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  1. I have been gaming Odyssey Strokelab Seven putter for years, and just like you the Evnroll ER10 caught my eye, the size didn't bother me or back of the putter which people complain about that they couldn't get pass was not an issue. I was more concern how it roll and if it could dethrone my Seven Putter (at this time there was ZERO reason to change). But made the purchase anyway, compare both at the course putting green, and right away i notice there was a more consistent roll and confident stroke (I took that as new putter honeymoon). After a month or so I notice that i was hitting the line with the same stroke but was coming up short, compare to the same stroke with the Seven. Did some further research and practice , that the because of the designed of the face, which no matter where you hit rolls the same distance, you need it to hit a bit harder on longer putts. Other than that, its the most consistent putter I have ever used. A year later , I have had the best putting stats in years, better than my Seven.
  2. About 90% of the time use my 60º around the greens, specially on tight lies, front, side, back.. I feel i have more control and very little run off from my target. by focusing on using this wedge primarily , has improve my short game significant. I only use my 56º from the sand and longer shots to give me that low or high shots around the green. For ME, i like the ball just slightly forward of center, i get a better feel of the bounce and contact with the ball, resulting in more consistent chips and stops. anytime i try to lean forward or put the wedge back in my stands,, there is no consistency , and I have practice those shots to get a feel for it, but just doesn't work for me.
  3. This last 6 months of practicing just chipping (with 60/56 Wedges) and then practicing putting from 3-5 feet. Has paid off significantly. I'm to the point now that if I missed a green (which I normally do), the confidence that I will either chipped in or get it close. And then putting, the fact that if you chipped to that range of 3-5 feet that you will make that putt is such a stress free environment. Specially since off the tee is not an issue, fairway finder 71% of the time. Next is to find a routing for my 8-7-6 irons, need to find the same consistency I have found in my short game, it will be amazing if I can get that GIR average 20-30% to up to 40-50% would be a monumental improvement. 2020 Stats 2021 Stats 2022 Stats
  4. Has anyone, has purchase and used this grips? I heard about them yesterday, suppose to keep tackiness for a long time. According to their website they do not need to be replace for 2-3yrs.
  5. I don't think is longer than the AVX but it better around the greens, in my opinion. The AVX to me is too jumpy, specially on the greens, putts will fly by on normal strokes.
  6. I continue to work on by chipping and putting at least 2 times a week. With 60/56 Wedges and then putting from 3-10ft . This routine has help my consistency with the wedges specially, builds alot of confidence when you head out to the course that if you missed the green is not a big deal you will get close and make those putts from 3-6ft. But I do need work on doing some Iron practice sessions.. that is loosing the effectiveness.
  7. Has anyone seen these lately? I saw a sleeve at the local golf course, and some on EBay, but non anywhere else. Are these coming soon? I like this more than the green stripes. Anyone has any info?
  8. I need to find a good affordable Portable Launch Monitor
  9. Some chipping and putting this morning, pretty solid practice session. Doing practice at 7am before the sun is out and its Hella Hot.. best option evah. Need to do that more often. If only I could fit in 9 holes before 8:30am that would be great..
  10. Played a very consistent round on Saturday with @TR1PTIK . Course management, played the percentages and didn't get greedy even thou i could easily have on some holes. Happy with most of my game, continue to drive the ball well, Irons are still a little thin for whatever reason. But not getting me in trouble. Wedges and Putter are steady. Sub70 5 Wood is absolute money, it will stay in the bag for this weekend tournaments. Holes, 13/14 lack of concentration.. I was on the fringe in 3, try to get cute with a chip, resulted in a slick down hill putt that ended 15ft. Then on 14th fried egg, not getting out, blasted to end of the green. But then settle down and back to normal operations.
  11. Going to get some practice in this afternoon. Basic routine: Hit about 25 balls on the range, just making sure Irons, wedges, Hybrid, 3/5 Wood and Driver are still behaving. (if there is something off I will come back another day and just work on that piece. Rest of the time approximate 1hr Chipping with 56 and 60 degree wedges, short and long, get it within the circle of friend or grip length before changing clubs. Then Putting from 6ft and 3ft. ( most people missed are from that distance, if not shorter) Left, right , top and bottom.
  12. I played the 2020 version, and compare to this new version, its a bit longer than previous version with better spin around the greens from previous version. I just order 2 new Dozens after testing the new verison.
  13. Currently recovering from a tore planter fascia on my right food. This happen about 3 weeks ago at the start of a tournament round on the 2nd hole while stepping out of a bunker i heard a pop. I limp my way thru the rest of the round (if it was my left , i would had to withdrawal. Orthopedic said to wear the boot for the next 4-6 weeks. And that its a slow healing injury Of course i go play 2 weeks later wrapped foot tightly and it was fine for the most part But i stop wearing the boot cause it was feeling better and i must it tweak it..now it hurst again.. So back to the boot..damn the madness
  14. Good range session today..work on my new Sub70 5wood which am currently testing, and then worked on some hybrids, 3wood, driver ,irons chipping and puttin. Everything was pretty consistent, need to bottled it so i can take to course next time.
  15. Played 2 tournaments 2 weekend in a row, and came in second both times. The kicker is last week, I played the best I have all year, Driver, Irons, Wedges, Putting all was working. Even with the foot injury. This weekend, was the the worse I have played all year, out of no where I got a case of the left. Everything was a a draw or draw pull. I couldn't get out of it, it was so frustrating. Even my putting was horrible, but somehow I was able to squeak out a decent score. The Eagle on #10 was nice surprise. Stupid golf!
  16. Well It looks like I should be playing the 4800-5040 yds..
  17. Played tournament this past Saturday, and for the first time in a long time I had everything working, Driving was consistent, Irons were really good, chipping and putting continue to be the backbone of my game. Putting was as good as expected with the greens full of Poa Anna..so it was putt and prey .. had some putts that it would just jump off line as the very end.. Frustrating, but everyone had to deal with it, so it was who can survive it the best. The unfortunate thing that happen in this round was coming out the bunker on #2 after hitting a great bunker shot. As I was stepping out of the bunker, I heard a pop on the bottom of my foot (per webmed Plantar Fascia Rupture) So I had to hobble the rest of the round, good thing it was on my right foot , it think if it would have been my left I would have to withdraw. Trying to get an appointment today to confirm. Could be some very minimal golf for the next few weeks if not months.
  18. Durable cover, I played with the same ball for 2 rounds.. other than the color fading on the stripe a little bit. Last year model the cover would get eaten up by the wedges by the end of the round.
  19. I have been using the stripe ball for past few rounds, so much easier to line up and see the ball as it breaks or goes straight. Its longer and spins more than previous versions. I suspect other brands will copy this model soon.
  20. Played a 2 day tournament , scoring doesn't reflect how I was hitting the ball, I drove the ball really well, specially in the wind I thought the Stealth performed the best there. Irons game was solid and wedge game continues to be the strength. Missed a lot putts burning the edges, or lip outs. Sunday putting was a challenge with the wind pushing putts around and you trying to hit them thru the wind. But overall felt good about my game trending in the right directions.
  21. I big fan of Snell but with their resources issues now, is getting harder to get their balls plus now they increase the prices. I got a box from TM directly was not bad for 34.99. free shipping. The ball performs great, spin on the greens and distance, I agree better than last years model. The more I line up the stripe the better it felt, how come no one thought of this, it so much easier with the wide strip to make sure you line up, instead of the thin line or that ridiculous triple line
  22. Played with the Nippon shaft and a big difference..lot more sturdy and comfortable with the swing. Better results..fairway finder still working, alot further than before.. Because of the smaller head concentration on center hits even better.
  23. You can't take anything from him , he only believes on fake Callaway equipment from China
  24. Played this weekend with the Stealth, not as good as in the range felt like I was over swinging a bit, lots of cuts, but the the missed hits still went pretty decent and it was all in the fairway. Need to put my old shaft Nippo Regio Formula MB+ on it and test it with see if that helps my over swigging. I did notice how small the head is and super light.
  25. I agree with you, not getting comfortable and the simulator looking offline. Of course tomorrow is the real test, playing at the course, if it performs as good as in the range, it was worth the investment.
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