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  1. As I understand it, it has to do with the backend magic that makes these forums work and when one thing was adjusted after the week of glory from the MGS Forum Tour Championship was over for me, suddenly nothing is in any string I posted except for those quoted images like yours the number of posts has not changed and neither has my reputation numbers. All the content I created to include profile has no trace in any of the Forum categories and threads. So, is it enough for me to get upset, worried or concerned? Nah, disappointed maybe but this is about golf so it is all opportunity, somethings go amazingly well, some go in unexpected ways, others not so good. Definitely par on my course! As far as what I'm going to be posting next... FORE!!!!
  2. Buffalo has been said to be a drinking town with a football or hockey problem but we have also had our glory days in many ways but none more than when Jim Kelly quarterbacked us to 4 consecutive Superbowls (each one a tragedy of bad calls, missed calls, and blatant display of anti-Buffalo bias in the NFL and broadcasters) and now this amazing man in Josh Allen who himself is a story of using defeat to build a better self is carrying us forward once again. The Bills organization has somehow lost its apparent inability to get out of its own way and once again has the earmarks of a successful team that believes in itself. It is obvious how the rogue sportscasters who say positive things about the Bills have been given a hard time by their peers and only now that the phenomenon of Josh Allen's Bills is becoming undeniable that those who had nothing good to say about the Bills are becoming hypocrites by sounding positive (finally). That that is ok because everyone has a bad day (or years) and forgiveness comes easily to a community that has spent decades with wondering when the next winning season will emerge. How much of all that comes from the enduring fanbase support of the Bills Mafia remains to be seen but the fans are the lifeblood of the regional drive to carry the Bills forward with unparalleled support to the point of mania. There is no tailgating anywhere like it is in walking proximity of the Bills stadium, and in reality it is the biggest party imaginable with food and drinks, outdoor games of all kinds once vehicles are parked and unmoving, to the point that the football game while being the focus is only the second half of the day of fun. It is about being community and being together wearing our Red White and Blue. There is no fanbase that is more generous with giving than the Bills Mafia when a need is identified that can be supported to ensure those in need have that need satisfied, because it is the right thing to do. We don't hesitate to greet with "GO BILLS" usually said loud enough for others to join in regardless of month, regardless of place, including on vacation in any state, in Europe or somewhere foreign and tropical. We wear our colors wherever we go and look for opportunities to take photos and post them so everyone else can see where we are representing. We know everywhere else has their own team and spirit and that is fine, the hope is that all those other places will grow to embrace the all encompassing spirit of their own version of Bills Mafia because it is about hope and life, and wanting everyone to be the best they can be. The fact we are seeing the best of the best wearing our Bills colors is enough for us all to be off the wall right now! GO BILLS!!!
  3. Go Bills!!! I know you missed this, hoping the Mods can fix the sudden loss of all my posts... GO BILLS!!!
  4. PSA for what happened to EasyPutter's posts You might have noticed... actually you probably haven't because at this moment in time any posts I made before Sunday afternoon cannot be found. Somehow all my posts evaporated except for the evidence of quoted posts by others responses I really do enjoy reading. The Mods are on the hunt for a fix so until they can find any way to do a restore, I'm just going to have to keep posting more. Also if you were following me you might find you aren't anymore and I don't mind anyone following, I follow a good number of you too. That is all... except I'm still
  5. As a general question that applies to all wedges and possibly all clubs, from your life experience, what is a good focus to enable a predictable wedge-ball contact? Our challenges are as different as they are similar when it comes to the physicality of golf so I'm interested in the mental aspect and what your thoughts are about what enables a good wedge swing from your perspective. (reposted as problems were experienced removing my 2022 MGS Forum Tour award from Week 2 that caused many things to disappear, apparently this post included.)
  6. WOOHOO!!! Middle of the pack T16 - whew nobody can say I'm fudging my numbers for self glory
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