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  1. 1. John / Ottawa, Ontario 2. SunIce GoreTex jacket and pants. 3. When my kids were young I negotiated Saturday morning golf. Rain or shine. I played in the rain a lot. One time it was pouring rain with no sign of it letting up based on the radar. I showed up and was one of two or three cars in the lot. The girl at the counter asked me if I was sure I wanted to head out. I gave her the rain or shine story. Ok she said. The course marshal was in the shop and said he'd drive around every once in a while to check in on me. The 7th hole has a lower and upper fairway. By the time I got to #7 there was a small river running from the upper fairway to the lower one. I waved at the marshal as he drove by. By the time I finished drives were skipping off the casual water in the fairway. I walk and carry, so my GoreTex shoes were also tested to the max that day. I'm headed to Ireland this spring, so I may have a good testing opportunity as well.
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