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  1. Take her to a demo days (just for fun, honey) and let her hit some new technology. Don't blame me when you have to break out that checkbook, though.
  2. If you're going to Brandon Dunes, you'll have more than one course to take in. If you play Bandon Dunes, then you'll want to play Pacific Dunes. And then there is Bandon Trail. Might as well go for Old McDonald while you're visiting. Don't forget Sheep Ranch. Then there's the Punchbowl and Bandon Preserve for those times between rounds. That's a lot of massages for the wives.
  3. @Kenny B ... don't you just love those mats?
  4. Some quality time with my swing coach today. Worked on a couple of issues. First, we used Blast Motion to look at my tempo numbers, both before and after some adjustments we made to the takeaway. The adjustment was to take the club head straight back rather than slightly away from me, which was my tendency, and to get the club a bit more vertical at the top and less laid off. Used a lead foot back drill to force me more upright in the takeaway and better control balance through the swing. Balance is always an issue for this old guy with 2 replaced knees and a bad left foot. Results were
  5. For me, it goes far beyond golf -- nothing says low-class like wearing your flannel pajama bottoms to the airport. I'm most comfortable in a pair of khakis and a polo shirt -- on or off the course. I'm just a conservative old fart, I guess. Deal with it.
  6. Those guys are better than me. If I were playing for the kind of money they play for, I'm not liking the other players very much. And, I'm marking my ball!!! LOL
  7. This debate has been argued ad nauseam as long as I can remember -- from the pros to the hackers -- all have an opinion. I've been in my share of divots, from craters to sand-filled -- sometimes it hoses me, but typically, I just focus on striking the ball better and usually come out just fine. I personally don't think this rule will ever change and I'm okay with that. Without a doubt, many will agree and many will disagree -- and we have years of this argument to see that.
  8. I wish our groups putted everything out (save the net doubles and worse) rather than being loosy-goosy with the gimmies. Like @chisagsaid, things go wrong with even the best putters -- lip outs, nerves, lack of focus, etc. My regular foursome group is pretty reasonable with gimme putts but the weekend larger groups are all over the place with what's good and what isn't. It's not a lot of money on the line, but come on! Personally, I like the rules of golf for medal play -- it's in play until you hole it out.
  9. This should go in the jokes page, but it seems more fitting in the "how did you play" thread.....
  10. "Be the ball". Ty Webb OK, maybe that wasn't the best advice ever, but it's the one I remember.
  11. Not a good day today. Weather was beautiful...except for the times the sun was behind the clouds and the temps would drop accordingly....anyway, none of that has anything to do with my pitiful performance today. I really struggled finding my tempo today. As a result, I was striking the ball pretty poorly with anything from open face slices to boned full wedge shots. I think I had 3 doubles on the frontside and came in the a 9 over 45. On the back, I somehow found myself and started hitting the ball well again. Took a double on the par 5 #12 when I hit my shot out of the wet sand bunker l
  12. Another windy day in the Rogue Valley. While the temperature was 60, the wind was cold and the temps dropped significantly during the course of the round, along with a bit of drizzle the last 2 holes. Started off really bad and was 6 over after 6 holes. Played the next 12 holes at 3 over for an 81 for the day.
  13. Wind advisory -- Thursday thru Friday afternoon. 10-30mph with gusts up to 50. Sure makes for some fun golf shots.
  14. Today's round was all about playing in the wind --- strong winds anywhere from 1-3 clubs --- lots of gusting and differing speeds as you're preparing to hit. Made for an interesting round. In addition to choosing the right club for the distance, the winds were playing havoc on putting. However, I managed to really focus and I'm not unhappy with how my score turned out. Despite dunking 2 balls into the water hazards on 2 separate holes, I managed to shoot an 82. Several putts were definitely adversely affected by the wind and I watched them turn away from the hole when there was no break.
  15. I'm already a club member and don't really have an interest in a home simulator setup, so I'll just pocket the 3G for a rainy day
  16. Staying with my tried and true....Snell MTB-X. They work for me!
  17. How do you keep a fool in suspense....... I'll tell you next week.
  18. Totally stunk it up today. Recent tweaks to my swing thru my swing coach don't seem to be carrying over from the range to the course. Too many swing thoughts, too much self-induced pressure and expectations, out of sync, poor tempo....and to top it off, I wasn't putting up to my normal abilities. Limped in with an 83 that felt much worse. While I did hit some nice shots, I just hit too many stinkers that prevented scoring opportunities. No birdies to counter any of the bad holes (had 2 doubles). Oh well ... tomorrow is another day.
  19. Spent some time with my swing coach working on short shots. Working on better rotation and balance with a few drills.
  20. I believe that I've chipped in or holed out from the fairway for eagle more times than I've putted for eagle.
  21. Very nice day in the PNW today. Sunny and pushing 60. And I didn't have a game. So, off to the range. Took my 7 iron and driver, along with 2 alignment sticks. Goal was to mainly work on weight shift, balance in the finish. Started off using the 7 iron and a step through drill to get a solid feel of getting to the left side and hips fully clearing. After several minutes of doing this, began easy full 7 iron shots, trying to focus on smooth and fluid swings (i.e. no jerking from the top, no off balance finishes). Also focusing on maintaining my angles at impact. This really help promot
  22. Well, I did play today. Still trying to get comfortable with my golf swing changes. Hit some really good shots and some not so good ones. I didn't keep score, but I guess it was in the 80-83 range. I got in trouble with a few shots on several holes that forced punch-out/layup/recovery shots. With no competition on the line, I didn't bear down on my putting like I normally do. I was treating the day more as a day to work on the swing changes and less about score.
  23. Years later, you can always hold it over his head. Club Championships come every year. Oldest grandchild's wedding, totally different ballgame.
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