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  1. I have bought several from them. They are nice gloves and last. I ordered 4 last year and received them pretty quick. Like another member said I would reach out and ask.
  2. I have had the same putter since 2004 a Scotty Cameron mil-spec Newport 2. I keep going back to the golf stores as a I travel for business and messed around with it for probably 18 months before I purchased. It is still the benchmark. I have been experimented with the Double wide Hot OG Odyssey and I had a chance to try the latest Scotty Cameron but at the end of the day I still love the one I got. In 50 years of playing if I take out my youth set I have had 3 putters. Ping Answer, Black Ping Pal 2 and Scott Cameron.
  3. What favorite and one and only is my Tilly (LTM8). I have had a few problems with Skin cancer on my head and face so I wear this pretty much every day when I'm outside in the sun.
  4. I would say yes, I feel like I have gotten a better feel of how to play the game. In my younger days, I swung as hard as a I could and went and found my ball and hit it again. Over the years, I've learned to figure out how to plot my way around the course and hit to spots. Now, that being said I still have days where sometimes I just decide I want to swing hard and launch it but those days are fewer. The other thing is I spend more time on my short game since I figured out my ability to scramble will impact my scores since I'm not going to hit 12 or 13 greens a round. Lastly, for me it is about having fun and enjoying the game. I don't let bad shots effect me as much and I remind myself to have fun. It's me against the course and I'm not competing against anyone else.
  5. I just went though another fitting and I want the club selection to be dictated by how I'm hitting the ball and the overall results. In my current fitting the fitter asked me if I had some Brands that I liked and maybe I had tried. After I had hit my current clubs then he started to to bring clubs and shafts and continue the process. I gave him feedback along the way in how the shaft felt, club feel etc. At the end I ended up with the Mizuno 923 hot Metals which I hit the best and a shaft that worked well for my swing speed and how I best load it. I'm going to go back to him and get fitted for a driver in a few months after I break in my new irons. I want to give input on feel etc. but don't care on brand if I get right combo.
  6. I would also say look at the Mizuno JPX 923's. I just did a fitting and I picked up 20 yards over my existing set and my misses still got plenty of distance and were not far off line.
  7. I'm looking to do something similar and my fitter told me to wait until mid-February he should have everything in so I can test. I would wait see what is going to get announced.
  8. I've been using it the last month or so on days that are bad here. I go to a local golf store and swing. For me it is about getting swings in and I'm looking at ball flight and contact. As someone said you lie is always good and you don't have any weather to contend with. My distances on the short irons seems with 7-10 yards of what I'm hitting outside but again not as concerned with that verses ball flight and contact.
  9. Wow, I guess my Ping ISI BeCu's from 1994 need to be replaced. I have no idea how many rounds I have on them but it's in the thousands and probably 80,000-100,000 balls hit if I count my range time. I probably do need to have the lofts checked but the still work well. I have lost some distance but that is more age then anything else. That being said I've been testing the new Mizuno HM Pros and they are nice. I'm probably going to break down after the first of the year and purchase some. I'll keep my Pings since they are not made anymore.
  10. I play public course in and around the area. Overall the pace of play is in the 3.5 to 4.5 for 18 holes. Before the pandemic, I could sometimes get out early and play 18 in 3 hours or less. Once everyone took up golf during COVID the Public courses are packed and hard to get tee times. I would like to join a private club but cannot justify the expense with my daughter in college.
  11. Adidas has UPF50+ base shirt that is made for summer that I have been wearing the last 4 years. They work great and I don't find them to hot here in Dallas. I tired the sleeves and they keep creeping down my arms and drove me crazy. The shirt is like a t-shirt made out of performance material etc. I know that places like Solbari and Coolibar have there versions but the Adidas ones are less expensive and the last. I wear one almost every day. I have had Mohs surgery twice so I'm not allowed out with out something covering my arms, a big hat (Tilley) and long pants.
  12. I did it a few years back and a local golf store that was just starting to do it. I hit a variety of golf balls with Irons and woods. They put me on a trackman so you could see spin etc. What was missing to me was the around the green side of the equation.
  13. I agree you have to spend time on each. Break down your practice schedule into groups which is what I do Short Irons, Mid-irons, Long irons/Woods. I always spend time hitting shots from 20 yards and in after my range time. When I was playing my best I hit balls 4-5 times a week and played once.
  14. Curent - Jordan Spieth, All time - Ben Hogan runner up Bryon Nelson
  15. I will break mine into an older player foursome and a new player foursome. Older Players: Palmer, Byron Nelson and Ben Hogan New Players: Ricki Fowler, Justin Thomas and Rory. I could make Ricki and Justin play left handed and say I beat them!!! They clearly have fun when playing.
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