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  1. Would love a replacement for my V3 as it was stolen last week
  2. Brian Donahue - Norton MA (home of TPC Boston) I currently have NO rangefinder. It was stolen last week. Prior to that, I used a Bushnell V3 would really appreciate the opportunity to try a new rangefinder and see if it compares to the V3 Thank you for the opportunity brian
  3. 1.4 and I have used the Scotty Cameron “Bar type putting aids”, but I didn’t stick with them as I didn’t find them overly helpful thanks for the chance to improve my putting
  4. Brian D, Norton MA (home of TPC Boston) 95-110 rounds per year @Bdpcc 0.4 / 105MPH 718 AP2 conventional set thank you!
  5. Brian Norton MA 0.4 HDCP / 105 MPH TS3 - Graphite Design ADMT 6s Epic Flash Sun Zero
  6. Brian MA 0.4 105 Titleist TS3 9.5 AD-BB 6s G410 Plus thank you for the opportunity
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