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  1. Janson - WA state - Currently gaming the Cleveland 2135 tfi elevado with an evnroll gravity grip - I would fit best with either the elevado slant next or cero slant neck at 35' It would be awesome to test!
  2. WOW this is serendipitous! I currently carry 4 wedges (PW,52,56,60) but have been doing soo much research into different gapping strategies and which (14) clubs would be optimal for me to carry . I would be extremely motivated to compare and throughly document not only usage but how this changes course strategies. - Janson - Seattle, WA - swing speed ~110 +/- 5 - Handicap 9 - Setup: Driver PING G400MAX - Mizuno MP650 3wood - mizuno mp58 3i-PW - ping glide 2.0(52,56,60) - Right handed
  3. Janson - Washington state Nike Oz (center shafted with custom added toe weight) Putters are tools whose success depend on confidence, among the few Bettinardi putters I have tried, all inspired confidence.
  4. 1. Janson -Washington State 2. Typical rain gear is under armor or north face jackets. 3. Since I am in the pacific NW i get lots a rain soaked rounds. The worst storm also had a constant wind with most of the holes filled with water and some spot of the fairways too soggy to walk on.
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