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  1. I recently played the Home Course after not playing it for about 2 years. Surprisingly the course has changed a bit with the additional of many new bunkers. The bunkers have been dug out as well so many are deep and difficult to maneuver. The greens have a very true roll feel and break every which way. The open concept of the fairways helps with inaccurate tee shots but beware of upslope, downslope and native grasses to bother your approach shots. I would highly recommend this course to any level of golfer as its a fun and challenging for all levels. Best times to play is year round but for some massive roll, play in the summer months.
  2. Thanks for the heads up. I definitely would hit any of these courses up.
  3. Luca, Seattle What IOS Device Will You be Using: iPhone 8 or IPAD (Most recent GEN) Outdoors Both Net and Range
  4. Brilliant topic and post! I hope BOGO starts on some last year balls.
  5. I play the Kirkland ball all the time. Its a good ball for the price point. I'm no Tiger so I think that it fits my game. If I start playing better maybe I will invest in other balls that are better quality.
  6. Bustaferrari


    I hope Phil goes out in style! He doesn't need to win anything to go out in style either. Just making a push or being in the final pair will be awesome. If he somehow make the cut at the Masters this also is an accomplishment in itself with the field being so deep. Kudos to Phil on everything
  7. Name/City State: Luca Djelosevic, Seattle, WA Zelos Model & Flex You Wish To Test: Zelos 7 Stiff Flex Swing Speed: Iron 88-98 Current Shaft/Flex In Use: NS PRO 950 GH - Stiff
  8. Luca - Seattle, WA USA Cleveland Huntington Beach Collection #3 Tyne 3 Using a blade putter almost exclusively I feel that maybe a mallet could make my stroke more consistent. I have not bought a mallet yet and was considering using and fitting into 1 for the heck of it. The Tyne 3 suits my eye and is similar to a blade with some more weight. Thanks!
  9. 1. Handicap 20, Seattle, WA 2. Ping Anser Forged - 8 Iron Distance 160 yards 3. I do not know much about them besides they are a Direct to Consumer club company and they have been recognized numerous times for quality and performance. From what I have seen there products look Hella Awesome.
  10. Of course, but just saying maybe not hit it so close and maybe he is better with a 9 iron. Eitherway I see no problem with him at all since he is winning every week.
  11. Luca Djelosevic - Seattle, WA No - Watch , Yes - 18 Birdies App, Arccos, etc... Mainly Yardage Posts or Iphone Apps
  12. I think he needs to plan out his shots better and go with what he knows is comfortable. He practices with what he plays so he knows what he is using just likely needs course management or just better play. The equipment at this point is not a problem at his level. Maybe his wedges are his short fall which makes the likes of Webb Simpson still viable regardless of the length of his drives.
  13. Luca Djelosevic Handicap 15 Titleist 816 H1 Further and Accurate than my last iron aka my 4 iron
  14. Is it weird to ask if someone has a CC membership that they want to bring a guest to play? Just asking for future reference. Seattle has some decent public courses but im limited and just wanted a fresh course. Either way putting some feelers out there. Have fun and stay safe.
  15. Fact! I would definitely put in the work and have a thorough review of anything I test or received. I would not be a slacker on that aspect since I understand the importance of the testing and know that someone would take into account a testers feedback. So yes not free after all but voluntary testing w/ some actual intellectual input!
  16. Hey, I come here mostly to try and get free stuff so that I dont have to buy anything. Sorry but this is the truth. I do like to know how the tests come out but mostly I would consider any of the winners but I would likely have to wait a few years for a used one to be on sale. I love the Truth aspect of the site though and the PODCAST if that makes it more tolerable.
  17. LINK SOLDIERS Unit!!!!!
  18. Im still waiting for mine from MyGolfSpy so I can test it out. My shaft needs an upgrade since I bought used.
  19. I try not to buy alot and get stuff for free like tees, towels, balls, etc....but I did buy a CustomCru head cover. THese things are so nice and legit. Love the look and I feel that I will never forget mine since I paid a premium. Lol
  20. Good feedback on this discussion. I appreciate the insight from all that replied. I do feel that newer drivers are more forgiving below the center and that is likely due to golfers complaints? Not sure but either way Ill keep missing high and ill be fine for now.
  21. Sorry I missed this, may have been able to make this tee time. I went on Friday morning so I was pushing it with the wife and kids!
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