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  1. Got an email today about some app updates: im hoping the “big” updates are something related to capturing spin, but we shall see. there was also a link asking for beta testers on the app so I put my info in for that. I’ll update everyone if that comes to fruition.
  2. love the setup Rob! I nearly walked out of PGASS with that bag earlier this year... super premium feel all around.
  3. beat me to it! I'd be happy to have him throw them from NJ to MA and share my thoughts haha
  4. Always good to have family visit. I'm lucky that both my parents and in-laws live in town. Enjoy the time!
  5. Sad to hear this news. I was looking forward to the team competition and throwing my best at the competitors during weekly challenged. Hopefully next year will be better for OEMs and we will see lessened constraints on supply. But if the No Putts Given episode saying that balls may be limited in supply is any indication this might be an issue for OEMs next year too. I'm still very much looking forward to the reviews from the competitors. Hopefully you all were able to put the clubs through their paces and give us a good evaluation. How are those Big Tour 3 woods working out!? On the bright side, does this mean I am still your reigning champion? I can deal with bearing that weight for another season
  6. hmmm interesting thought. I guess I'd lean towards a 3-wood as I've learned to hit the 5-wood better, I might be able to get one off the ground now. Otherwise it would maybe be a shakeup in my wedges. I'd add a 60* with more bounce for my standard shots and then something with low low bounce for when I'm on a few of the bare and hard spots. But both of those are extremely rare use cases for me, so I might even just stick with the 14 and push less weight around. For a while I was pretty comfortable with a 13 club setup since my gaps were covered and my two old hybrids were basically the same. Or maybe a lefty 8-iron that could be used as a recovery club.
  7. Alright gents, what do you think about those snakebite wedges? Has anyone noticed as big a drop off in spin performance when wet as the wedge test shows? I feel like the MIM Blacks are all around great wedges, so I was surprised to see that big a drop off in spin on the 50 yard wet shot.
  8. My birch tree started dropping leaves last week... not cool! It's always one of the first to go, but still.... it feels a little soon. It probably saw me sucking down some Octoberfests and thought it needed to get going. It's all my fault.
  9. I’ve got some gnarly US OPEN style rough in my backyard right now. Between rain and vacations I think it’s been about a month since I’ve mowed…. I should toss a few balls back there and get some practice in before I chop it down tomorrow.
  10. Wonderful news! Congratulations on your baby boy!
  11. Yeah I have the apple app for it and I much prefer doing the edits on my iPad versus the iPhone for the larger screen. I’ve been meaning to try out the desktop app too.
  12. Note to self: Buy ShotScope and only keep Career shots. Mark all else as "positional" so that I can win internet arguments with people. Thanks for the tip!
  13. Heck some of the time they elect to hit it of the cart path vs dropping in the rough! I don't think that would feel good for my wrist or for my club.
  14. you'll be pleasantly surprised. Those rails are an absolute game changer for me as someone who can be a little steep at times. They have worked out well for me in soft conditions.
  15. I sometimes play on a course that can politely be called a cow pasture. Now, there is one fairway in particular that I could almost legitimately have called anywhere my balled landed "in a divot" as the whole fairway could easily be classed as "ground under repair." Wouldn't be an issue on tour though. Quite frankly, the league I was in allowed you to roll the ball in the fairway for divots, but I'm fine with "play it as it lies" or "you're allowed to move it." Is it a tough break? Yeah, but I don't know that it's really unfair more than it is requiring a little more focus. Those guys on tour are hitting the ball first. It doesn't seem to bother them as much as it bothers viewers/announcers.
  16. Congrats guys! Looking forward to the reviews. Have any of you used Arccos to give a good compare? @Chip Strokes make sure you got that watch on right… I don’t want any reviews on the watch head flying 300 yards down range because it couldn’t handle the swing speed!
  17. Brilliant. there is NOTHING worse than losing a ball in the middle of the freaking fairway! Unless it’s @Lacassem’s ball.
  18. Jesus settle down Cody! Haha. That’s a man! I have a $10 off card to Dick’s.. I think I may have to add some Tour X to my shopping cart as I’m getting a little low. Best case they prove to be good for me, worst case I’m not hammering Pro V1x’s into a simulator screen over the winter and I’m still getting similar numbers.
  19. @BostonSal the Cobra wedges with the 4* Wide-Low grind option sit tight to the ground too. The width adds a touch of forgiveness.
  20. Not that I’ve run into with people hitting to my left and right. The MLM has you place the ball within a window on screen. I kind of doubt that it has the ability to pick something up like that. It would take a pretty wide focus on the radar and these small units seem to be rather narrowly focused.
  21. Hey Hammer! I believe the only stat you don’t get is the “peak height” info on your replay. I know that is listed as a premium feature and it’s actually not listed anywhere in the data table of your shots. Of course, that could be because there’s no spin measurement to help calculate it.
  22. I’ve had maybe 5 shots in 3 range sessions that I would classify as gross misses (a pull of a pull with a hooky hook) those didn’t read. quite frankly I don’t want to know those numbers! I did have a range session where the MLM was not working great. It missed upwards of 20 shots. I think I’ve locked that down to being in the shade of a hitting bay on a bright sunny day. The contrast change of the ball going from shade to sunlight seems to cause issues with the camera and then the radar doesn’t pick up on the shot. I guess the MLM doesn’t just use the radar but uses your video in combination (I need to verify this). but outside of that potentially very specific issue, it seems to do well with a variety of pulls, draws, slices, and pushes. I was also able to hit a few flop shots that worked. But I imagine a super high and soft flop shot might not read. I’ll try that this week too.
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