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  1. Good morning MGSpies on the last day of summer in autumn in WNY with today's highs forecasted in low 80's as clouds move in this afternoon - the old foursome will be doing dinner picnic again on the 19th hole with our Colorado member returning for his first visit since his move west - and just in time too with the next two weeks of forecasting predicting highs in the 60's or lower with plenty of rain to catch up for what we have not been getting with the tropics directing it elsewhere since late summer. Unfortunate that the round will preclude the Community Call for this premier member as it will only be the third one since the beginning missed but some things are necessary and if an opportunity presents itself I will join in from the 3rd fairway perhaps if cell coverage allows. Hope golf is a part of your day too!
  2. Good morning MGSpies on a thank goodness the commute was only to the basement Wednesday here in my corner of WNY coffee already helping as an air freshener and soon as elixir, yesterday was a study in packing 10lbs in a 5lb bag. Downtown for the early arrival for parking, worked until just before 3pm, 2 hour drive to Erie PA and The Ridge Golf Course for the last PGA HOPE session there and of all the 7 HOPE programs for 2023 for the WNY PGA Section - awesome on course play as mentor player for a Veteran who had never golfed before (and I think she will be just fine joining her husband on the course now with confidence!) Finished after sunset in the afterglow of a summer day in autumn for food and graduation awards, and lots of awesome fellowship. Arrived home before 10:30pm! Tee time this afternoon so get to enjoy this last day of summer in autumn in WNY! Hope golf is a part of your day too!
  3. Good morning MGSpies from my downtown parking spot on this Tuesday listening to Davol's Paradox on Pandora with hot coffee making the ambiance excellent. Busy day with work and then heading directly to Erie PA for the last PGA HOPE session there for the year and last for the WNY PGA Section, representing as only one of the Ambassadors is available to lend Graduate volunteer Mentor assistance for the on course and graduation events. Should be home by bedtime. Hope golf is a part of your day
  4. Good morning MGSpies on a foggy WNY Monday with no problems making to my basement to start the workday hot coffee about to make its debut and no tee time for me with open mic tonight. Got the sailboat tarp support ready for the brutal winter wind and snow hopefully still months away but nice to get it done with warm fingers this year. Hope golf is a part of your day
  5. Can't resist this, Good morning MGSpies on a minutes after midnight good morning to you no not inebriated but definitely in need of sleep, later today is going to be a great day! I have no idea what is going on but that is okay! This short sorta explains how I know. Hope golf is a part of your day!
  6. Good morning MGSpy friends, already well into Saturday activity helping son get his Bronco Sport back from collision shop and returning rental, both went exceedingly well and he is already on his way back to his apartment and a car show he is going to have his MG Midget in. Yesterday's round at the regular course was less than it should have been with what looked like evidence of being tired swinging the clubs and with catching up to slow players on the back 9, was able to move from the 14th green to 3rd tee box that are as close as going to the 15th where the group ahead was waiting while the one ahead of them was still putting. Played an equivalent number of holes (3, 4, and 2 balls on 5) then loaded the vehicle as it was getting dark with a steady stream of golfers returning to the parking lot as I was leaving for home. No golf on tap this weekend that I know of (yet) and hope your day has golf in it
  7. Date 09/28/2023 Course Name Concord Crest GC Gross Score 87 Course Handicap 22 Gross Strokes over/under par 16 Net Score to Par -6 Net Score 65 Net Birdies or better 6 Longest Drive 208 VCT Match Play
  8. Good morning MGSpies on a can't believe the workload created by impending furlough Friday here in WNY been heating up the network with message and actions while appropriations exist. Yesterday had a fabulous round at Concord Crest GC in Springville NY - weather was looking threatening but no rain fell where I was. Shot an 87 which for my golf experience is an exceptional round and I was pleased with not just the shots hit well that flew well but also the recovery shots, like one taken from the tee box on the left of this panorama photo with driver touching grass taking off clubhead speed for a 138 yard drop onto the dark green fairway where those golf carts were (on my fairway heading up the fairway on the right) and the recovery 6i landed on the green in front of the 3 bushes looking like Mickey upside down beyond them - then 2 putt par. 3:30 tee time with regular partners today, hope golf is a part of your day and weekend!
  9. And then there was golf - missed the call this week lured away by the need to have a good round for the matchplay tournament, and oh yes it was a good round indeed, let's just say my handicap for the last 20 rounds keeps falling and is close to dropping below 20 first time ever Looking forward to next week, very glad that @Vegan_Golfer_PNW was on the call and missed you guys @sirchunksalot @rkj427 @Ben Joest @GolfSpy_APH and everyone else who was on.
  10. Good morning MGSpies for a Community Call Thursday from an it's still nice weather and hope I didn't just jinx it WNY coffee is ready to do it's magic as computers are only just booting up for the workday from home-office basement. Had a pretty good round yesterday but funny how the matchplay tournament has refocused my golf on course so what would have been a pretty good round most of the year suddenly isn't good enough last night will have to see what today and tomorrow produce to decide if it will be submitted as my front 9 of the weekly competition hope golf is a part of your day!
  11. What Player Will Have the Most Points - Rory McIlroy What Player Will secure the Clinching Point on Sunday - Justin Thomas
  12. Good morning MGSpies on this "trying not to wish it is Friday" Wednesday in WNY coffee is too hot to sip, computers going online to navigate the network for the next few hours before a semiannual dental checkup thankfully interrupts the day before this afternoon's tee time (amazing how it gets planned that way Hope golf is a part of your day and Jaimie @GolfSpy_APH that looks like a golf adventure not for a matchplay round!
  13. Good morning MGSpies from a dark and quiet downtown parking spot sipping coffee nice and hot with Wherever You Are by Ulrich Schnauss on Pandora enjoying being in a real chill mood. Planning an afternoon with the Lean Lock Putter and getting some footage and experience to assess how adaptive the technique is now it's been practiced many times while still gaming the L.A.B. putter as the style is as different as using driver is to sand wedge. Hope golf is a part of your day!
  14. Good morning MGSpies on a first Monday of Autumn early start in WNY, routine for a zero commute day off with SWMBO up before me, dogs already fed and out before I was ready to start the day coffee making and command central computers booting up for today's workload, can't help smile at Robert's including me with Jason as an early bird but now we have BIG STU back in the mix so we are in great company indeed! Golf was superseded for me today with rehearsal for the family rock and roll band to prepare for next Monday's open mic at a local tavern, hope golf is a part of your day!
  15. Isn't that the Fire emoji? That one is confusing as it could go so many different ways from a good "this is HOTTT" to a not good "burn in hell M***r"
  16. This is my official Match Play Week 3 scorecard for Team L.A.B. Review: In The Cup.
  17. Good Sunday morning MGSpies, later post for me and Jason @sirchunksalot you should be feeling the love - nobody comments about posting earlier than me, just saying Barb @BKervin you should take a trip up this way, only a slight chance of those rains associated with the hurricane reaching this far. And contratulations Robert @rkj427 on #1000, love those kinds of posts being a numbers guy I am, noticed my Equinox turned 110,000 yesterday on my trip to Rochester missing seeing it by 3 miles and could blame it on who was in the right seat but using the same aversion tactics as @Dead Solid Bogey advises, barely making note of it here. On a completely different tack, this is how I move stuff without a truck with a trailer first modified to carry a 17' canoe, this ladder is just over 16' in it's shortest configuration. Besides the cartop carrier OEM stickers, the others are golf related, would put a MGS Forum sticker on the back of the trailer and vehicle, if there was such a thing. Hope golf is a part of your day
  18. It was the golf I used to be able to do before getting so involved in volunteering to mentor Veterans in the HOPE program as much as I did this year. Last year it was every weekday afternoon for 9 holes and in the long evening summer months 18 holes, 128 rounds in 2022. From all accounts you had an awesome round this week too!
  19. Date 09/22/2023 Course Name Elma Meadows Golf Course Gross Score 98 Course Handicap 22 Gross Strokes over/under par 26 Net Score to Par 4 Net Score 76 Net Birdies or better 5 Longest Drive 194 VCT Match Play
  20. Date 09/20/2023 Course Name Elma Meadows Golf Course Gross Score 93 Course Handicap 22 Gross Strokes over/under par 21 Net Score to Par -1 Net Score 71 Net Birdies or better 5 Longest Drive 198 VCT Match Play
  21. Date 09/18/2023 Course Name Elma Meadows Golf Course Gross Score 90 Course Handicap 22 Gross Strokes over/under par 18 Net Score to Par -4 Net Score 68 Net Birdies or better 5 Longest Drive 215 VCT Match Play
  22. Good morning MGSpies and very nice to see @BIG STU posting this morning coffee raised to you my friend, heading to Roberts Wesleyan University this morning to watch son run his first NCAA Cross Country race in his last year at RIT before putting on robes for graduation as a Mechanical Engineer who will be able to wear the cords denoting him as an NCAA Athlete. Played 18 yesterday with regular partners on a warm sunny last full day of summer that went well and was capped off by our 19th hole at a picnic table by the muni clubhouse as the sun set for subs, suds, and ice cream, awesome way to end the week. Welcome to autumn! Equinox was 2:30am today and so far weather forecast for WNY is looking good for the next two weeks. Hope golf is a part of your day
  23. Good morning MGSpies from a chilly WNY this last Friday of summer start to the weekend this afternoon. Had a fabulous time with the last session of WNY PGA Section HOPE program at NFGC last evening mentoring Veterans while on course playing 6 holes before the event turned to dinner at the clubhouse and graduation ceremony. Tee time today at 3:40 with regular playing partners for 18, we are planning a great 19th hole subs, suds and ice cream as our get together for something to eat and drink instead of stopping somewhere on the way. Hope golf is a part of your day This guy looks like he might know something about playing golf
  24. Good morning MGSpies for the last Thursday of summer and the conclusion of the last PGA HOPE program of 2023 for the WNY PGA Section. Computers already online and networking with the office from the home basement workplace coffee is too hot to sip still and yesterday's 9 holes played slowly in brilliant sunshine following a high school tournament play that had the 9 tee times before mine did not help with a record low score but it did allow for a second ball at times I wish was the one I was scoring (why does the 2nd shot go better 90% of the time?) Community Call this afternoon for drive-time to Niagara Frontier Golf Club and session 6 of 6 with graduation for all the Veterans who completed NFGC sessions this summer, should be an awesome dinner and awards event. Hope golf is a part of your day
  25. Good morning MGSpies turning into the third third of the month and computers coming online for the zero commute middle of the week, live here in WNY coffee already on in the mug thinking about yesterday's 9 holes with regular partners and how after an enjoyable round we even facetimed our departed fourth from the parking lot catching him still in house warming mode in his new Denver area retirement life, so apart but still together, this really is another kind of family that includes MGS friends Tee time 5:10 today and hope golf is part of your day too
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