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  1. The bad news is that I had on OB and piss-poor putted my way to an 85 today. The good news is....who am I kidding? There is no good news about my game today.
  2. What is this double bogey free round you speak of? I know nothing of it.
  3. Brutal day. Putts either short or burning the edge ALL day long. Couldn't buy a putt, whether it was for birdie, par, or bogey. Had 4 double bogeys for the round and shot 83. No birdies, just pars, bogeys, and the doubles. Frustrating day.
  4. I just played golf with a wonderful and delightful older gentleman in his young 80s. He spun many great stories, told some wonderful jokes, and gave lots of wisdom regarding the golf swing and how to improve ones game. After the round, he said "Whatever you do, don't speak to me in the parking lot. My wife thinks I went deaf 5 years ago!"
  5. oh, I didn't mention the pars and bogeys? Just another "I can't avoid doubles" comment
  6. A double and 3 birdies for a 6 over, 78.
  7. CarlH

    Random Snell Question

    No, I play MTB-X and have never noticed that.
  8. Basic fee has really gone up since last time I played there, which has been well over a decade. It was (suggested) $25-50 + tip. He double carried and we gave him $100 total.
  9. Mr Double Bogey has done it again. 39 on the front with a double, 39 on the back with another double for a smooth 6 over 78. Both doubles were just lack of concentration -- i.e. no penalty, just dumb azz play. And, despite have numerous birdie opportunities today, I squandered them. To my credit, we're in a really hot spell (100*+) and the super is pouring the water to the greens and fairways in an attempt to stay ahead of the heat. Greens are soft and running slow right now.
  10. I've played with a few people that putted from the other side from their normal play. I guess it was because they were naturally left handed, but learned to play right handed due to non-availability of clubs for left handers at the time they started playing.
  11. I took my 3 wood out of play to add a 52* wedge and narrow my gap to 48/52/56/60 ... Been playing without the 3 wood for 3 weeks now and not really missing it.
  12. Played a couples tournament today -- Another Chapman format. I partnered with one of club's widows (my wife doesn't play, but she encourages me to play as a partner for our club members that do not have a partner (single, widowed, sick hubby, whatever) --- I'm the local fill-in rent a partner. Anyway....I was pleased with my ball striking today, putting was mediocre. My partner didn't have a very good day, but we had fun. We played 6somes and one of the men in our group aced #9 par 3 (playing 135 yards). Interestingly enough, that wasn't the only ace on that hole from the same tees today. Another friend of mine also aced it from the senior tees. That's me all the way in the back....maintaining our social distancing. My playing partner is on the left in the Puma hat. And the guy holding up his finger got the hole in one.
  13. 78 today, including a double bogey when I hit my second shot from the fairway bunker OB (par 5). Ball was fairly close to the left edge of the bunker and below my feet. Hit it well, but a slight pull that bounded through the fairway and ended up just outside of the stakes.
  14. Better ball striking today, so I shouldn't whine, but darn it! I double bogeyed #8 when I hit my drive OB and then doubled #16 when I pulled my approach shot into the bank of the pond and it trickled in (actually the poor pitch over the pond after the drop is what caused it, tho) to shoot 39/40 for the day. @chisag -- some insightful pearls of wisdom on your recent posts! Enjoyed them as they reminded me of my mantra that I try to live my life by: "I used to cry because I had no shoes and then I met a man who had no feet".
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