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  1. Plays 45” in TM and Callaway, and roughly 44.5” in Titleist or Ping
  2. One item up for sale or trade, my Ventus Blue w/Velocore 6X driver shaft, tipped 0.5”. Has a TM tip and it 43.5” from tip to grip. It’s basically brand new, I’ve played one round with it and hit maybe 15 range balls. I am really just looking to trade for a 7X driver shaft, but if I had to put a price on it, $250 shipped.
  3. Hot item up for sale, looking to move quickly. Price includes shipping. VERY lightly used Tour Issue SIM 8* driver. By lightly, I mean only used for one round. Have had this as a backup driver. I no longer have the spec sticker, but the head weight is 192g, CT 245, Loft 7.8*, FA is very close to neutral, can’t remember the exact number but it’s between 0-1* open. I do not have the headcover. Asking $360
  4. Josh Downey- VA 3.8 hdcp, 112-115 swing speed Titleist TS3 G410 Plus X-flex
  5. Josh from VA The extent of my “rain” gear is an umbrella! LoL I have Walter Hagen cold weather gear that is “waterproof,” although I’ve never actually stayed dry in it. I play year round, and in any condition(s), but worst two cases have to be; a nor’easter and a round at Portmarnock in 45 mph winds and a sideways downpour of rain.
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