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  1. Amateur photography --- website
  2. Easy, the pass the costs on to the consumers.
  3. Earlier, I remarked about my round where I shot back to back 41 with 2 doubles on each side today. Well, tonight, was men's club where the format was basically a skins game. So, on my 3rd nine for the day, I had yet again 2 double bogeys, but this time shot 4 over (39 on par 35 course). Our course has 27 holes and I played all 3 nines today and had 2 double bogies on each 9. I'm beginning to think I'm going to get a new nickname if I keep this up. On the plus side, I did have 2 birdies in the skins game, one of which I stroke on for a net deuce. Don't know if I won anything or not, but maybe.....
  4. Started off rough with back to back double bogies, but finished the front nine with a 41. I'll be darned if I didn't get another 2 doubles on the back nine and shot the same 41. 82 with 4 double bogies (one birdie).
  5. Welcome to the forums...and Oregon. Caddying in Bandon or something else get you to Bandon?
  6. Stunk it up today. Front was okay...40 with a double, then made the turn and a new guy showed up. Doubled #10 (bad chip), doubled #12 (OB and provisional no decent shot), #16 dropped a ball in water but saved bogey, 18 -- wow --- unplayable lie from drive, hit the dropped shot thru the fairway behind a tree with no way to hit the green....7 for a smooth 45 on the backside. 85 for the round. To be fair, I seem to have injured my right wrist/forearm somehow and it bothered me most of the day. Icing it now at home.
  7. Those look awfully nice! I used to wear a lot of Truelinks shoes. Still have a pair of knits, but currently sporting Ecco Hybrids that I like.
  8. I used to work retail golf and got a nice discount and would get a new set every year, selling the old set for about the cost of the new set. But, those days are well behind me. Recently, I've bought new irons about every 3 years or so. However, prices have really gone up and I'll likely extend that period since my most recent purchase last year. Wedges, yearly. Putters, don't ask. Driver, again don't ask. Fairway/hybrids seem to last longest in my bag.
  9. 32nd Street....now that brings back some memories. Our sub pulled in there for a couple of days of R&R following a rigorous operational exam. We did let off some steam!
  10. You don't have to be a member of the club to attend demo day events (generally). Some higher end private courses probably not, but many other clubs, including public courses hold demo day events. Keep an eye out for them.
  11. I played all 27 holes of our course today. Played my regular game on the regular course and shot 42/40 with only one double (no birdies today). Then, we had men's night and we played on the inside 9 (par 35). The format was individual play with net and gross skins, rabbit, and KP. Shot 4 over (39) with a double. Alas, again I went without a birdie, so it's unlikely that I picked up a skin.
  12. We can play basically year round here in southern Oregon, but we don't post during winter months because the rest of the state isn't quite as lucky. 3xweek typical...sometimes more, sometimes less -- depends on what's going on.
  13. Our committee has ruled that if the ball lies in a foot print (or other damaged area), it is acceptable to move the ball. However, this does not mean that you can take it out of the buried lie in the side of the bunker from impact and place it on the flat surface for a perfect lie. .
  14. That's similar to seeing the sign on the men's door reminding everyone to maintain social distance.
  15. When I was a member at the Yellowstone Country Club in Billings MT, the assistant pro was a former LPGA player (her father was head pro). For the life of me, I couldn't break 80, despite numerous near attempts. I asked Pam "What do I do to break 80 on this course?". She looked at me, smiled and asked "What are you thinking about on hole 15?" .... My next venture out on the course, I shot a 77. Yogi Berra’s famous quotes: ‘Baseball is 90 per cent mental. The other half is physical’. Same thing applies here.
  16. The price interested me, but the performance is what kept me. Had it not performed up to my expectations, I would have gone back to the Taylor Made TP5 I played before.
  17. It's my Go-To ball of choice.
  18. Well done breaking 90! Course ratings help manage your handicap and keep it on an even keel. Just because it's a less difficult course, you still broke 90. Take pride in that feat. As others said, you still have to execute the shots and get the ball in the hole, whether you're playing a championship resort course or a sandlot local muni. Again...good job. Next goal -- breaking 80!
  19. Definitely touched up. It's a total of 6 images taken at different exposures, then blended together (HDR) and tweaked a bit for contrast. The 6 different images is why the clouds look a bit funny. I might have to go back and figure out if I can minimize that look. Come on out to Medford, OR and I'll get you on the course.
  20. I didn't play today, but thought that I'd post a picture of our closing hole as shot from in front of the pro shop. This is a 6 shot HDR image that I shot several years back but processed today. 18 is a 365 yard par 4. Straight shot to a slightly elevated two tiered green. It's the #6 handicap hole, protected in the front and right side with 3 greenside bunkers and bunkers behind the green. There are some brutal pin locations found on this green. On Friday, we held our "Greenskeeper's Revenge Tournament" and the pin was located on a fairly strong slope. Above or to the side was tough as a miss would take you 12 feet below the hole and that putt up the hill often resulted in a similar putt if you didn't get it to the hole. One twosome was on in regulation and walked away with a 14 on the hole...yes....12 putts each from both players! LOL.
  21. Welcome to the group, Bryce. I'm over in Medford and visit your neck of the woods every now and then. Played Lost Tracks one trip there and enjoyed the track. Pretty sure my RVCC bag tag is still hanging on the wall inside the rail car....but it's been a couple of years, so maybe it's no longer there.
  22. A rather disappointing round today. Save a few shots, my long game was fairly good today, but the short game was on shaky ground. 2 double bogeys (one trying to get home in two on a par 5 and pulling it a hair into the water on the left side of the green), offset with 2 birdies. 41/41 for an 82. My putting was off today and just not getting the speed right. Chipping was also lackluster (although that's generally my weak point, anyway). Played nines within our 3 some and I came in dead last.
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