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  1. Zack Rancho Cordova, CA Calloway Rogue Sub Zero - with KINETIXX IMRT Kevlar 860 Drive Shaft 9.9 105-110 I would like to try the TSi3 - feel that for the swing speed I have, this would be the best of the two drivers.
  2. Zack - Sacramento, CA Handicap: 10 Vokey SM7 - 52,56,60 I love the look of the raw wedges and Cleveland has always made quality wedges, so very curious to try.
  3. Zack/ Sacramento, CA I don't usually so it goes to s***, but looking to stay on top of it more this winter as I have have my best handicap to date so don't want to lose it during winter conditions I just have a 6ft roll out putting mat that I put on my carpet and a perfectputt that I put towards on it. Looking for something that can be more helpful, fell like with it being on the carpet the break of the turf is easy to figure out constantly. Most greens out here run fast so the medium 10-11 would be the ideal speed.
  4. Zack - CA Nike Jacket - Tommy Armor Gortex Pants 20+ mph winds at Yocha Dehe and rain coming in from all directions from home 4 on.
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