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  1. I have always played a mixed bag, usually consisting of mizuno irons, Vokey wedges, and Taylor made driver/3w/hy. When I got fitted (not going on a fitted rant here) I switched to srixon irons, Cleveland wedges, and ping driver/3w, Titleist hybrid. In my mind, the mizuno brand has always been in a different, far superior, league than srixon. That being said, I have been really impressed with my srixon irons and consider them a better fit for my game without sacrificing quality. As far as a “mixed bag” - I worked in the golf services industry imthrought high school and college, and would often purchase the complete sets from mizuno because the price was so good. I feel like having every club in your bag being the same manufacturer gives the appearance that you just went into a golf shop and bought a complete set off the rack. Having a mixed bag gives the impression you took the time to see what club is best for you.
  2. 1. Steve R - saratoga, ny 2. Current handicap 13.3, swing speed 98mph 3. Ping G ALTA stiff 4. I would prefer the G410 SFT because I battle a slice
  3. Steve from saratoga, ny Currently use zero restriction rain gear - waterproof pants, jacket, and short sleeve jacket. The problem with ZR is that it feels like you’re wearing a plastic bag. Also, ZR gets saturated very quickly, which makes it useless. I have played in every severe weather condition imaginable working as a bag boy and caddy at a golf resort during high school and college.
  4. Steve r - saratoga ny. I have played with zero restriction rain gear since 2008. I have used their rain gear in every severe weather condition imaginable as a member of the golf staff at a golf resort that I worked at during high school and college. ZR has worked well, but leaks after a while and isn’t very breathable. I currently play 3 times per week...
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