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    I have been a follower of MyGolf Spy for years

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  1. First Name: Jeremy City, State: Chesapeake, Va Current Driver in Play: Cobra Speedzone 9° Handicap: 12 Swing Speed: 101 Which Driver Would You Like to Review: Titleist TSi2
  2. Jeremy / Chesapeake, VA Practice putting on average probably 2 times a week for 30 min each. With Exputt being at home that could change significantly. Average 3 putt per round is probably 1.6 What interests me the most about Exputt is that I could really practice putting at home. I would be able to practice more often and effectively. Being at home might also help get the family more interested in golf. The fact that Exputt will allow me to practice on a wide variety of slopes and green speeds sounds really interesting.
  3. Jeremy, Chesapeake, Va, about 45 rounds per year YouTube, FB, Twitter, Instagram 13 Handicap and 108mph Swing Speed Current Set - Cobra Fly-Z Driver, TaylorMade RBZ Stage 2 - 3 wood, and Cobra Fly-Z hybrids, Ping i25 irons, Ping Glide Wedges  Desired Cobra Set - F9 Fastback Driver and Fairway Wood Hybrid combo, F9 Conventional irons, F9 wedges
  4. 1. Jeremy , Virginia 2. 13 handicap , 110mph driver swing speed 3. Cobra Fly Z 4. Epic Flash Sub Zero
  5. Jeremy, Virginia USGA Handicap : 13 Driver swing speed: 105 Current driver: Cobra Fly-Z ,10.5° Loft , Matrix VLCT-SP Stiff Flex Shaft Test Driver Preference: Ping G410 SFT The reason I happen to be so interested in testing the new Ping driver is because when I was fitted for my current Cobra driver, the decision came down to a choice between Cobra and Ping. At the time the Ping driver was averaging about 5 yards longer than the Cobra, but the forgiveness of the Cobra seemed to be better for me on off center hits. After the past several years my swing and golf game have improved. My handicap has dropped from 17 to 13, and I contact the center of the face more often. With all of that said, I think the new Ping driver is worthy of an honest review and possibly a new part of my golf bag. Thanks for the opportunity to apply, Jeremy
  6. If you live in Southeastern Va. Virginia Beach area. There is a store called My Golfball Shop. They dive all the courses in the area. Great quality, prices, and customer service.
  7. 1. Jeremy / Virginia 2. Walter Hagen jacket and pants 3. Worst rain I've played in is horizontal. If there is no electricity in the air, we can play golf.
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