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  1. I put in a green last year and it is right next to trees. I live in Cincinnati Ohio and we had a super wet first half of the year and then we had desert heat since then - just got out of the 90's today. After 1 year in, the turf is no different than day 1. It is infilled with Envirofill and I had to add more this spring. Pine Needles are a killer - they are hard to blow off of there. I imagine sap would be the worst, but that would mean a pine tree was on top of the green. I would keep the green away from pine trees. My douglas fir is too close and I pay when it drops needles. The green shown was about $12k, and I added the light turf myself. Got the turf from Amazon supplier and then had to haul 6+ ton of gravel for the base - then infill that with silica sand. I also have another bunker in the trees with regular sand in it. I have a mat that I hit into a net that I built the frame and can hit from the mat to the green or hit from anywhere in the yard. My green turf is a better putting surface which means it is not easy to hold a shot on it. It is about 35' at its longest width. It is a lot of work blowing leaves and tree crap off but I do that 4-5 times a week. I use the hell out of it and love it. I would go a little bigger if I ever did it again, and make sure you get contours in there - I love the ones that I had put in mine. If you have any specific questions, ask away. I used Tour Greens Ohio and they were outstanding to work with. If you go real grass you have to mow all the time, have a mower and deal with disease - it would not be any fun - I spend 10 minutes with a cordless leaf blower and I am golden (if leaves are dropping). The type of turf matters as well - some types are no appropriate for areas with more humidity (like where I live).
  2. Andy Ohio 10 PING i200, TT Dynamic Gold 120 Tour Issue X100 PING i210
  3. Andy Ohio 10 PING i200, TT Dynamic Gold 120 Tour Issue X100 PING i210
  4. Andy Ohio PING i200, True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue 120 X100 (3-W) +1/2" Black Code Glide 2.0 Wedges - same shaft 50°, 54° ES, 58° ES 160y 7 iron
  5. Cincinnati, Ohio TaylorMade Spider Tour Preventing a miss left breakdown on short putts
  6. Andy - Ohio 7 Nike Vapor Fly Pro - Matrix 6Q3 (also have Diamana S+, Matrix 8Q3, VS Proto) 100-105, 250-270 Phil Mickelson
  7. Andy Cincinnati, OH Strength of short game: creativity - accuracy/direction of shots Weakness: partial wedge shots and getting them to stop near the hole 50°, 54°, 58° - 1" over standard length and Blue dot
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