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  1. I could easily play either ball, but given a choice, I'd opt to play the 348 (Pro V1-X). My reasoning will be in my review.
  2. After 3.5 inches of rain yesterday, the course was ridiculously wet. Skies were overcast and a cool wind kept us in a light jacket. With the wet fairways and cool air, the course played long. The greens rolled fairly well, but the breaks and speed were difficult to manage. Any shots from the fairway that were even the slightest bit fat were punishing. I added a club for every shot and still seemed to come up short of the green far too often. Closed the round out with an 85, which is disappointing but in relation to how others in my group played, not that bad. We had 2 threesomes today playing 1 gross/1 net best ball. My A player was a -1 handicap player and he played what he claims to be his worst round at this club, shooting an 87. It was indeed the worst that I'd ever seen him shoot. But, our C player played well and we ended up winning 2 of the 3 bets. (We play 6/6/6 with each 6 holes being one bet). Looks like another full day of rain tomorrow. Hopefully, not another 3+ inches!
  3. I'd really like to hear your reasoning on this statement!
  4. 41/41 today. Felt like I played better, but....
  5. We are in the process of renaming our tees from "colors" to 1,2,3,4,5,6....6 were played by Nationwide Tour years ago and nobody is playing them now. 1 is the forward most tees. I play 4 mainly. I like the number system rather than color. There is no gender distinction (although many still refer to the tees as ladies (1,2) seniors (3,4) and mens (4,5). And since we are still in the process, calling the tees by their color is still quite common. The guys playing the #5 tees tend to be a bit egotistic and really don't want to associate with anyone not playing gross games and from their tees. Many of them won't play in our Thursday MGA game because they don't want to give strokes to the higher handicap players in a net game. Silly, but .... The group that I am part of plays the #4 tees and we accrue points throughout the year to determine positions for the Ryder cup style tournaments, so on Thursday and Saturdays I always play #4. On other days, I'm free to play whatever tees I desire and in our Wed and Fri groups, we have players playing both the #3 and #4 tees. Some flip back and forth between the tees, but nobody really cares which tees you decide to play (adjust handicap as needed), although most of the guys I play with will likely give you the business if you decide to move up to the #3 tees. I'm at an age and my game has me at that point where I'm finding the #4 tees playable, but an issue because of the need to hit woods or hybrids into many of the par 4s. For now, I'm sticking with #4, but toying with the idea of when I'll make the move forward. It's a frequent discussion with many of my peers as to when we'll make the final call to do it.
  6. You need to learn how to release the club head so that it will be square at impact. A slice is the result of having a club face that is open in relationship to your swing path. Now, there are a multitude of reasons that you're finding yourself in this position, so it's best to have a pro look at your swing and offer a way to fix the issue. Searching for a magic club to fix it is the wrong approach. JMO!
  7. Not a great day on the course today. Temp was a high of 45. It's that time of the year when our grass goes dormant and we have a tight lie with underlying soft, wet dirt...play havoc with my partial wedge shots as I tend to come in too steep and catch it a bit behind the ball far too often. In any case, we played 3 man team skins with all 3 balls counting (gross scores only). I didn't play well, shooting an 86. As it turns out, nobody else played well either. Our group has several single digit handicap players, ranging from 3 to 9, and the low score for the day was an 82. My 86 was bested only by the 82 and an 83 with one other player tying me (15 players played today). My team won 4 team skins, netting us our money back plus $1.00. There was a total of 13 skins.
  8. I normally put a new ball in play every round and will keep it in play for the whole 18 (assuming it isn't lost or drowned during play). I will take a ball out of play that has become scuffed from a cart path or otherwise damaged even slightly. When I'm playing a more casual round, I'll often just grab one that has been played but still in good condition. Scuffed or blemished balls will be tossed or added to a shag bag. Before moving here, I used to take bags of used golf balls to the VA hospital for their course.
  9. @Grand StrandedI had a similar day ... despite playing solid golf last week, 6 days later I struggle. Couldn't buy a putt. Ball striking wasn't too far out of kilter, but scoring was an issue all day. I did manage to beat your round by a couple of strokes, but only because I parred the last 3 holes...LOL Weather was cold when we started and never warmed up all that much, although I did remove my fleece warmup jacket after 6 holes. Sunny, but a cool breeze kept it nippy.
  10. Not sure why you think it's "old school" to understand how shoes work. But, whatever floats your boat. Wear tennis shoes, flip flops, whatever you want. Me, I'll wear shoes that are designed to provide the proper support because I guess I'm old school.
  11. Somehow, I missed this thread earlier ... true, but downright funny stuff!
  12. A is more my style .... backstroke and through stroke are about the same length, but it's more about tempo and feel for me than thinking about the length of the backswing/followthrough.
  13. Bill Clinton had the same issue with fudging his game. If you're a high profile individual and you cheat, it doesn't go unnoticed! On similar note, didn't Justin Thomas call out MJ as a cheat?
  14. A few years back, my regular playing partner and I committed to always putting out when we played together. Of course, when in a group where everyone is giving "in the leather" putts, we didn't punish ourselves. But, because we generally putted everything, I became very good at short putts. We did that for a few years (much to the displeasure of our friend who routinely wanted putts given (and then would miss them)). Now, whether in a friendly small money game or tournament play, I stand over every putt without fear. Yes, I still miss some short putts, but I never feel the pressure of that 2 foot knee knocker. I just do my normal routine and hit the putt. It either goes in or it doesn't. More often than not, it goes in.
  15. At the prices of DTC balls that are proven to be worthy of comparing to other premium balls, why buy used/refurbished? And if "cheap balls" is what you're seeking, there are plenty of available brand new balls at bargain pricing. Shoot, just take a walk along the outer edges of golf courses and pick up all the free balls you want!
  16. I knew a guy at a previous club that was very loose with the rules when playing golf -- dragging putts as gimmies, improving his lie, generous drops, etc. He proudly boasted a 6 handicap. Played his first (and only) club championship, where the rules of golf are required by everyone, regardless of how trivial one may find a particular rule. His opening round was a 105. He withdrew from play after that round and, to the best of my knowledge, never competed in tournament play again. He went back to his loose and free ways with the rules. The bad part was that he engaged in casual betting games (not with me, because I refused to play by his total disregard of even the basic rules) and others willingly allowed him to get away with it. I know this sounds exaggerated, but I can assure you that it is not, in this guy's case.
  17. Went out this afternoon by myself and played on a few holes with both balls, hitting them from the same places with the same clubs. I hit off the tee, off the fairway, longer irons, shorter irons, pitched, chipped, and putted, alternating between the two balls. Of course, my swing isn't precise enough to hit two identical shots back to back every time, but I did attempt the same shots. In the end, I had some very similar strikes and some misses. All in all, it gave me a good feel for the balls. It wasn't the best weather for testing with temperatures hovering around 45 degrees. I'll save the deeper comments for my review, which I'm close to finalizing.
  18. I used to play a course that was a par 4 dogleg left with a pond on the left and in front of the green. In winter, when the course was open, the pond would be frozen over and a good drive at the green would hit the pond and bounce onto the green. Was. always fun to "go for it"!
  19. Yesterday's regular game was called on account of rain, but I did manage to get in 9 holes after it stopped (kinda). Played as a 5some and after 2 holes, we played Wolf for the remaining 7 holes. Hit the ball fair; sloppy turf didn't help the cause, any. Ended up winning $2 on the Wolf game. We had one big loser that funded everyone else's losses. I actually won $2.50, but owed .50 to the big winner....LOL...big stakes!!
  20. It's been a beautiful November, up until today. Record breaking high temperatures Wed and Thur, much cooler and wet this morning, turning to the mid to low 30s tonight with more rain coming. Cold and wet enough to cancel our regular scheduled game and leave it up to a "show up" game for the die hards.
  21. Thank you. It was great format. I've never played anything like it before, but it was really a fun way to play. They did flight the groups, so there weren't a lot of strokes being given out and players played from their normal tees that they play during regular play. In my first group, we had one guy playing the forward tee and the rest on the same tee. In the playoff, the low handicap player played one tee further back (he's 11 years my junior) and one playing the forward tees. Just a great format. I guess you could play with a larger group, but 20 seemed to be the right number.
  22. Today, the top 20 point winners in our MGA for 2022 competed in a Last Man Standing tournament. Note that this isn't the 20 "best" golfers, but the 20 highest point earnings based on play during the year with MGA Thursday games. Groups of 5 competed against one another in the following format: Holes 1-6 were cumulative scores (net). At the end of 6 holes, the person with the highest net score was eliminated. In each subsequent hole, highest score gets eliminated until one person wins on hole 9 (in each of the 4 groups). In cases of ties, a putt off was used to determine who would progress. After all four groups were done (2 groups played 1-9 and 2 groups played 10-18), the winners of each group would go to hole #7 for a 3 hole playoff with the lowest net score being the winner. I was in group 2. As the lowest handicap player in that group, I had to give 3 of the 4 players one stroke on hole #2. I shot 1 over for the first six holes (lowest of the 5). On hole 7, I bogeyed, but tied another player and beat one who hit his tee shot OB (par 3). On hole #8, I make par and the other 2 bogey the hole and have a putt off. Hole #9, I win with a par. I advance to the finals. The finals are hole 7 (par 3), hole 8 (par 5), and hole 9 (par 4). I will get a stroke from the lower handicap player and it falls on #9. I par all 3 holes and win by 2 shots gross (3 net) over the next best score (and last year's winner). I am the last man standing for 2022. Take care of yourself!
  23. My wife is a complete newbie at golf, having not played in nearly 30 years....I never say anything other than "nice shot" (regardless of whether it is or not) when we play/practice together.
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