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  1. Jon - California Whatever comes on the AP2's stock. MCC Plus 4 on all woods. Tour Velvet Plus 4 (cord)
  2. 1. Jon - California 2. 5 - 103 3. Titleist TS3 - 2019 Project X HZRDS Yellow 76 6.5 - 44.5 inches - +4 grams in the head 4. Epic Flash
  3. Jon, Wisconsin but now reside in California Galvin Green Pants, Under Armor Top Did you see what the pro's played in this weekend? Yeah, bring it on. I live in Northern California and experienced everything the pro's did and then some. Rained consistently is the Bay Area for all four hours of me on a course that had be hit with over 7 inches in the past week. While others run from the rain, my foursome runs to the course. Why? Because the entire course is OURS!. Hoping to have the opportunity to test Galway Bay out. I've wanted to pick up a suit ever since they topped your list last year. Keep up the great work gang.
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