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  1. For me anytime I hit Fat shots, has been always been my turn, I stop turning and leaning more or just shifting my body instead of shoulder turn. This causes the wedge to hit fat or almost hitting shanks at times. Whenever I do that I reset , center shots and once I have the turn, then I begin practicing moving forwards, center and back stands to get different wedge shots. My wedges bounce are 56 (10) and 60 (9).
  2. Looking for a Mizuno MMC MP18 5 Iron, shaft is not important, looking for the head to replace my current 5 Iron.
  3. Played today, but really, I have played awful the last few rounds. Putting has been horrible, there was a few holes that I didn't even touch the cup or came close. I always said golf is a love / hate relationship, right now is on the Hate... drove the ball decent, irons were ok, wedges were good, but putting HOLY COW.. what a s*** show. And the Par 5 i have completely gone on the butcher cycle, perfect position of the tee and just butcher the next shot. Need to take a break from Golf for a bit. Going the wrong direction after making good progress. I know you guys don't know what am talking about..
  4. Love playing at Ballyowen
  5. Am looking forward in comparing the LX5 to my current GPS watch. After playing today and making notes on what I wanted to see while I was playing to a round.
  6. Played today at LA Canteras - Palmer Course. Let's begin by saying what a spectacular course. Right now I would say is one of my favorites in Austin/San Antonio , /DFW area of Texas. Lots of elevation changes, spectacular views, fast greens, its only 6500 yds from the golds. But that is plenty long on this course. Didn't drive the ball particularly well.. Left alot on the left side, But irons and chipping and putting (31 putts) were on point. To help with a 40/42 round. It's a must play if you are in the area.
  7. I had the Mizuno ST 190 3Wood until a few weeks ago and I swapped over to Cobra SZ 3 Wood.. (it has been fantastical) And I had the Mizuno Driver .. by numbers similar to the LST but I was hitting it more consistently than the Mizuno. True LX5 will be in common soon
  8. Josh or John (lol), we almost had the same clubs in the bag at one point..
  9. I played with GPS watches , i think since they first came out. If your not used to wearing a watch while you play, it could be a little getting used . Like Josh mention some may have button in a certain way that you may turn off the watch or hit a different action button, but is not a regular issue.
  10. Introduction: First off, thank you to MGS and SkyGolf for the opportunity to be a tester. I have been golfing for the past 17yrs, started after leaving the military and moving to San Francisco, I never expected to play golf. Everyone in my office played golf and they took me to a par 3 course in San Francisco and I remembering making par on the 4 hole (easy game, LOL) have been hook since. Once I moved back to NYC , i began to play more and become more competitive and really get hooked on the game. Now living in Texas , is a different game, HOT AF, and continue to improve my game. I have used always used a golf watch, different brands , so i'm looking forward to compare the new SkyCaddie LX5. One of the reason I enjoy using GPS Watches is because I like to play different course, having a GPS watch that already has the course and get the basic information Front, Center and Back (lets face it, we are not professionals getting the exact yardage to the 75.2yds, we be lucky if we hit within 10yds of that consistently.) Using Rangefinder has always been difficult, and I feel like is a bit slower to get your yardage. I'm hoping this version of SkyCaddie LX5, can provide same ease of use to get Front, Center and Back, also a view of the course, to point out hazards that you would normally not see. My game – Currently at 8.8 HC, up and down, struggle with concentration in the middle of the round causing silly mistakes, which escalates those numbers quickly. Keep working on my short game and putting which shaves strokes every time, i get wrong yardage or wrong club. I have to compensate some how (Bad Cadding on myself of course)I In the bag: Driver: PING G410 LST 9.0 with Tensei CK Orange 60 Stiff 3 -Wood: Cobra King SZ with Tensei AV Blue Stiff 4-Hybrid: Cobra King F9 Hybrid Irons: Mizuno MP-18 MMC - 6-PW , w/SteelFiber i125 Wedges: Cleveland RTX 4 RAW - , 56, 60, Mizuno S18 Black - 50 Putter: Odyssey Stroke Lab Seven S, 34in Balls: TaylorMade TPx & Snell MTB-X
  11. Your in luck, i have the original shaft still..with head cover also
  12. Let me go take a look at it, give me a few
  13. I have a 2018/2019 version 3hybrid with Paterson shaft, i maybe have to the original shaft in a bag.
  14. I have always play Hybrid in the middle, consistency and trajectory.
  15. Drove the ball exceptional well, new Ping 410 LST is the real deal, fairway finder all day. Terrible job out of the bunkers, really need to work on that. Irons play was really good, results didn't show but the way they were stroke , is what I need to keep remembering . Putting was ok, 2 - 3 Putts that really hurt, aiming was not good, missing on the wrong sides. I have been contemplating taking clubs out the bag and only having the ones i used on a regular basis, and just focus on those. This will force me into some specific yardages and be more consistent with those clubs. Going to put that in place next weekend see how that works out. Driver 3 Woord 4 Hybrid 6 - PW Irons 56 - 60 Wedges Putter of course.
  16. Practicing in simulation greens or matts is more of practicing your stroke and distance control. For me i like playing different courses which will vary different speeds and types of greens. I understand if you play the same course all of the time. You would practice at the course since its always the same.
  17. I know that the limit is 14 and that there is no minimum, but the real question is, take your last 5 rounds, have you really used all 14 clubs, or is it that you used one club one time for that one shot but never touched again. Would it make your game better if you had your clubs that you used consistently and have dial in yardage, you know where you each one because you used those clubs 3-4 times in a round if not more. Instead of that club that you hardly use and hope that you are going hit it perfectly that one time. Golf is all about confidence and minimizing mistakes.. because lets be real, we are not professionals and we don't practice 8hr a day.
  18. While at the range yesterday, as I was going thru the bag, I realized that in all fairness only use maybe 6 -7 clubs in my bag on a regular basis. I started to wonder if only having your must have clubs and would that improve your game. If you go thru a round at your club how often do you really use the whole bag? For me I would probably drop down to the following: Driver 3 Wood 4-Hybrid 6-PW Irons 56 / 60 Wedge Putter Would that be enough to get thru a round? would this help you or handicap you?
  19. different angles for putts and chips, your not always going to get straight putts on the course, 2 or 3 holes is fine , just something to change your view , depth, angles.
  20. I would think you want to practice putting do different holes and maybe even chipping would be even better.
  21. I always see the advertising for having your own backyard putting green. I have always been interested but have never done it. How many of you guys have invested on your own putting green or do you feel is to expensive and a Putting Matt is just as good.
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