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  1. Rod Salt Lake City, Ut Ping G410 Plus 3 112 TSi3 Thank you for the chance to test this driver
  2. The stock Tensei Orange Stiff.
  3. You are correct. I've never been fit for a driver. Just trial and error in the simulators at my local store, then maybe a 'demo' for an afternoon outside. I guess more than anything I'm looking for a bit of validation that what I've done is correct and that somehow I'm not compensating with my swing to get the results. Would love to put the mind at ease and swing away
  4. Hello all I would like to get fitted for a driver. I'm actually playing pretty good right now and thought I'd get fit while I'm swinging well. But.. (always one of those...) I'd really like to include any new Ping (I currently play the 410 plus) or Titleist driver, just not sure when they'll be available for fitting? So, does it make sense to get fitted now - even if it's mainly just a shaft fitting - or should I go through the painful process of waiting for the new clubs to come out and include them in the fitting? Thanks, Rod
  5. Utah Combo Pack Walker, money games with friends, also a monthly tournament player Have used Fitbit in the past
  6. Rod / Utah Tensei CK Orange 108mph Love to feel the shaft load and unload during the swing. Also, to see a tighter dispersion pattern I have access to TrackMan
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