dunk the second shot into Cazenovia Creek and a misread break for the first putt). Total raw 49 so with HC of 13 for 9 it was a net +0 Putts per Hole today was 1.6. On the 6th green I had made comment to my partner that my chip on left me a lot of work for the putter, and then promptly sank the 20+ footer with left break in 1. That was the most notable of the 1-putts that were on holes 1, 5, 6, and 8.
  10. This week was awesome, first game in pouring rain to start for holes 1 - 3, overcast with drizzle at times for holes 4 - 8, and a return to driving rain for 9 on Wednesday. Friday is the back 9 under clear skies and drying conditions the whole round. So 46+49= 95 raw with 26 hc gives net -3 Same Course and unchanged for drive though longest was today's 166 on the 8th hole. Handicap is unchanged as I play more rounds than I am submitting for the Tour competition and it averages out. Suggestion: instead of trying to include us Northern Warriors in head-to-head competition with the Southern Sticks, we should have separate Tour venues until we are all back to playing on course. So if someone is traveling and plays a round they can submit on the Course Tour that week. If someone is playing rounds on a simulator they would submit on the Simulator Tour that week. If someone is a Top-Golf fiend and smokes the ball into the high scoring targets between bumper pool and darts games then they would submit on the Stadium Tour that week. There could also be a Putting Tour with specific distances for specific numbers of shots tabulated and submitted that week regardless of putting surface chosen just like courses are fundamentally different from each other.
  11. Was the Zoom call recorded and available somewhere? Had an appointment, on a golf course, with a golf ball that needed to be exercised for 9 holes and was probably on the 5th when the call started...
  12. As this is about bedtime and thinking, to be honest I wouldn't know. Since the night in 2017 when I got my CPAP the instant the fresh air starts flowing I am off into the ethos like a ball from Bryson DeChambeau's tee in a longest drive competition. Yes it is that good
  13. Caz GC again today, warmed up 3 degrees to 43*F but layers and walking is enough to make the body feel warm. Not the results of yesterday's round, things were not clicking as well without the magic of the rain and absence of others, one of the course regulars who I am sure will be aspiring to match my willingness to golf in all conditions was able to catch up to me again, he hits much better than me and moves quickly. We also have positive and encouraging conversations so that does take some of the edge off my concentration for routine and time to swing. Putting was still dialed in and those comments are always welcome when 5, 10, 15 and 20 footers roll for a lag or one-putt. 52 +16 for the day with 7 doubles and two singles for a net 39 +3. Glad I have one more 9 hole round that could be the one to pair yesterday's net -3 with for a good submission for this week's MGS Forum Tour.
  14. Congratulations Testers!!! @yungkory @CarlH @JerryB @daviddvm @WaffleHouseTour @vandyland @ZMendle10 @RichL85 @PeterHenric @Mr. Mushball Looking forward to seeing what this great group of testers does with this product testing adventure
  15. Still play Wii golf sometimes with the kids when they want to have that kind of fun on a dreary day/evening and the scene is projected on the living room wall to be a full size image, but it is the lack of a real club that takes away from my appreciation of it because the twisting of the controller to shape shots is nothing I would ever do with a real club in hands. Even my short-shaft swing trainer would be an improvement if no ball other than a target on the floor was used instead of a controller with wrist-strap. For locations I would want those exotic courses I will never be able to afford to play like Lofoten at 69*N latitude, Thracian Cliffs, Bulgaria on the Black Sea, Cape Kidnappers, New Zealand with fairways with 400ft cliffs that fall away to the sea, La Paz, Bolivia on top of the world 2 miles above sea level (think of the thin air ball flights!), Legend Gold Course, South Africa with its extra hole the "Extreme 19th" with it's 400m drop to the green in the shape of the African continent. And can't miss Old Head Golf Links, County Cork on the southwest tip of Ireland overlooking the Atlantic where an exceeding long drive could possibly reach North America (not realistically without an uncanny appearance of hard objects to bounce the ball 3000miles...)
  16. Used to be consecutive days on the course were sunny and warm, now it is rainy and cold. Today started with getting the push cart out and umbrella up and then getting the golf bag out and loaded, etc. The course was deserted and I had the only vehicle in the parking lot. Perfect time for solitary golf. The first hole was downwind but a mix of rain with sleet or hail helped to drop the ball into a water filled cup for a double. 2nd green was a little wet but the putt still dropped into the cup in one. The rain was relentless again down the 1st fairway with sleet or small hail mixing in at the 1st green turning back to rain on the 2nd tee. Once again great shots in the rain playing with insulated gloves with grip surfaces on the palm and fingers. The 3rd tee shot was a low 8i across the creek that bounded up onto the green for a 6ft lag putt and tap-in. The rain actually went off heading over to the 4th tee and this started the string of singles through the 8th hole. The colors are finally beginning to peak locally as the proximity to Lake Erie actually delays things with the heat it holds in the autumn and the cold it holds in the spring. Finished the 9th hole in renewed driving rain and gusting winds with a double for a 46 +10 or a net 33 at -3 and 1.4 Putts per Hole.
  17. With the end of the golf season approaching thinking I might need to follow the example of squirrels and store away a few rounds to pull out for future weeks competition until those run out too... These northern climates don't lend themselves well to outdoor golf for nearly 5 full months. Perhaps an 18 hole round on the putting mat...
  18. Maybe this is the past somewhere and you are lost here with me.
  19. Played great yesterday afternoon, for 2 holes. Was lightly raining when arriving at the course, 1st hole was downwind and everything went straight with a slight fade. 1-putt bogie from a missed chip. 2nd hole into the wind played well again everything working right but rain had picked up as did the wind approaching the green. Overshot the approach and chipped on with another 1-putt through standing water for bogie, +2 for two holes played. Cups were topped ball washers at this point and the rain was heavy so went to shelter under the clubhouse awning to wait for it to go off with another course regular whose umbrella was broken by the wind while he putted out the 1st hole. Rain was torrential at times and wind was gusting, called it a day after there was no letup in the downpour for a half hour. Packed up with plans to try it again this afternoon, same golf time, same golf place, same weather forecast. it's what we do.
  20. As I understand it, it has to do with the backend magic that makes these forums work and when one thing was adjusted after the week of glory from the MGS Forum Tour Championship was over for me, suddenly nothing is in any string I posted except for those quoted images like yours the number of posts has not changed and neither has my reputation numbers. All the content I created to include profile has no trace in any of the Forum categories and threads. So, is it enough for me to get upset, worried or concerned? Nah, disappointed maybe but this is about golf so it is all opportunity, somethings go amazingly well, some go in unexpected ways, others not so good. Definitely par on my course! As far as what I'm going to be posting next... FORE!!!!
  21. Buffalo has been said to be a drinking town with a football or hockey problem but we have also had our glory days in many ways but none more than when Jim Kelly quarterbacked us to 4 consecutive Superbowls (each one a tragedy of bad calls, missed calls, and blatant display of anti-Buffalo bias in the NFL and broadcasters) and now this amazing man in Josh Allen who himself is a story of using defeat to build a better self is carrying us forward once again. The Bills organization has somehow lost its apparent inability to get out of its own way and once again has the earmarks of a successful team that believes in itself. It is obvious how the rogue sportscasters who say positive things about the Bills have been given a hard time by their peers and only now that the phenomenon of Josh Allen's Bills is becoming undeniable that those who had nothing good to say about the Bills are becoming hypocrites by sounding positive (finally). That that is ok because everyone has a bad day (or years) and forgiveness comes easily to a community that has spent decades with wondering when the next winning season will emerge. How much of all that comes from the enduring fanbase support of the Bills Mafia remains to be seen but the fans are the lifeblood of the regional drive to carry the Bills forward with unparalleled support to the point of mania. There is no tailgating anywhere like it is in walking proximity of the Bills stadium, and in reality it is the biggest party imaginable with food and drinks, outdoor games of all kinds once vehicles are parked and unmoving, to the point that the football game while being the focus is only the second half of the day of fun. It is about being community and being together wearing our Red White and Blue. There is no fanbase that is more generous with giving than the Bills Mafia when a need is identified that can be supported to ensure those in need have that need satisfied, because it is the right thing to do. We don't hesitate to greet with "GO BILLS" usually said loud enough for others to join in regardless of month, regardless of place, including on vacation in any state, in Europe or somewhere foreign and tropical. We wear our colors wherever we go and look for opportunities to take photos and post them so everyone else can see where we are representing. We know everywhere else has their own team and spirit and that is fine, the hope is that all those other places will grow to embrace the all encompassing spirit of their own version of Bills Mafia because it is about hope and life, and wanting everyone to be the best they can be. The fact we are seeing the best of the best wearing our Bills colors is enough for us all to be off the wall right now! GO BILLS!!!
  22. Go Bills!!! I know you missed this, hoping the Mods can fix the sudden loss of all my posts... GO BILLS!!!
  23. PSA for what happened to EasyPutter's posts You might have noticed... actually you probably haven't because at this moment in time any posts I made before Sunday afternoon cannot be found. Somehow all my posts evaporated except for the evidence of quoted posts by others responses I really do enjoy reading. The Mods are on the hunt for a fix so until they can find any way to do a restore, I'm just going to have to keep posting more. Also if you were following me you might find you aren't anymore and I don't mind anyone following, I follow a good number of you too. That is all... except I'm still
  24. As a general question that applies to all wedges and possibly all clubs, from your life experience, what is a good focus to enable a predictable wedge-ball contact? Our challenges are as different as they are similar when it comes to the physicality of golf so I'm interested in the mental aspect and what your thoughts are about what enables a good wedge swing from your perspective. (reposted as problems were experienced removing my 2022 MGS Forum Tour award from Week 2 that caused many things to disappear, apparently this post included.)
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