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  1. Andy - Columbus, OH SS - 113 ProV1X or Bridgestone TourBXS Never have played a Snell ball
  2. BlacknGold, since it’s not football season, I will oblige! I hope these photos do them justice. First is the 639CB, second is the 699.
  3. I have both the 639CB and 699 6 and 9 iron demos. KBS X Tour shafts. First off, both clubs are beautiful pieces of work. When you have them in hand, it is obvious that they are high quality. I especially like the forged look of the CB’s. I have taken them to a Foresight Simulator twice and all distances were consistent with each trip. I have RAC LT’s, dinosaur clubs I know. Overall, the 699s perform and feel amazing. The ball jumps off the face . Across the board, my shot height is consistent between the 3 sets, but as you will see, the 699’s really stand out. Picked up 15 yar
  4. These clubs look awesome. Are they USGA legal?
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