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  1. First Name: Mike City: Hudsonville I use a Leupold GX-1 Range finder I use my range finder not only during 60+ rounds per year, I use it to officially measure and rate golf courses for the Golf Association of Michigan/USGA. I'll give it an all around work out.
  2. 1. Mike, Michigan 2. 17, 96mph 3. Taylormade RBZ 4. I would like to review the G410 Plus
  3. My name is Mike and I live in Michigan, for starters that requires us to play in foul weather due to a short season. I play about 70 rounds a year and rate golf courses for the Golf Association of Michigan/USGA about 30 times per year. One way or the other I get caught in serious weather: cold, rain, sleet, snow, thunder often. Once we start a rating, we don't stop except for lightening. The worst was being called off a Lake Michigan-lakeside golf course due to lightening three times in a gale force storm. We returned each time to finish the job. Next worst was a sleet storm at an northern Michigan course. Sleet was flying sideways making Pebble Beach yesterday look like a picnic, wind speed in the 30's and windchill near zero. My current rain suit is a Sunderland jacket and FootJoy pants. Michigan is a perfect place to test Galway Bay foul weather gear any time of year.
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