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  1. Struggled on the front nine with a double and a triple, coming in with a 43. Better on the back with a 39, but still had a blowup double in that side, too. So, 82. Knee continues to be an issue and looks like I'll be heading for replacement sooner than I had hoped for. Interestingly, it doesn't bother me to swing the club, but walking is a bear.
  2. I'm still trying to get use to the Mack Daddy wedges. I previously had Vokey SM6 wedges (54/58) and they feel heavier. I at least felt as if they had more swingweight and I was more aware of the clubhead. With the MD, I'm having a bit of issue with getting a little flippy, so that's what I'm working on...getting the feel down.
  3. Since I didn't play today, I went to the range to hit a few 7 irons off the mats, working specifically on transition and rotation. Then I went over to one of our practice holes and practiced with my 60 from 30 yards and in to just off the fringe, focusing on getting my chest to the target through impact and making crisp ball strikes.
  4. Yeah, I hate practicing any iron play off the mats. Very deceiving results.
  5. @cnosil beat me to it. Not only was the guy a jerk, he's apparently a sandbagger. Too bad you didn't call the pro for an official ruling. You would have won the hole.
  6. Apparently, my biggest mistake recently is not being in the right place at the right time when @ole gray sold his M5. I would have gladly replace my M4 with it.
  7. I don't think it's equipment snobbery, but rather they have a reputation of being a players club and it scares away a lot of players that might otherwise consider them. With the advent of the AP series, they are a much more forgiving iron than they used to be, that's for sure. With regards to their woods, they're great woods, but rarely get the attention that the media magnets get. Why Titleist focuses on advertising their ball (which already has great brand recognition) and not more advertising of their clubs remains a mystery to me. Meanwhile, Callaway and TaylorMade really emphasize dis
  8. I used to have quite the inventory, but recently took them to a local shop for consignment. Using the store credit for golf balls. I still, however, have a large selection of wedges and putters..... LOL Short game is my weakness and keep thinking the next great answer is around the corner...surely it isn't my flawed technique!
  9. I say post all of your scores, the good and the bad, regardless of situations. Yes, when things return to normal, you'll have a great advantage (maybe), but as you're suffering through a bad period, you're at a severe disadvantage. The old adage "pay as you go up, and win as you come down" certainly applies here. There's a big difference between going through a rough patch, either due to health or just plain losing your swing, and just outright sandbagging to get a fake high handicap for the purpose of winning net tournament prizes. Those who know you will know the difference.
  10. Which explains how I get the optimum launch......
  11. Mine shipped out and will arrive Tuesday. Looking forward to playing them. Apex CF19 6-G with KBS Tour Graphite 70g shafts.
  12. The best thing about retirement is that there are no more Mondays! Enjoy life to its fullest!
  13. What's a little rain among friends when golf is at play?
  14. Your fee fit a limb? It's me...Mr. Science
  15. I struggled today. Battling a really sore knee that will likely need replacing sooner than I was planning. Also had swapped out my Vokey wedges for Mack Daddy 4s....they're lighter and I struggled with my short game today. Putted terrible. BUT, it was a team event (1 gross, 2 net) and we took 3rd....so all in all...good day
  16. Sounds like you're on the right track. Keep working with your instructor and practice what he teaches you. Keeping the ball in play and a decent short game/putting will drop your handicap quickly. Good luck and keep working at it.
  17. No doubt, @edingc. Same with the looks of the putter. Hard to putt with a buttugly putter
  18. The fitter that I was working with commented that he's seeing about a 50/50 mix on the feedback for the stability shaft regarding those that find a significant difference and those that don't. Even had I liked the stability shaft, I'm not sure ponying up $200 to reshaft my putter would have been in the cards.
  19. I saw Dustin Johnson emerge from the mist, TP hanging limply from his ear, muttering something about
  20. My right knee continues to be an issue. Just had a cortisone shot Wednesday and hoping that buys me time. I'm trying to kick the knee replacement down the road so that I can enjoy summer, but not at the expense of quality time. Already have had the left knee replaced 3 years ago. yikes...hope all is well
  21. Mr T said "I pity the fool that's inside that stall"
  22. I had the opportunity to stroke identical putters, one with the stability shaft and one without. Other than a heavier feel, I could not discern significant differences between the two. With the Stroke Lab putter, however, I did see and feel some differences (granted, it was a different head, which may have significant bearing on that).
  23. Name/Home State: CarlH Oregon Current Putter: Odyssey Stroke Lab Seven ONE sentence that describes Bettinardi putters: A rare combination of classic art and meticulous craftsmanship.
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