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  1. Also, this has to be posted here:
  2. Haha, thanks all! The first one started little too much right, then I shanked one, so the answer is three takes. If one was to game this shot, the biggest problem would be distance control as opposed to starting it on the line or getting airborne. I don't know what kind of "Spanish hands" it would take to land these consistently within even 10 yards... My natural swing is terribly over-the-top, so that probably helps with stuff like this.
  3. Welcome, Sveinn! Would you care to elaborate a bit on your putting? I've actually just begun playing around with different styles after putting Spieth-style (cross-handed, sharp takeaway) for five years.
  4. Took me a while, but here you go: It's a lot of fun
  5. Thanks for the help, guys! It's winter time here in Finland, so I'm "playing" off mats now. I've played something like 80 rounds with these irons but haven't got them checked yet because I'm a pretty slow swinger. Planning to do that once the snow melts! Nobody mentioned the shaft, so am I right to suppose that's gonna be okay?
  6. This might seem odd, so let me explain. I've always had a lot of love for unusual shots. I drive off the deck and from the rough couple times almost every round, although I play off 16 or so... Recently, I discovered that I can flop the 4-iron and I've been doing quite a lot of that to introduce some fun to these winter indoors days. I don't slam it to the ground quite as hard as I would a wedge, but I'm still getting worried about the club. Could this bend the shaft or mess with any of the other angles (lie, loft, etc.)? The club in question is MP-54 with Dynamic Gold R300. Thanks f
  7. Thank you! Nice to hear you've been to Finland. Late summer tends to be the best time for golf here. Many of the courses take a long time to recover after winter since a lot of the grass dies and frosty spring nights with no snow shielding can make things worse. Drop me a line if you ever get the chance to come and need some playing company!
  8. I read this MGS article about driver shafts and knowing next to nothing about them previously, the prepreg material seemed like the easiest proxy to gauge overall shaft quality. I found it really hard to find clearly reliable 3rd-party information about most of the shafts I looked up.
  9. Greetings from icy Finland! I jumped the gun in the Shafts board before introducing myself. But better do it later than not at all, right? My love affair with the game began in 2013, when a friend managed to talk me into taking a green card course. The course was couple of hours of group instruction on three evenings. After the first one, I went straight to the pro shop and bought a beginners set. I think it was Ben Sayers M15 in blue. For a few years, I enjoyed the game immensely without much regard to score, technique or course management. Realizing that I wasn't really goi
  10. Looking back I realize that I didn't communicate my thoughts very well. My goal was to get some insight from more experienced players on the quality of those shaft options and how much they perceive the prepreg material affects the overall build quality, value for the money and, of course, performance. I never meant to "fit" myself based on prepreg or anything else other than launch monitor results. So especially in that light I should've written the whole post again. But all's well that ends well! My leisurely swing fitted very well to the ATMOS Red 5, and the fitter was very kind and to
  11. Hi all! I've been researching shafts for some hours now as I'm going to fit a new driver tomorrow. I'm probably going to get the ST190 anyway, though I'm interested to give at least the F9 a go. Considering that, I'd be really happy if you could share any facts, opinions or experiences about the stock shaft options on these drivers. I'm pretty new to the shaft business, so to be honest, I'm finding it slightly overwhelming. And that's why I'm asking for your help in the first place. To try and make things little simpler, I decided that whatever shaft I'm buying, it will have to be 40
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