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  2. I live in Akron now and was thinking of giving Windmill a shot. Do they do club fittings there or where at around here is a good place to go for that?
  3. Hi guys, I’ve been playing golf since I was around 15, so for about 14 years. My handicap has been rising up to a 14 now since I’ve been working more and more. I love playing golf, reading about golf, and watching golf. The game is captivating for me because it’s ultimately you vs. you. Along with the camaraderie while playing with friends and having a beer after the round, I enjoy just being outside and trying to golf my ball. I stumbled upon MGS while researching clubs and technology that could help me. I’ve never been fit but plan to get fit soon. I’m from south Alabama but just moved to Akron. Haven’t found a home course yet. So far, adjusting to the off season of playing golf in the Midwest, it seems to be pretty good as far as courses go and some of the people I’ve met around the Columbus area.  I am currently working for AEP on the smart meter project for Ohio.  My username is fairly even keel. Much like myself. Just my name.
  4. 1. Caleb from Akron, OH  2. 12.4 / 99mph 3. Ping G400 LST w/ Ping Tour 65 4. Epic Flash Sub-zero
  5. 1. Caleb in Akron, OH. 2. 11.4 - 99mph 3. G400 LST 4. G410 Plus
  6. Caleb - Ohio Under Armour Storm Played in some pretty chilly/rainy conditions this fall.
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