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  1. I didn’t read all the responses yet, and didn’t see a budget, but the 2021 Kia Sorrento’s look great.

    My mom and a friend of mine have 2019-ish models and I spent some quality time behind the wheel of my moms. They ride nice and feel well built.

    If I were buying a new SUV that would be on my must drive list.

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  2. Well another underachieving injury stacked week puts me out of my misery. If anybody has a player they want to play like crap or get injured hit me up. I seem to be a magnet for injuries and terrible play lol

    Damned if you do, damned if you don’t it seems this year! So many injuries to big name players.

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  3. delivery man was busy today...
    vintage blades came in. i’m gonna try to get to the range later with them 
    SC futura showed up, along with the SC pistolero plus grip i’ll be putting on it. 

    I’m a huge fan of the pistolero grip’s shape. Figure the plus version would be great too!

    I might have to order one to put on my ER2B... but I feel weird putting a Scotty grip on an Evnroll putter.

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  4. So I actually got some cardio sessions in this week, 25 minute jump-rope sessions on Tuesday and Thursday.  I basically did 100 reps, 30 seconds of rest, 100 reps, 30 seconds of rest, and so on until I reached 25 minutes.  
    Easier on my knees overall, and more of a high-intensity form of cardio than slogging out miles on a distance run.  That, I will NOT be doing.  Highly questionable utility and applicability for golf, in my opinion.  Also, in MyTPI's opinion:
    My TPI: Sprinting vs Jogging: Why Distance Running Won't Help Your Golf Game
    Also, I get one heck of a calf workout from jump roping too.  May not have calves like Phil by next season, but maybe like [mention=85402]B.Boston[/mention]...
    A2 workout at 0500 tomorrow!  Hopefully my last home gym workout for a while too.

    That does sound like a good cardio burn!

    ...and the calf’s are mostly an optical illusion. It’s easy to have “big calfs” when you’re only 5’4.

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  5. Beef stew with the cool weather. We have been trying to figure out old family recipes because the wife and I both enjoy less tomato and thicker stew....I think we finally figured out the winner. Her grandmother didn’t write it down before she passed so we have been trial and error the past 3 years.

    My mom has been making Guinness stew... instead of potatoes cut up inside she served it over mashed potatoes. Its damn good.

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  6. IMG_10102020_091138_(1280_x_800_pixel).jpg.11e1b46b1eed39189afe103ac841213b.jpg
    Took the Cobras out for what was probably my last 18 hole round of the season yesterday. I'm really starting to get in the groove with these clubs, was sitting at +3 through 13 holes before struggling to close out the round a little bit.
    Honestly, for the first time ever I'm nearly 100 percent happy with my bag top to bottom. I think there is some room for improvement in my long game between the 3 wood and 5 iron, so that's something I may look at addressing next year. But overall, yesterday's round reminded me why I'm so very happy with almost everything in my bag.
    Shortly after I took this picture the SpeedZone Xtreme popped my best drive of the day, 277 yards directly down the middle of the fairway.

    Great drive! Cobra really nailed it with the look of the Speedzone and Xtreme. Especially the matte finish top. It never gets old looking down at.

    I’m going out to play a scramble today that I consider the last official round of the year. Anything else I get to play will be a bonus. But we’re getting into football and yard work weekend season... so the opportunities are fewer.

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  7. New England Region what’s good?
    Born and Raised in CT
    Started playing golf at 7 years old to spend time with my father on the weekends and fell in love with the game a few years later. I’ve been playing for 25 years now and was at my best a 0 index before I had my two girls. Now a 3.5 index and steadily going up. My average score this year is a 76.8 but would like to be around 74 or better. 
    I love golf for the life lessons is has taught me. The challenge of playing vs. par and playing against yourself each and every time. The mental conditioning and mindset growth it forces. I love what golf teaches me about me and what it teaches me about other people and how it can be a life-long sport. Being outside and playing with family and great friends doesn’t get any better. 
    I joined the forum a few months after I started to follow the mygolfspy Instagram page and really liked the honest reviews and videos posted which gives me confidence to try new products and give up others. I have recently bought the Mizuno golf gloves, the Snell MTB-X balls and TP5x balls from reading the MyGolfSpys reviews.
    Live in Brookfield, CT. I play at Washington Golf Club mostly now and love playing my old track Ridgewood CC also Oxford Greens, Richter Park, Lake Waramaug CC, Candlewood Valley, Waterbury, Yale, Bulls Bridge and Centennial I try and play each once every season. 
    Best thing about my area of courses is they have been in excellent shape the past 3-4 years. The greens are generally fast and run nicely. The season is short and playing in the cold sucks with extra layers on. 
    I am a Doctor of Chiropractic 
    my username is my first Name2.0

    Welcome to the forums Myles! Cute kids!

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  8. Oh I love all the space stuff. The imaging of that super massive black hole last year was incredible.

    I’ve gone down many a rabbit hole on line reading about space and time and all that stuff. I consider myself a bit of a sci-if nerd.

    Some of the space conspiracy theories are the best. I read one a while back that suggested that not only have we already been to Mars, but we have a secret colony already there. And we travel there with FTL spacecraft.

    Slightly un-related. I started watching The Expanse on Amazon and it has some really interesting takes on what living in space and future space travel might be like.

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  9. 17 hours ago, Lacassem said:

    Was able to play a course in western Massachusetts today I have never played before called Crumpin fox with my dad @Placasse61 my uncle Tim and cousin TJ. It is pretty highly regarded around here and it lived up to everything it’s been hyped up to be.

    If you’re ever in Western MA do yourself a favor and book a tee time. Had a 41/45 and really struggled 10-14 when some rain came in but was just a great round overall for my first run at the course.

    7 pars 8 bogeys 3 doubles. Had my opportunities for multiple birds and just didn’t roll any putts. Burned several edges just nothing dropped.

    here are some of the views:













    That looks super nice.  That water down the left on the long looking par 4 or par 5 must stay in your mind that whole hole knowing you need to go over it at some point.  

    Looks like I'm going to have to make a trip out there with you next time!


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