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    I went 30+ years without an ace. Then, I had my 2nd knee replaced and 2nd time out, I hit a perfect 8 iron into the hole! Moral of the story....ummm...no, don't go out and get a knee replacement...lol
  2. It's been 8 weeks tomorrow .... Sad part is that it wasn't ball striking (although I'm not getting off the tee box well and had to play the back tees) that caused the poor score. It was literally really bad putting. Yesterday, I was one putting a bunch of holes or leaving them at tap in range. Today, it was like someone else was putting. I lost count of the 3 putts that I had.
  3. I played absolutely terrible this morning -- 10 over my handicap (93) .... Worst putting day that I can recall! I missed EVERYTHING!
  4. My long game and erratic woes continue. One hole,from the middle of the fairway, I toe a shot that goes into a cedar and, unbelievably, remains lodged in a branch. Even taking an unplayable lie drop, I have no backswing. Anyway, shot an 86 with 2 triples and 3 doubles! Apparently, it's feast or famine for my game. It's like I'm going along well and out of nowhere this other guy shows up for a hole here and there. I guess I shouldn't complain. (For those that don't know, I'm just 8 weeks out of knee replacement surgery and just recently able to play again).
  5. I've been pleased with the Snell MTB Black ... looking forward to trying out the MTB-X when I exhaust my supply of current balls.
  6. There used to be a pitch and putt par 3 course near me when I lived elsewhere that I played often for practice .... never got a hole in one on it. Well done, @chipperman
  7. I don't think I escape too many rounds without at least one of those nasty little doubles!
  8. Love Bryce Canyon! We really like going to SW Utah .... St George, Hurricane area .... great golf course in Hurricane -- rated one of the top 100 to play -- Sand Hollow
  9. For quality golf, Hilton Head/Kiawah/Charleston .... for lots of different courses and better nightlife, Myrtle Beach
  10. Struggled with the driver and long game today. Shot an 85. 1 under on the 4 par 3 holes and 7 over on the 4 par 5 holes!!!!! This is complete opposite of how I typically played prior to the knee replacement. Iron striking is solid but the woods are really bad right now. Hoping that this is just an adjustment phase as I get back to playing regularly again.
  11. Had some money on the books at the local golf shop so I picked up a Taylor Made M6 4 and 5 hybrid. Cost to me after all said and done was $78.
  12. Ouch....here's to a speedy recovery
  13. Continuing to struggle post surgery and 6 week layoff, but played 18 today. Lost a ball on the first hole and then put another in the water on #7....3 birdies salvaged a 84. My iron play showed periods of the single digit ball striker I used to be along with periods of ball striking that resemble someone who struggles to break 100. Burned a lot of putts on the edges and wasn't real happy with most drives. My expectations are still too high, me thinks. While I wasn't particularly happy with my overall day, there are moments that remind me that I can play. I'll get there (one hopes).
  14. I see these all the time. Most are probably spam and I avoid them.
  15. Not exactly. Spin is determined by several factors, including club, ball, swing, etc. Angle of descent is a factor of your swing characteristics, which will influence launch angle, spin, apex height, and distance. Your fitter will help immensely with determining shaft flex, club selection, shaft selection, and more. Yes, if you change your swing, then the fitting will likely need adjusting, but in all likelihood, that would simply be a lie angle adjustment. Shaft characteristics probably won't change.
  16. my fellow come-back player of the year competitor!
  17. CarlH

    Calcutta Golf Ball

    Call your credit card company and report it
  18. To each their own....I'm a purist....I believe the rules of golf should be followed in tournament play. If someone is not playing by the rules, regardless of any perceived advantage, it is up to his fellow competitors to protect the field. In a casual game, yeah, who cares....but I won't have a side wager with him.
  19. CarlH

    Dylan Wu

    Dylan Wu came close to winning his first Web.com event, losing the 3rd hole of the playoff. The reason that I bring this up is that I play golf with his father on occasion and watched Dylan play from the time he was a young teen. Always nice the see the kids do well.
  20. I'd call him on it, particularly if it were a tournament and probably in league play, as well. It's outside the rules of golf.
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