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  1. Hi, Craig from Calgary. I’ve used many devices over the years. I currently have a Bushnell Pro 1600 Tournament Edition Golf Laser Rangefinder which I used for many years, very accurate and easy pick up the pin. A couple years ago, I won a bushnell V4 , nice size, easy to carry , but trouble picking up pins that don’t have a good reflector. Also have had a couple models of Sky caddies, and a Bushnell Neo Ghost. Both do what they advertise but somewhat time consuming on the course, but provide helpful info. Have also tried several different models of lasers that friends have, including slope models and different manufacturers. Lots of experience with different on cart GPS systems and their shortcomings and usefulness Would love to try the Precision Pro and report on my findings. Thanks.
  2. Disappointed to see us avid golfers, and followers of My Golf Spy in Canada not eligible.
  3. H, Craig here. Live in Calgary but am in Palm Desert till the end of April. Playing a rogue 10.5 with EvenFlow 65 stiff, after trying synergy 50 and 60 stiff(didn’t work). Handicap is nine ( was once 2); in the words of Sandy Tatum “my game has left me for a younger man” still out there making the best of what I’ve got left. Played 150 games last year, have played 49 games since Jan 1. Swing speed is 85-90. I’d like to try the regular Epic Flash. And I promise I’ll give it the full test! Thanks.
  4. Hi, Craig, Palm Desert, California , playing every day current driver, callaway Rogue, 10.5, Evenflow 65 stiff 85-90 Mph Handicap=9 I would try the G410 plus
  5. Hi, I’m in Alberta. Lots of bad weather. We get 9 months of winter and 3 months of tough sledding! Current rain gear (2sets) is lighter Zero restriction zip jacket with removable sleeves and splash pants which I keep in my bag, and a Zero restriction Goretex Jacket and Galvin Green Goretex pants for the strong cold wind and heavy downpours. One of the worst days was (there have been many) was 34 F and steady rain in the Rocky Mountains for all 18 holes. Another was a 4 day trip 36/day to Silverado during a California drought, rained for 4 days straight in 50 deg temps. Everyone we met kept saying, isn’t this rain nice? Then there was the game at Chambers bay where the umbrella was useless...... Have played in rain and wind in Ireland, Bandon, Whistling Straits, and all across Canada. At home the cart cover and heater helps, but you can’t hit the ball from inside the cart! Still on the hunt for a the Perfect rain (and wind) gear. Craig
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