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  1. Kyosuke Nakamura, 35, MIslight arc Isao Aoki - unorthodox and underrated!
  2. He claims he won't give his putters to any pros..... Is he still lying his butt off on his blog? This guy makes Scotty look like a saint to Scotty haters...
  3. #32 - "Check out that white chick with black hair and red dress. She's not like the other chicks."
  4. what's the point of putting "samurai" on? cheesy
  5. I've heard that for all adams driver that came out after the monster. Still haven't had anything come close.
  6. Some repeat of what others have mentioned but: 1. Status symbol 2. Japanese have easy access to US models or import models. *If JDM offered same clubs ex. Tourstage X and Bridgestone J38 at the same time, Bridgestone would have lost significant amount money. So company decide to roll out equipment couple of years ahead of us market. Mizuno (except for Japanese specific lines) is the only one that does not do this. 3. Marketing is not global. You have to understand the market and in the US, you can't expect to sell a driver for $1,000 and make it into a hit product. But you can do it in Jap
  7. I also have a pair. Maybe about 5 years old, scratched up and beat to death. I thought TGW had something much more "unwal-green" looking ones.
  8. Almost want to get a used beat up Red x and get that blasted finish for paper weight.
  9. Hehe.... I'm sure most members here know that RJB used to make Scotty's right? Kyo
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