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  1. I had some good convos about different swing mechanics or clubs with a buddy of mine who was a scratch golfer but since he had a kids hes prob like 8-10 handicap now .. and he was always try to give me tips I would try them and I either couldn't do it or didn't feel comfortable .. and I would offer up some things to him and he never discredited he always seemed open it ... but last time we played I was doing really well and he was just off missing every fairway and we get to the next hole and he was like you should try this and I was like na man I am good I feel more comfortable doing what I a
  2. Yes thats what I do too .. last winter we barely got any snow and I played 4-5 times in dec and Jan .. weather was like 50 and above highs ..
  3. I live in NJ so sometimes I can still ply year around but I convert my garage into my winter training facility. I have a net and couple of mats and a heater to keep warm.
  4. Also my mom with an action shot lol
  5. Played a small course with with my parents, think from the whites is 5200 .. really fun played pretty well was hooking/ drawing on all my shots .. no slices ... I have a natural slice and not sure what happen but didn’t hit any which is nice
  6. Name/City State - Ed, Collingswood NJ Zelos Model & Flex You Wish To Test - Would most likely go with the Zelos 7, current shaft is around 88- 98 grams would like to try something to would be lighter Swing Speed 95 mphs Current Shaft/Flex In Use - Oban Steel CT -100 R
  7. never played this ball but the members of MGS forum seem to really like them so was going to give them a try but not sure about now
  8. yeah I haven't had a chance to go down yet but prob a good idea to get them all checked out
  9. me too .. wow couldn't believe it
  10. yeah my plan was to use it for the bad weather days and I kept in contact with my fitter and he was saying they can order you any brand of golf balls you want .. The in NJ that I went too only had like couple different types of ball and still get the discount on them .. Only negative I had was couple of days later my 9i club head comes off .. so I bring it back the fitter is really sorry and puts it back on for free, no big deal it happens. Now that was in Jan/Feb .. so last week I get done playing and my 8i head is coming off and 5i is loose ... I again talk to the fitter and he said to bring
  11. yeah got the same thing and then COVID hit and shut them down for a while so I still never used the 3 free 1 hour bay sessions .. actually haven't used any of the perks there
  12. I wonder if the size of the grip would change the how a person would close or open the face on the club .. would bigger grips make the person try to close the club face quicker or smaller grips close the club face to fast and make the person hook .. just my thoughts not even sure if it would make a difference for a person
  13. my wife still owns our 2009 honda CRV only 63K miles we are the only owner bought brand new ... I had a small sedan so needed a big car or midsize SUV so I bought an Audi Q5 and my wife stole it so now I drive the Honda CRV ... I absolutely love the Q5 best car I ever own .. like others said with a luxury car it will get expensive... we don't drive a lot I am a 10 min drive to work she is a 20 min drive and I only go into the office twice a week so we knew we wouldn't be killing the car in miles/wear and tear
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