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  1. First name: Clement City & State: Berthoud, Colorado Do you currently walk the majority of your rounds: Yes - play in a weekly Senior Leaye Do you use a push cart now, if yes which one: I use a CartTek 1500 .. would love to compare the MotoCaddy
  2. I am 63, hit my driver about 220 and 7 iron about 140. I play about once a week and I am pretty inconsistent. I took the data from the 2019 golf ball study for the slow and fast swing, but mostly analyzed the slow swing. I sorted the data by each key metric, like spin, carry, offline and short area. I then ranked the balls by color coding to show excellent, very good, good, mediocre, poor, and very poor and assigned a value to each rating (5-0). Then computed the average for each ball. The results let me figure out what ball is best for what I want to see, since I assigned the scale. I like low driver spin, good driver accuracy, medium 7iron spin, very good 7iron accuracy, and high wedge spin with the high wedge accuracy. Since I tend to lose a couple balls every time out, I watch the cost. The top 5 balls were: Vice Pro, Bridgestone Tour BX, Vice Pro Soft, Bridgestone Tour B RXS, Titelist Pro V1. So, I have been using the Vice Pro and Vice Pro Soft since I can get them for abut $27 a box. If anybody would like the Excel spreadsheet, just let me know your email address. (Attached is a view of the analysis)
  3. CD Osborne - Colorado Yes - Currently use a Bushnell ION GPS Watch and a Bushnell Rangefinder Mainly rely on the Bushnell ION GPS Watch. The main course, where I play in a weekly Senior League, has GPS in the carts, so I will compare my Watch reading to the cart. My habit it to look at my wrist, so I rely on it the most.
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