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  1. Tried to play today, but after 3 holes, the hip was twinging too much. Decided to call it a day and live to play another day. The course was wet from yesterday and last night's rain with threats of more coming, so it wasn't a bad call to quit. Came home and iced the hip for a bit. Also cancelled my game tomorrow. No sense pushing things.
  2. I prefer them going in, but that's just the perfectionist in me speaking
  3. OR, has a tendency to leave putts short so is forcing himself to be more aggressive. Just saying
  4. Putter distance control at various distances. Focus was to control speed to end up no more than 2 feet behind the target.
  5. hahahaha now THAT's funny right there If no betting involved, yeah, who cares about gimmie putts. My problem is multiple groups having a money game and side bets with members in different groups and some putts are given wider range than in other groups. Particularly an "in the leather" (or circle of friendship) that is a sidehill slippery putt.
  6. I wish the groups I played with didn't give putts at all! For a few years, my buddy and I played putt everything out. Putting improved so much! One on one match play, no problem giving putts as seen fit, but medal play? Putt it out!
  7. First round after 2 week trip went fairly well. Putter was sketchy, but shot 40 on the front. On #12, I felt my right hip muscle shoot pain and the next couple of holes were dicey with the ball striking giving me 2 doubles. Hip still hurt but managed to get better control and finished the round with an 83. All in all, not unhappy with the round, but the hip does concern me. Hopefully, a little rest will calm it down.
  8. CarlH

    Best KBS Iron Shaft?

    I'm using KBS Tour Graphite in all of my irons and find them to be highly consistent and feel great. I was fit for them at Club Champion and compared them with other various shafts, both steel and graphite from various manufacturers and weights. They work for me!
  9. I use a 16.5 degree 3 wood (Taylormade M4 3WHL). I've always liked 16 degree 3 woods (aka 4 wood) as my longest fairway metal --- it's remarkable how much that extra degree of loft will do to help get it airborne off the deck. A 5W is a smart move if you struggle with a lesser lofted metal. Good purchase!
  10. Sitting in the motorhome just south of Moab UT. Doing Arches National Park tomorrow and the other ones to follow. No golf, but life is still good!
  11. My shot of the day (yesterday) was a breaking putt about 5 feet on one of our tougher putting holes on the 27 hole course, well known for ruining rounds. The green slopes fairly steeply from back to front and is fast and caused many a 3 putt and worse when you're above or to the side of the hole. What made this special was my teammate had just chipped in for birdie, then remarks for me to go ahead and drain the putt to tie his birdie and that he didn't care about the skin. Well, as soon as he heard the plunk of the ball hitting the bottom of the cup, he exclaimed "I was only kidding! I wanted the skin!". We both laughed. (But I stoked on that hole and he didn't, so I tied the gross skin with him, but won the net skin).
  12. CarlH

    Your ball?

    Snell MTB-X .... top notch ball at a great price.
  13. Finally got to play again after being away for a week. Greens were a bit shaggy and still hadn't recovered from the punching .... shot an 80. Struck the ball pretty well. Leaving for motor home trip Friday and won't be playing for another 2 weeks.
  14. Sort of what this forum is all about.
  15. The Prosser trip and my reunion were conflicts. Moab was always planned for after our event in Prosser. My wife convinced me to do the reunion rather than the rally in Prosser. It came down to either you or all those aging cheerleaders from high school.....they won out.
  16. Can't really diagnose without video, of course, but my bet would be on posture, setup, balance, and tempo. One or more are out of sync.
  17. Stopped by the club, grabbed my LW and 4 balls and made my way over to the chipping area. Practiced varying between high shot and low shot to 2 different pins for about 1/2 hour. Didn't do it intentionally, but I had grabbed 4 balls from my used ball pocket in my bag and 2 of them were Taylor Made TP5X and the other 2 were Snell MTB-X. I couldn't discern any noticeable differences on short pitches or chips between the 2 brands. Both felt and spun very similarly.
  18. I did have my graphite iron shafts pured for my current set of irons that I ordered. Since I don't have before and after data to compare, I can't comment if it was worth the $$ or not. Here's what I do know....I don't have any doubts niggling in the back of my mind that maybe if I'd only done this....blah blah. In any case, I'm hitting my irons very consistently and any faults with the results lay solely on me and my swing. My hybrids, wedges, and woods are not pured (Driver was). I hit the hybrids pretty straight. Driver's another story, but again, that's more me than anything else. Bottom line: I don't really know one way or the other.
  19. Heading to Pensacola/Fort Walton Beach tomorrow for my 50th high school reunion (Fri and Saturday). The first night of the reunion will be at the high school homecoming football game and it just happens to coincide with my 68th birthday. Sadly, I won't be taking my clubs with me this trip. When I get back at the end of the month, we'll be taking off for 2 weeks in the motorhome to visit Moab and eastern Utah. I'll take my clubs, but not sure how much golf I'll get in. Maybe all of my bad habits will disappear while I'm not playing....as if!
  20. @chisag: So, what's the physical change to a driver if you simply cut 1" off the butt end on an existing driver?
  21. My current wedges are beginning to wear and I'll be replacing them soon, likely next year. I keep thinking about the CBX2 for some reason. Might just have to go hit a few to see what the hubbub's all about.
  22. Can't wait for the "one time at band camp" stories!
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