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  1. Love playing Sand Hollow! Besides the breathtaking scenery, it's a well maintained and well laid out track.
  2. CarlH

    Golf glove

    Yep. I take it off on the driving range or the first tee and it goes into the basket in the cart until I hit my drive on #18.
  3. CarlH

    Golf glove

    I went for years without a glove. Bought a glove to wear for a full bag fitting session a few years back and kept wearing one. I leave it on during my entire game, never taking it off to putt as many do. Shoot, a few times I've gotten in the car and realized that I was still wearing it.
  4. I can relate to your frustration. I started a series of lessons from a notable teacher in our area and, while I feel I'm making progress, my scores have not been getting better and, in fact, my handicap index has risen from a low of 6.9 to a current 10.6, where it's soft capped by the system. It's difficult to keep doing what my coach wants me to do, but I know that eventually, decades of bad habits will give in the the new way to swing and it will become a more natural movement for me. For now, however, I'm constantly focusing on what I'm learning and not relaxing and striking the ball lik
  5. Well, another lackluster day on the course that I'd just rather forget.
  6. I did play Wolf Creek. Loved the course. Also played Falcon Ridge, Conastoga, Oasis, and Palms there. I've yet to play Coyote Springs, though.
  7. A horrendous day!! Well, the back 9 was. Shot a 38 on the front with a double bogey, ripped a drive on #10 down the middle and then disaster!!! Pulled my 6 iron to the left, leaving a tree blocking most of the green, so I went to punch out to the high side of the green, but hit the tree anyway. It bounced backwards, and my next shot went long over the green. Got down with a triple bogey 7. And that's not the worst that happened!!! Another double on @12 and another on 14 and again on 15 (15 was at least a lost ball...the other two were just bizarre ball striking). But on a reachable par
  8. CarlH

    Sub70 golf

    So, speaking of Sub70 wedges, any takes on Black vs RAW vs Chrome? While I like the look of the black, curious how long the finish lasts. Same with Raw, how quickly do they loose groove sharpness in comparison to coated? Thoughts?
  9. Some nice courses around the St George area. If you get the chance to play Sand Hollow in Hurricane, it's worth the drive!
  10. Respect for others is the answer. Several people that I play with tend to have music going in their carts, but at a volume that is low enough so as to not bother others. On the other hand, there are a few obnoxious ones that seem to think they need the volume booming and can be heard 2 fairways over. Just like the idiot with his subwoofers booming out of his truck and rumbling your car at the stoplight -- NOT COOL! I don't feel a need to listen to music when I play, but I don't have issues with those that do provided that it is at a volume that doesn't affect other players.
  11. I use one on the really hot days. It does wonders to quickly drop body temperature. Like Kenny says, you'll have to keep it wet for it to be effective. Due to various reasons, many courses have taken away the big coolers of ice water for health/sanitary concerns. Some still use them, however. Do yourself a favor and take your own bottled water with you, just in case!
  12. When we bought our house, there was an outdoor putting green installed. Sadly, it wasn't done very well. It was the first attempt by a company and they didn't properly prepare the subsurface, leaving the green like putting on a linoleum floor. Over time, it wore down and was unsightly and definitely not a putting green, but the dogs enjoyed it. My backyard is not large and there is no lawn there -- just the artificial turf and surrounding plants/flowers and concrete. When I replaced it, I opted not to install turf to be used as a putting green, but rather installed a high grade artificial
  13. Would love to see Spieth put on another jacket, but also thinking what a great story that Zalatoris would be! Moving day should give us some interesting pairings for Sunday's round. Si Wu Kim could make a significant move (temper not withstanding ). Rose is always a threat when in contention.
  14. I'm going to be replacing my driver this year -- or, at least, the shaft of my current Ping G400 Max. Demo days coming to the club soon. Also looking to replace my wedges this year and am strongly leaning toward Sub70 for that.
  15. I'm in the process of working with a swing coach to improve my game. While I'm striking the ball much better, I'm still making some errant shots that hurt me. My short game comes and goes (more mental and trust issues than technique, I think). Currently my handicap has gone up by 3 strokes, but I'm confident that it will return to previous numbers and hopefully lower.
  16. CarlH

    Sub70 golf

    Had a phone chat with Jason yesterday regarding wedge shaft thoughts and options. Very helpful and informative. I'm going through some final testing and decision making now and will definitely be ordering wedges in the very near future.
  17. I did go through CC for fitting and build. I could have saved having them built elsewhere, but I just ordered from them. The build is good. Every club was in spec to what they said it would be. I was (am still) very impressed with the results from the iron fitting. Less so with the driver shaft they selected (I had opted to keep my driver head and replace the shaft -- no longer using that driver). I was also not particularly impressed with the putter fitting, but I think that was more the experience of the fitter than the process.
  18. Another 5 dozen value pack of Snell MTB-X in the delivery system.
  19. Deja vu of yesterday with another 41/41 ... triple bogey on #3 when I couldn't get out of the dense sand trap (and I'm normally a decent trap player) ... double on the back.
  20. Call the course and see if they rent clubs. Might be a better plan to just rent a set for the round and then spend time to find what you want rather than just buying immediately.
  21. Jekyll and Hyde day. Started off with doubles on #2 and #3 (no reason other than "duh!!!") then finished #18 with a double. In between was much better and ended the day with a 41/41--10 over par day. Been trying some different drivers, most recently an older Callaway Epic that my friend wants to sell. I hit it okay, but took my driver (Ping G400 Max) out today and, for the most part, hit it really well. My driver has a stiffer shaft that gives me some problems (hitting a push-fade) when I get lazy with my swing. Thinking that my best option may be to just reshaft the Ping. I had tri
  22. Yesterday, I hit my driver and fairway woods great. Today, not so much. 39/42 ... had to take a lost ball on #16
  23. Day 2 of our 2-man tournament is in the books. It was a 2 man scramble, requiring 7 drives from each player. My partner had trouble getting his drives in and we ended up taking several less than desirable drives while abandoning much better drives in order to get his drives in. Sadly, we didn't play well at all. We couldn't seem to get our approach shots close enough for birdie opportunities. Couple that with 4 bogies and we come in with a 74. Haven't seen the results, but I don't see much reason to worry about that.
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