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  2. I just love the feel of my KZG .. never felt this with any clubs yet, but I sure would like to test those Miura clubs
  3. Beautiful day! Marvelous golf course! Playing with wonderful friends! Only down side: it takes for ever to find your ball...
  4. We don't have there wines over here (probably because he has a small production) but a Tempranillo from Washington state! This should be very interesting to taste... In fact, that's not a bad idea at all with the weather and the soil in that region to elaborate wines from that variety
  5. Had about a 45 yard chip to the flag for my second shot on a par 4.. My ball ended up going over the flag and land on the first cart path behind the green.. It bounced all the way over the trees to the next cart path just clearing two guys driving there cart.. Has the slope was going down it helped the ball to reach the third cart path bouncing again and than ended up in the sand trap of the other hole... It left me with a 58 yards up slope bunker shot with trees next to the hole... Didn't made par on that hole ...
  6. If you got the name of the winery, I'll check if we have some of his wines in our wine store
  7. Snow storm today... Calling for one feet of snow and 14 °f.. Going to my indoor golf simulator "Bistro" ... You can do wonders with imagination and good wine
  8. BEWARE!!!! You are living dangerously close to the Walla Walla Valley!! If the big quake arrives you will drown in a flood of exquisite red wine!
  9. Thanks for the warm welcome everybody @perseveringgolfer: always a pleasure to ear from the other side of the big Pond! @Jbmullin & SeeMore Putts: always a pleasure to ear from the other side of the big Prairies! @fixyurdivot: I got friends that went last October for a golf vacation in Arizona (Scottsdale, Sedona, etc) They fell in love with the area and judging by the pictures they have taken, it's sure is an amazing place @GSwag: Lol, I sure will!! Though if you got friends in Vegas they have a better chance to meet her
  10. One thing seems to be happening for sure.. At this point in time, MGS is influencing more and more the differents segments and markets of the golf industry (ex. the Kirkland ball youtube mania). IMO the influence that MGS has obtain, has reach a critical mass that now seem to be directly influencing the control that golf companies have over there markets.. When you study business administration, the chapter about "Control" is some what important for sure.. Having this sector of there activities weakened , they probably will start to react even more as insecurity is starting to build up.. This is all for the goods I think at the end.. reaching a critical mass means moving and by the look of it presently it seem to be in the right direction..
  11. Talking about tundra.. I'm very, very, very happy that someone invented indoor golf simulators!!!!
  12. Behind every great player is a caddy.. Behind every great man is a woman.. Behind every great Jedi is a R2-D2.. And so on ... That's the way the universe works Looking forward to see the rest of this documentary/film Thanks for the post sixcat
  13. Very interesting video.. A true artist! Starting at 6:06, what he said about the sweet spot on irons is very interesting.. Look forward to test this..
  14. Yes... I speak the language of Pepe le Pew .. Please bear with my French accent when I'll be writing something I've discovered Mygolfspy while browsing Youtube for any content involving golf. It took me to the website and here I am... When I've read what was there Mission with the website it immediately appeal to me... For me golf is a passion, honesty too.. I'm getting both here. With this be called a win-win situation? I look forward to read your topics, comments and ideas has it will enrich my knowledge in every aspect of that wonderful game! Au plaisir! Cheers from Saint-Sauveur, Quebec
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