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  1. Depends on how close my approach shot is to the hole or how well my wedges are working any given day.
  2. After 19 years of playing Rogue Valley Country Club, I played what is likely my final round there prior to our upcoming move. Closed out my experiences there with a 79 today. A little disappointed with it because on #7,, I chunked a 100 yard wedge shot into the pond and walked off with a double and then on #10, I laid some turf over on a 56 yard wedge shot and had another double bogey. Although I had 2 birds, I left a few more, as well as some pars, on the table when I failed to take advantage of some makable putts. Bittersweet farewell to a great course and looking forward to playing an exciting and challenging new home course in our new location at Diamante CC.
  3. Got out yesterday for a round after a week of packing. Ball striking was so-so, but I really struggled with my putter distance control. I just couldn't seem to get it to the hole regardless of knowing the greens were slow. On the final hole, had a 50 foot birdie putt up the hill to a higher tiered pin. Knowing that I've been short all day and even taking a razzing from my teammates, I put a good rap on the ball....long story short.....it was one of the few balls to get to the hole, hit the hole dead center ................. and popped out of the hole! I finally get it to the hole and it's too hard! LOL Anyway....shot an 83 for the day and our team finished last of the 5 groups.
  4. Spikeless golf shoes, yes. Other spikeless shoes, maybe. Athletic shoes, probably not.
  5. As you might have surmised, generalized judgmental that place blame on one "group" of individuals based on one's opinion typically doesn't bode well in online forums. Obviously, not everyone shares the same opinion. While there are indeed bad seeds in every group of golfers, it's just ill informed to place judgement on all walkers, all cart riders, etc based on those few bad seeds.
  6. Started out well and was even par after 8, then stepped on the bogey train and couldn't get off. Ended up shooting 80.
  7. Was able to take a break from packing for the move and get on the course today. Started off well, but had issues on the par 5s .... opening hole is par 5 and lipped out my birdie putt. Next 2 par 5s, my drive was about 6 inches OB and I ended up doubling both of those. The final par 5, I left my eagle putt dead in the heart but short. Wound up with another double on the finishing hole to come in with an 82. Guess I shouldn't complain too much as it was only my 2nd round in the last 6 weeks. Hoping to play again on Sunday. With the pending move, there's a lot of things going on that's keeping me off the course.
  8. Thoughts on my game ......
  9. "Happy learned to putt." Happy Gilmore
  10. Haven't been able to play much lately. Our 22 day motorhome trip from Oregon to Arkansas and back (mainly driving with a bit under a week staying still) sort of put a damper on that. I did get in 27 holes while in Arkansas. The purpose of the trip was to explore the feasibility of moving to Hot Springs Village in Arkansas. Seeing as how we are in the process of buying a house there, looking like the feasibility has become reality. Anyways, I'm back in Oregon now with the tentative moving date of 1 December or earlier. And that leaves a lot of things to get done. We have decided to sell our motorhome (which is in progress) and we also need to get our house ready for MLS listing and sold. Needless to say, I've got a lot of things to get done in short order of time.....which means that golf is on the back burner for awhile again. I hope to be able to slip out a few more times to play, but I have tendered my resignation at the club effective 30 November. So, it's goodbye Oregon and hello Arkansas in short order.
  11. Tired of the smoke every year, the taxes, the growing drug and vagrancy issues, and the overall direction the state is going. Hot Springs Village, Ar is the largest gated community in the US with 11 lakes and 9 golf courses.
  12. In my defense, I was pretty drunk. I've had enough of Oregon, BTW .... headed off to another pasture soon. Arkansas will be the future home. I'm going to invite @Yellow Ballto visit me as my guest at our Member Guest tournament. Bear in mind, that a substantial entrance fee will be required....I did mention that you were paying for the both of us, plus all buy ins and side bets, right?
  13. Tried to play the other day at Granada Golf Club in Hot Springs Village, AR, but got rained out after 10. Started out real strong with a birdie on the opening par 5 draining a 15 foot putt, followed by a 3/4 sand wedge into the #2 par 4 for a tap in birdie. Then the trouble started. On the 3rd tee, I drove it into the right sand trap. It had a high lip and I hit the next shot that came up short into the green side bunker....flubbed that sand shot and left it in the trap -- made double. Next hole, I hit into another fairway trap, but this one was against the forward lip and my only shot was sideways, hoping that the toe of my club didn't hit the bunker face. I did manage to get it out of that trap, but it was a cluster of traps and ended in the next trap. Again, a high lip prevented me from choosing a club that would get to the green, so I hit a 7 iron. Wasn't enough loft and I caught the top of the hill. Hit my 4th shot on the green, but a long way from the pin on slippery greens...yep--3 putt triple bogey. So, I go from 2 under after 2 to 3 over after 4! Managed to make the turn with a 41 (5 over). And then the rain came. We'll be heading back to Medford and It's an 8 day trip (We don't do over 300 miles a day of driving with the motorhome -- just too tiring). So, no golf for awhile again.
  14. I personally don't care what's stamped on the bottom of my club other than as a way to determine which club I'm grabbing out of my bag. It's only important to me as to how far I hit that club. I've never been one to compare what club I'm hitting in relation to my playing partners. When I ask distance, I don't want to hear that it's an easy 7 iron, because that doesn't tell me anything. And yes, I have 5 wedges in my bag.
  15. Played Diamante Country Club in Hot Springs Village, AR, with my good friend and previous neighbor of 18 years. Hit the ball pretty solid most of the day. On the front, I birdied the last hole to shoot 37. Not sure why, but the back was a bit different. I was still striking the ball well, but wasn't making putts. Seems that speed of the greens was different and I was having difficulties with speed control. Anyway 42 on the back with 6 bogies, most of which were due to poor distance control or not well read. My approach shots left me longer putts or missed the greens requiring some delicate chips. 79 for the day and my friend edged me out with a 78. Overall, pleased with tee shots and irons with a few exceptions here and there.
  16. CarlH

    On a roll

    Spent my birthday on the road. Traveling between Weatherford OK to Sallisaw OK in the motorhome, enroute to Hot Springs AR. For the highlight of the day, I awoke to a dead battery in our tow car. Had in jumped when we arrived in Sallisaw and then checked. Bought a charger at Walmart because I left mine at home and it's charging now. Relaxing in the coach now, eating some chicken casserole and a slice of cheesecake awaits. Life is good, but not much golf this trip. I'll likely play at least once at Diamante, but that's about it. Thanks guys!
  17. Fantastic finish!!!! And a shout out to Dylan Wu for making the cut in his first PGA Tour event!!! He came in with a -5. Dylan grew up on my home course. His brother, Jeremy, is caddying for him. I've known them since they were both pre-teens and played with Jeremy the week before this tourney (he shot -1 from our tips)! His dad is a good golfer in his own right, as well. Way to go Dylan!
  18. Congrats to the testers. Actually, happy that I didn't get chosen. Things have changed since I submitted my request and, had I been chosen, I would have had to decline. Headed off on a 3-4 week trip with a possible move to new location following, so I wouldn't have had the time to adequately review a product! Again, congrats to the chosen testers and look forward to your reviews!
  19. Yep....when I lived in Fargo ND, there was a great little par 3 that was excellent for working on iron play. I used to play that quite often just as a way to work on approach shots and short game.
  20. Like @Tom the Golf Nut pointed out....this is highly course dependent! On my course, missing the fairway by much will put you into tree issues in most cases. Other courses that I've played, there's limited penalty for missing the fairway other than heavier grass.
  21. Member-member tournament scheduled for today was rained out, which is a good thing here. We certainly need the rain!
  22. It's the #1 ball, so everyone thinks that they need to play them, further feeding into the #1 ball position. If people can buy them refurbished cheaper than the $50 new cost, they will --- but, buyer beware. Sometimes, they're not what they're advertised to be.
  23. I loved playing Stallion Mountain when I was in Vegas, but that was probably 15 years ago. Great course.
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