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  1. Don Colorado Evnroll ER-1 blade 35 inch Frontline 4.0 35 inch right hand
  2. Don Westminster CO 95 mph Kirkland Signature Tour Performance (the original 4 piece ball) Preference: Maxfli Tour X
  3. Don/Westminster, CO Callaway LR550 laser made by Nikon
  4. Don Westminster, CO 95 mph Kirkland Signature Tour Performance (the 4 piece one, I've still got 7 dozen) I've played with a couple of the previous tour level Snell balls I've found. They performed great.
  5. Don, Colorado 7.1 handicap, 95 mph swing speed Callaway Epic Sub Zero current driver Epic Flash Sub Zero
  6. Don, Colorado Forrester's Gore Tex jacket and pants. Bulky compared to what you can get today. A round at Tiger's Eye in Myrtle Beach in February the year after the course opened. I was the only idiot that played that day and mainly only did it because the guys I was with said they would give me $100 to go out in it. Torrential downpour where you couldn't see more than 100 yards or so much of the time. There were rivers running through the fairway and I had to keep moving my ball on the greens to areas without running water.
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