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  1. Hi all, Ben from Kitzbühel just joined the forum. Originally from London, England. Played golf since I could stand up, most of my time as a junior spent at Knebworth GC in Hertfordshire. Now living in the mountains and enjoying mountain golf (buggy is always a good idea here) except in the winter when it snows so much you can’t play, when I turn to my putting mat practice indoors. I took a 10 year break from golf for one reason or another and started again last year. 15 was my first official handicap using the European system. Playing to about 8 at the moment, should come down soon enough. Shot +3 in a comp this summer and only got cut like 1.5 or something. Seems a bit slow, but I’ll get it down to single figures again soon enough. Looking forward to golf talk in the forum! Cheers, Ben
  2. Ben, Kitzbühel - Austria (Please let me know as soon as this offer goes global and isn't restricted to Testers in the US or Canada) Current rain gear from Vaude, which doubles as my Mountain Biking rain gear. Does hail count as rain? I've played in sideways rain where no rain gear on earth will save you. Right now its snowing but I'd still play if there was a course that was open within reasonable driving distance.
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