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  1. Barret Michigan Scotty Cameron Newport 2 34" Putting is my weakest point.
  2. Barret/ Michigan 2014 Scotty Cameron Golo 3 34inch Bettinardi putters are one of golf's best-kept secret.
  3. Never officially done a WITB before. A lot has changed recently. Here it goes! Driver- Cobra F9 9 White. Atmos TS Blue 6s Fairway- Cobra F9 13.5 White. Atmos TS Blue 7s Hybrid/Driving Iron- Titleist 816 H1 18.5 Speeder TS 8.8 S / Srixon u65 20 Miyazaki Kaula Graphite S Irons- Srixon z765 PX 6.0 Lz 4-PW Wedges- Vokey sm7 50F, 54F, 58M Putter- Scotty Cameron GOLO 3 2014 Ball- AVX Swap between the hybrid, driving iron, or 54 wedge.
  4. Barret - Michigan 8 - 104mph TM 16 M2 - Atmos Tour Spec Folds 6S I would like to test the sft thanks!
  5. Barret from Michigan I have a FJ jacket and UA Pants. Neither of which are super waterproof. I play in all weather conditions. The worst would have been sideways rain/sleet/hail last October. Thanks, I am very excited for a chance to try!
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