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  1. 1. Dorsey 2. Atlanta, GA 3. I'm 65 and I walk every round rain or shine and have been for the past 15 years 4.. I use a push cart at my club...not sure what brand it is
  2. Handicap and Location ( 5, Atlanta Georgia) Current Irons and 8-iron distance (PXG Gen 3 with ACCRA I Series shaft, 145yds) What do you know about Sub70? ( Don't know anything about the clubs except for what I read on their website...they seem to be very solid and well-made from the reviews )
  3. Dorsey Gray Handicap 7.2 Swing Speed 92 Current Driver Ping G400 Would like to test Epic Flash
  4. My First name is Dorsey From Georgia Current rain gear - none Worst rain i played in was at Ballybunion...we played in Tropical Storm Daniel and they were going to close the course for the first time in 200 years but we talked them into letting us play. 6o to 65 mph gusts and 45 to 50 sustained winds. It was raining so hard and sideways that the it hurt when it hit you. We finished and I even broke 90...LOL
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