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  1. Was wondering if I could get lofts on my mmc bent weak to same lofts as the Sc? would this be ok or would it wreck the bounce etc any info would be appreciated thanks
  2. Hi does anyone have info on modus 120 s vs kbs c taper lite s how would they compare in terms of ball flight and feel? thanks in advance
  3. ill Get them all bent 2* weaker then thanks for input
  4. Hi, im new to the forum so if this topic has already been discussed apologies in advance. i play p790 but have issue with the spin and distance (to far, big gaps), I’ve had them bent to traditional lofts 7i 34* and so on but don’t know for sure if this has affected CG or something as don’t seem to hit them as solid now, I know I’ve altered the bounce by a few degrees not sure if that could be issue. If anyone has tried the same or similar I would appreciate any feedback thanks
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