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  1. I still use the long putter, but do not anchor at the chest or anywhere else, so Bernhard Langer is my “hero”. Are there many others of you still doing this? Not for everyone, but I am much more confident with it.
  2. I feel like a 36+ handicapper when I am online . If I see a window pop up I guess I just start typing. Never did see how to add my picture..... didn’t see the option on “profile”, so ..... ? Very interested in the rainwear testing since I golf 12 months/year in Washington State, and would like to purchase good rainwear from a USA company. Galvin Greens have been terrific, and many members at my club have the same. None of the other major brands have performed as well as GG to date for our members yet.
  3. Some items I am interested in:

    1) Rain Units - awhile ago I read this was a way to compare.   At the time, I purchased Galvin Green, rated something like 18,000 vs about 11,000 for the best of all other brands.   Would like to know how this one is rated?

    2) The water repelling ability of my GG’s goes down over time, but is restored by washing them per the instructions on the tag.    Does this rainwear exhibit similar natural decline/restoration?

    Many members at my club have gone with GG’s and have had great results, myself included, at Bandon Dunes, Scotland and Ireland, as well as where we are located in Washington State.   GG’s are more expensive than these and I planned to get more GG’s on a planned trip to Scotland in 2020, but if these are comparable or better .... I prefer to buy from a USA manufacturer.    I would hope then, to introduce them to all our other members and to have our pro begin carrying this brand in our pro shop.


  4. Is this where you apply? Confusing to me..... I don’t see where else you go to apply? Dave, Washington state worst rain ..... many days during the winter in Washington State. I now have Galvin Green.
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