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  1. Very nice day in the PNW today. Sunny and pushing 60. And I didn't have a game. So, off to the range. Took my 7 iron and driver, along with 2 alignment sticks. Goal was to mainly work on weight shift, balance in the finish. Started off using the 7 iron and a step through drill to get a solid feel of getting to the left side and hips fully clearing. After several minutes of doing this, began easy full 7 iron shots, trying to focus on smooth and fluid swings (i.e. no jerking from the top, no off balance finishes). Also focusing on maintaining my angles at impact. This really help promot
  2. Well, I did play today. Still trying to get comfortable with my golf swing changes. Hit some really good shots and some not so good ones. I didn't keep score, but I guess it was in the 80-83 range. I got in trouble with a few shots on several holes that forced punch-out/layup/recovery shots. With no competition on the line, I didn't bear down on my putting like I normally do. I was treating the day more as a day to work on the swing changes and less about score.
  3. Years later, you can always hold it over his head. Club Championships come every year. Oldest grandchild's wedding, totally different ballgame.
  4. I used to be able to reach par 5s quite regularly and have had my share of eagles. Have had quite a few eagles on par 4s as well by holing out from the fairway. But, those days seem to be gone. On my current course, which I've been playing for the last 18 years, we have 5 par 5s on the 27 holes. 2 of them, I could never reach in 2. The other 3, I have reached before and of those, I have eagled 2 of the 3 on more than one occasion. Now that I'm older, there's only one that I can reach in two and that's only if I'm playing the senior tees and hit a really good drive. It's our shortest par
  5. 2nd shot of Moderna today. No ill effects since the shot 10 hours ago. Arm's a tad bit sore mainly at the entry point of the needle, but not to the point of impairment in any capacity. I had no effects from the first shot except for a slight pain at the injection site. I did skip playing today as scheduled, but that was more to the rain and lower 40 temps. Supposed to play tomorrow, but the forecast appears to be more of the same. My wife, on the other hand, had her first shot yesterday. She felt a bit wonky all day yesterday and again today with improvement throughout the day. Of
  6. @Kenny B . We lived there 2 years. Lovely during 7 months of the year, brutal during 4-5. Some awesome golf courses in the area, particularly in MN....unfortunately, short playing periods It was -15 degrees the day we moved from Fargo, with a wind chill factor around -40ish. Two seasons -- Winter and Road Repair. Yeah, I'm liking Medford much better!
  7. @Airjenks Welcome to the group -- you're correct that the tests are very much golf dependent. None of us hit the ball the same way and none of us should expect the ball the respond the same way as it does for someone else. You have to find the ball that you like and play it. With regards to the Kirkland ball -- which one? Like many "store-brand" products, the manufacturer changes with the best bid. The Costco Kirkland ball is no exception -- for various reasons, the manufacturing of that ball changed, not only by who was doing the manufacturing, but the design of the ball, as well. The o
  8. and the moral of the story: Never trash talk until AFTER you hit.
  9. Reminds me of when I moved to Fargo, ND. When I first met some fellow golfers and they found out that I'd just moved to Fargo, they'd ask "Do you like to play in the wind? If not, you won't be playing very often."
  10. As expected post lesson and swing change, my ball striking suffered a bit today. But, I focused on making the changes rather than reverting to the more comfortable "old" swing. After draining several long putts, my opponents offered to pay for a putting lesson so that I'd screw those up, too. Anyway, shot an 84 today -- while not particularly pleased with that number, I pretty much expected higher scores post the lesson. I just need to get to the range and work on the changes until they feel more natural.
  11. Not my issue, but thanks anyway. If anything, I tend to be open when I get lazy. My issue is more years of NOT firing the left side aggressively. I start to clear my hips on the downswing, but they're still fairly square at impact rather than open to the target. There's a lot of little faults leading to the cause that I'm working on.
  12. Pretty sure I saw you walking aimlessly the other day. I didn't call the cops, but I did check that I was still carrying.
  13. Spent some time with my swing coach. Worked on small tweaks to my setup and getting the club a bit more upward in my backswing. Also worked on clearing my lead hip and maintaining better tilt at impact. I've been struggling with rotation and hitting weak fades lately. I have a tendency to start with my hips but not clearing them as much as he'd like to see and not fully getting to my left side as a result. So, these are the things I'm working on.
  14. I keep mine in my bag and practice with it on the course practice greens.
  15. Mr 14 strikes again! Played the front 9 at 1 over (37)...then on the back I make 4 double bogeys to shoot 8 over for an 81. Unreal! Double on 10 was set up by a really piss-poor shot pitch that came up short and the next one ran out 15 feet. Double on the par 5 #12 was drive catching a tree limb at the dogleg, followed by a topped 3 wood. Double on 17 when I pulled the drive in the trees where I couldn't get to the green, followed by a 40 yard pitch that came up short and buried itself in the side of the bunker. Double on 18 was another errant drive forcing a pitchout, then short
  16. Tough day on the course today. Course was pretty sloppy from our recent rains, but that was the least of my issues today. Just had a tough time getting the club face on the ball all day long. Normally a good putter, but today didn't tell that story. 85 but felt like 95.
  17. I know, right? It's so frustrating. I should only play 14 holes.
  18. I'm sounding a lot like a broken record with my winter rounds --- 4 double bogeys for an 81.
  19. Like tennis shoes, most people wear them long after they've worn.
  20. I've golfed less, but it's been because of weather/season, not the virus for me. Tournament play has been down, as many were cancelled because of social distancing concerns.
  21. 3 birdies took care of the triple bogey I took on #3 when I hit my tee shot OB, but they didn't help the rest of the game. 80.
  22. Yep...and being in a valley tends to keep us sheltered, as well. Not always, but often.
  23. Wet and in the 40s....meanwhile, the rest of Oregon is getting the bad stuff.
  24. Arrrrghhh! It's SO frustrating. I shot 39 on the front with 2 double bogeys, then had 2 more doubles on the back to record a 42 --- 81 with 4 doubles! I'm blaming it on @KennyB. He's jinxed me! And all of these doubles are just stupid errors. No penalty strokes involved....bad shot here, bad shot there, yada yada yada.
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