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  1. We used to play Insta-cash on the par 3 holes. It went like this: The person closest to the hole became "the player" (must be on the green surface). If the player made par, everyone had to pay him $1. If he made birdie, everyone paid him $2. If he 3 made bogey or worse, he paid the other players $3 each. Payments were made on that green. Generally, the bills were wadded up and thrown at the recipient of the win. It became quite a strategy game at times. For instance, if the first player hit the green, but was a long way from the hole or there was a chance he would 3 putt, everyone else
  2. Despite yesterday's "better" play, today was a total disaster! Everything I did was wrong. No idea what happened other than I got in my own way. Played a 2 man best ball with our senior group today. Both my partner and I played stinky! On a brighter note, an 18 handicap player showed up wearing plus fours and knee socks, a sweater vest with a Scottish logo and matching hat with same logo metallic medallion on it. Said it was his clan symbol (McAlister, although his name was Miller). I think he watched too much tv as I observed his pre-swing routine. He'd stand behind the ball, take two
  3. I used to live in Billings. Pretty sure that no one in Montana is known for being a fashion icon.
  4. Hope you don't plan on fleecing us in Bend with those high stakes you seem to like!
  5. @fixyurdivot Barring something unforeseen, I'm confirmed to be there and available to play Wed-Sun.
  6. A lot of times, they're just overruns or last season's attire....or colors that don't sell (LOL)
  7. Not missed it as much as "forgot it". ..... I'm old, yanno ... LOL .... trying to secure reservations so that I'm there for all 5 playing days.
  8. Yes, that, along with other don't give-a-sheet attitudes, does exist at munis. Sadly, even at private clubs, some people think they don't have to fix ball marks, repair divots, rake traps, etc. Amazing!
  9. I have some Izod golf pants that are perfect for cooler weather and still a viable option on warmer days (which here in PNW is generally the same day )
  10. I suggest we start a private thread with planned/possible attendees so that we can exchange cell phone numbers privately. Text messages in Bend will be helpful. I haven't nailed down my arrival/departure dates, but I'm relatively certain that I will be able to attend this year. I'll let you know ASAP when I find out about some other issues going on.
  11. OK, I'm trying to figure out if the dates will work for me or not. We have relatives coming to visit, but I think that's before these dates. As soon as I can nail down the details, including getting reservations to a nearby RV park , I'll let you know.
  12. A little bit of the old me showed up for today's round. 39/40. Fairly consistent, although my driver did put in in at least 4 situations where I had to punch out to the fairway. I did have one double bogey when I 3 putted a tricky green. Putting was not really that sharp today. Could have been a better score, but I'll take the 79 given what I've been shooting lately!
  13. We recently lifted that restriction. I still leave the flag in, but if someone else pulls it, I'm okay with that, too. I don't mind it being in or out. I can only think of one time that I feel the pin was the reason that I didn't make the putt, but I'm not one to ram it in hard, either. We also finally got rakes back, which is awesome!!!!
  14. Well, I had 2 wedges in my shopping cart and was one click away from pulling the trigger, but decided that I didn't really want the raw finish and will just wait until the satin finish wedges are back in stock.....I did, however, create an account and sign up for the newsletter in the meantime.
  15. Because most of us get in our own way.
  16. Unless we mistakenly or purposely damage a club, most of us ever "need" a new club.
  17. Love playing Sand Hollow! Besides the breathtaking scenery, it's a well maintained and well laid out track.
  18. CarlH

    Golf glove

    Yep. I take it off on the driving range or the first tee and it goes into the basket in the cart until I hit my drive on #18.
  19. CarlH

    Golf glove

    I went for years without a glove. Bought a glove to wear for a full bag fitting session a few years back and kept wearing one. I leave it on during my entire game, never taking it off to putt as many do. Shoot, a few times I've gotten in the car and realized that I was still wearing it.
  20. I can relate to your frustration. I started a series of lessons from a notable teacher in our area and, while I feel I'm making progress, my scores have not been getting better and, in fact, my handicap index has risen from a low of 6.9 to a current 10.6, where it's soft capped by the system. It's difficult to keep doing what my coach wants me to do, but I know that eventually, decades of bad habits will give in the the new way to swing and it will become a more natural movement for me. For now, however, I'm constantly focusing on what I'm learning and not relaxing and striking the ball lik
  21. Well, another lackluster day on the course that I'd just rather forget.
  22. I did play Wolf Creek. Loved the course. Also played Falcon Ridge, Conastoga, Oasis, and Palms there. I've yet to play Coyote Springs, though.
  23. A horrendous day!! Well, the back 9 was. Shot a 38 on the front with a double bogey, ripped a drive on #10 down the middle and then disaster!!! Pulled my 6 iron to the left, leaving a tree blocking most of the green, so I went to punch out to the high side of the green, but hit the tree anyway. It bounced backwards, and my next shot went long over the green. Got down with a triple bogey 7. And that's not the worst that happened!!! Another double on @12 and another on 14 and again on 15 (15 was at least a lost ball...the other two were just bizarre ball striking). But on a reachable par
  24. CarlH

    Sub70 golf

    Like hearing that!
  25. CarlH

    Sub70 golf

    So, speaking of Sub70 wedges, any takes on Black vs RAW vs Chrome? While I like the look of the black, curious how long the finish lasts. Same with Raw, how quickly do they loose groove sharpness in comparison to coated? Thoughts?
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