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  1. David BC Canada Sigma 2 Fetch Bettinardi, where classic, bold looks meet technology and proven performance.
  2. David - BC Canada 9 handicap 110 mph Ping G LST Epic Flash Sub-Zero!
  3. 1. David - BC, Canada 2. 9 handicap 3. Ping G LST - Hzrdus Black 6.5 4. G410 Plus Ping guy through most of the bag. 1200 irons, G 3 wood, Ping Fetch putter.
  4. U.S. only..... bummer! I'll sit this one out and wait for the results. Good luck folks! Look forward to the reviews!
  5. Does anyone own any Hreski clothing? See adds for them and they have some pretty interesting prints. https://hreski.com/about-us/
  6. Haven't tried the Speith 3 yet but own a pair of Speith 2. For me, I've found them to be the most comfortable shoe I've had in years. Have had a number of pairs of Adidas shoes including a new pair of 360 2,0 Boost. Whatever fits your feet the best and gives you the best support and comfort over 5 hours of walking is the best shoe and brand for you! I must admit, I haven't owned a pair Footjoys for years but I think it's time to give them a try again.
  7. Agreed about too much adjustability for the average consumer could be detrimental. I totally agree about custom fits. I would say that 95% of golfers (I could be way off, just an assumption based on all the guys I play with and know) set it and forget it. They are not tinkerers. However, there are a few of us that are... Insert my name here... HA HA! Not sure about the shaft issue. I'd have to see the mechanical issues involved. I wonder if an iron with a sleeved tip would change it's playing characteristics? Interesting question for shaft manufactures. Fitters seem to have a unive
  8. Sounds fun! If it's the second half of July I might be able to come, In Hawaii for 2 weeks.
  9. Can anyone who works in the industry explain to me why golf manufacturers have not come out with adjustable hosels in irons? Cobra and TM both have utility irons that are adjustable but no one seems to have iron sets that are. I assume there may be weighting issues and some manufacturing issues to take into consideration. Do you see this coming in the future or do you see irons always being bonded? So, for a guy like me who is 1º flat in my irons, I could have a "standard" set with adjustable hosels that allow me to adjust the lie angle up to 2º flat or upright. I suppose they could adjus
  10. Hi Folks I understand Mizuno are releasing their line of Golf balls in North America this year. I know they have been out in Japan and Europe for a number of years now. Anyone had a chance to play them? Thoughts? Watched and read a couple reviews but wanted your feedback. Didn't see a Mizuno ball thread so I thought I'd start one. I'm pretty happy with my ball, Snell MTB Black but I'd be interested in giving the Mizuno ball a try. Just because I can!! Mizuno seems to be firing on all cylinders this year with the release of the ST190 series woods and their irons of course... enough
  11. Didn't realize members got a chance to test products and keep them. Did sign up for Galway bay gear testing. Pretty cool! Hopefully, someday I will get the opportunity to do a product test and review for MGS! Did I mention I live and play in the rain capital of CANADA!?!?!? Cheers!!
  12. I've been playing golf for 20+ years but have really taken it more seriously in the last 7 or 8 years. I'm a 9 handicap, who is aiming to be a 7... Aren't we all.... Handicap is frozen for the winter but my scores have really started to come down this winter. Regularly shoot in the high 70's and low 80s, with the odd round in the low to mid-70s. 73 best round 3 times. I love the fact that as good as you can play you can never play a perfect game! Keeps you coming back for more every single time!! Love the comradery and friendly competition that brings golfers together!! Other th
  13. I love the Fetch. I've played lots of Odyssey putters and had a S.C. Golo 5 that I played for a while. Most consistent roll I've ever had with a putter. Nice to be able to adjust the length. Easy to do and very solid design and construction. The grip is the PP60. It sits very nicely in the hands. Little slimmer that the Flatso 2.0 and sits a bit deeper in the fingers, if that makes sense. The feel is interesting but solid. Depending on what ball use, it has a solid feel and sound. Shorter putts inside 20 feet seem to come off with a softer feel, yet it gives good feel and feedback o
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