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  1. 1. Lasse, Brooklyn, NY 2. 19hcp / 95-100mph 3. Titleist 917D3 4. Epic Flash Sub Zero
  2. 1. Lasse, New York 2. 19 hdcp, 100mph 3. Titleist 917D3 9.5 4. G410 SFT
  3. 1. Lasse from Brooklyn, NY 2. I've had a couple of Gore-Tex jacket and pant combos over the years, both from Peak Performance, a Swedish sports apparel maker. Pretty good for waterproofness and looks but they don't breathe much in my experience. 3. I actually don't mind playing in rain (I won't let nature get between me and the teebox :) and I've had plenty of wet rounds. The worst was probably the one in Staten Island (Silver Lake Golf Course) last year where on most greens I would just move the ball across the green to avoid submerging the ball and after the first couple of holes I wouldn't putt all the way to the hole either because all the cups were flooding and the water was ice cold!
  4. (waves hand) Hi all, I've been lurking on MGS for about a year and just decided to sign up for a user account. Most of my golf has been in a simulator during the past 3-4 months as I live in New York but I'm looking forward to getting out soon. I *almost* managed to get out a week ago with a sudden warm weather but work got in the way... Simulators can be really good, though, and I warmly recommend trying one if you haven't. The one I go to has good enough equipment that I tend to believe the numbers (and outcomes) it gives for my swing to be accurate enough and thus it's actually fun to play 18. As a nice bonus it only takes an hour to play a full 18. The downside is that you can't blame a bad lie for that chunked shot... Anyway, nice to be here!
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