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  1. Luca Djelosevic Seattle, WA Typically will ask my playing partner or use the Yardage sticks. i feel tech in golf is very important from the clubs down to koozies. I’ve not splurged on any gps or range finder since I am a budget golfer. If I ever find a deal on something that performs well I likely will buy it. Tech advances the game and helps with courses you normally don’t play. Yardages are very important in golf so I’m sure the tech helps everyone dial in!
  2. Luca, Seattle, WA 117 MPH Srixon Z Star Preference: Tour
  3. - Luca - Seattle, WA - 110 mph, 19 hncp - 3 wood 14*, 3 hybrid, 4 Iron Right Hand
  4. - Luca Djelosevic - WA - Cleveland Huntington Beach #3 - Strength
  5. Luca Washington 20 handicap 108 swing speed cobra F8 driver Epic Flash
  6. Luca - Washington 20 handicap 108 Swing Speed Nike Covert 2.0 Ping SFT Driver preferred
  7. Luca - Seattle, WA Some Nike pullover no Pants just sweats. Come on it’s Seattle. Slight drizzle all day is typical.
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